Zach Goldberg – Twice Contained

Curated By Ralph

"The Road Not Taken" is a source of inspiration for me, because it encourages me to seize opportunities and chart my own course in life.

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Zach Goldberg, performing at Icehouse in Minneapolis, MN.

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And just like that another nation Encircles me bastard hallo looming Behind my insidious back I am twice Contained a Venn diagram of flags a Stomach inside a stomach umbral Bloodsucker clung to the low belly of America barnacle on Liberty's blue hull Thank you and forgive me wait explain Again how I Parra cited my host home Into an abundance that does not have my Name attached how I am blamed for the Rats when the rats cannot be found my Grandparents parents doubled their Prayers on the crest of migration each Year the border of Russia crossed their Cemeteries like a harvest blade it's an Ago gun illuminated waiting room for the Twice promised voyage they couldn't be Picky with so few choices so when you Said come they came beckoned by thick Shoals at the bottom of a lake there in The shallows of a different Massacre my Great-grandmother gave her name to your Butcher tongues a woman beneath a larger Woman's pale torchlight and now don't I Sit between these two sweet poisonous Mouths don't I belong to that low and Raptured fabric the single red fiber Connecting both superfluous shores quick And give me a new passport to heaven Sorry Spent 40 days in the desert confusing my Countries for covenants though in truth I am neither convert nor congregant not

Citizen not of one continent a colonizer Then twice over when I say God I mean Government I mean ground stolen and then stolen but No named land will grow my brand of Briar so now I belong to both culprit And casualty now I am blessed with two Shadows their hands dipped in Empire Pardon me are these both nations I don't Believe I asked not even for one You [Applause]

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