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"The Road Not Taken" is a source of inspiration for me, because it encourages me to seize opportunities and chart my own course in life.

You need to outwork everyone.

You might be smarter your family might Come from privilege your Daddy might own The company but you will not outwork me This top spot is number one That's mine because not one of you can Outweal me you may have been born with More genetic prowess than I have but you Cannot out determine me you cannot build Me you cannot want me you came out with Me you can't out desire me The bigger your dream is the harder to Grind you might have Small Beginnings You might not have a lot of money you Might not have a lot of resources but There's no excuse and I need you to Understand that the bigger your dream is The earlier you're gonna have to get up The longer you're gonna have to stay up The more effort you're gonna have to put In you know how hard I work to get here I put in too many hours I swear too much Blood too much tear I'm working hard to Get here then nobody give me this I Didn't grow up with wealth didn't nobody Thank me I work for this sweat blood Tears I earn every dime I get I work for This you will not outwork me cause your Height has nothing to do with my work Ethic your face has nothing to do with My workout you will not outwork me You gotta kill what's gonna separate you From everybody else I do things to Separate myself from everybody the Passion that I have the grind that I

Have when I do what I do I got a Different motor I got a different guy I'm always gonna give you my 110 that's The only thing I can ever say a solid Days work if you guys do not do that I Promise you your life will haunt you for The rest of your days from today on you Play whatever your best game is you play That level every single time it doesn't Mean you're gonna score every time but You can always give 120 efforts you Can't dictate what kind of game you're Gonna have you can't dictate how your Body is gonna respond to move it around But you can dictate your efforts your Dream condo you push everybody do you Know cookies and ice cream push it's Alive it's inside how do you know you Feel it you dream about it you eating Sleeping every day so please just push Masturbate push don't quit push I mean Push or win success you have a chance is To control your destiny all of us are Created equal some of us just work Harder some of us just cry some of us Don't make excuses some of us don't give Up and give in what we do with the Pressure is we say I gotta take it I Gotta take it to another level many of You have lost your competitive and get Your competitive ass back act like you Playing basketball act like you playing Football go on that doggone classroom Competes do not give it 120 you're

Giving 70. you're giving 60. you'll give Him 50 and you won't with these people Who've given sweat who's giving blood Who's given tears you want what they Paid for and it ain't free it might be Bigger than me you might be faster than Me you might be stronger than me but you Will not outwork me you'll get a Breakthrough when you fight that's the Hardest part because the Breakthrough That last 10 percent is all mental Toughness it's time to unwrap the Potential you need it's within you and The people that have risen to that level Were no different than any one of us This is they believed it and they're Willing to whoop their clean ass off to Get it it wasn't about the potential it Was melogenetics it was about the Perseverance and it was about being the Hardest [ __ ] worker in the world While you're over there watching me and Talking about me I'm working I'm working Hard I'm taking things to the next level You keep gossiping and I'll keep working You keep talking smacking I'll keep Working you keep focusing on everything And everyone else and I'll keep working And when you finally look around at Where you are and where I'm at you Realize that you have nothing left to Talk smack about and you will lose and I Will win what if the truth is that Changing your life is one away one

Decision one meeting one conversation One extra phone call one extra rep in The gym you start stacking up those one More that's the separator in life we Don't get our goals we get our standards You mean somebody who doesn't have Self-confidence this is someone who's Perpetually not keeping promises they Make to themselves you mean somebody With pretty good Baseline confidence You've met somebody who now keep the Promises they make to themselves you Meet somebody doing superhuman things They keep the promises they make to Themselves and they do one more there's A power to one more when you start Stacking up those one More's not only Have you put more contacts out into the Universe but you start believing I'm Doing something most people aren't Willing to do I'm fixing to get Something most people aren't going to Get I don't have that natural beauty or that Natural Talent or this gift for Creativity or intellect or humor I don't Have any of those things but what I got Is I will outwork you when it's 45 on The treadmill I do 46 when it's supposed To be 20 phone calls I make 21. we're Supposed to be an eight hour work day I Work nine whatever it is I always do one More and what that does is it makes me Eventually think I'm doing things other

People aren't willing to do so I should Get things other people aren't going to Get Understand it's not about what you were Born with it's not about what you were Given where you started or even where You're going it is entirely about what You plant at the center of your soul how Hard you're willing to go after Something how much Focus you're willing To put in your life and how often you Come back to that level of intensity for Who you want to be you have to make a Decision that nobody in your position Will outwork you some people run faster Swim better but mentality is a mentality You're not gonna work me so I'm gonna Catch up somewhere if you are not that Talented you can beat them with time you Can get to the spot before they get to The spot get your butt up and get there Every day is a new day every moment is a New moment so now you got to go out and Show them that I'm a different creature Now cause I'm pissed off for greatness Cause a dream pissed off for greatness That means you're okay with being Mediocre ain't no man in here okay with Being just space and I dare you to Exhaust yourself I dare you to leave Every single thing on the field one Season everything walk off exhausted Wins and losses come a dime of dust the Comfort nobody can judge us because

Africa is between you and you people Ain't got nothing to do with nobody else I want you to know when you dream your Dream that there are other people who Are dreaming the exact same dream when You said to yourself this is what I want To accomplish you're not the only person That wants to accomplish it and now I Ask you this question what do you do When a thousand other people want Exactly what you want what do you do When you're not the only one that wants To make a million dollars of your Accomplishment you're not the only one That wants to be a CEO what if you're Not the only one that wants what you Want one of their thousands of other People who want what you want you have To outwork them you gotta get up earlier You gotta stay up later you gotta Execute and you've got to go from 70 to 120. How many of you can honestly look Yourself in the mirror and say I am Doing my best Because if you can you're [ __ ] lying To yourself Your job right now and how you execute That job is going to create the success Habits that you're going to need down The road how you do one thing is how you Do everything if it's making fries if You ain't making the best [ __ ] Fries every [ __ ] time guess what you

Ain't gonna can make it if you can't Sweep the warehouse floor better than The next guy you ain't gonna [ __ ] Make it because here's the truth losers Always talk about how they hate to lose But they don't do anything about it but You know what winners do winners will do Whatever the [ __ ] it takes winners will Show up and stay late every [ __ ] day Until they're winning winners will talk To anybody that can that can help them And take the lessons to heart and put Them in play losers talk about hating to Lose users say they hate to lose losers Talk about how they want to win winners Do what the [ __ ] it takes and that means Beating the next guy if you aren't going To work at your job every day and Looking at all the other [ __ ] And thinking dude I'm gonna beat the [ __ ] out of all of you you don't have What it takes winners want to be the Best winners have pride in being Dominant amongst their teammates all men Are created equal foreign Just work harder you want to know what It takes to succeed as fast as you want To breathe it's what goes on when the Cameras go all hard work determination And grit you will not outwork me I will Get up earlier than you I will go to Sleep late in you I will put in more Hours than you I will read more to you I Will grow I will do whatever it takes

You gotta eat it you gotta drink it you Gotta sleep it like it has to consume Who you are and if you're going to be The best the cream of the crop if you're Going to be the Apex you gotta be it not Talk about it that people know when they Think about this area that's something You do that you eat and sleep bad and That you do that you do that and people Know it you gotta be it it has to Consume you it has to take over you that When I see you without even knowing you I ought to be able to look at you and From your ethos I ought to see you are The best of the best I don't know what You're doing without you saying one word In order to illuminate from me you've Got to work on it when other folk are Having a good time you've got to have The strength of character to concentrate To read to digest information the Stronger your mindset is the greater Your skill set is going to be Michael And Kobe weren't the greatest athletes But their mindset is what separates Those individuals separate yourself you Plan against other teams and you do it Exactly what they're doing separate Yourself stop doing what they doing if You stop doing what they doing You're Gonna Be A Champion stop following no More following no more doing that miles Is doing set the dump on stand it's time For y'all to set the standard we can't

Be and we can't take our foot off the Enemy's throat we are going to be Relentless we are not gonna give him the Chance to regroup he will not get the Chance to recover we are not going to Stop until there is nothing left to Pursue you've got to do more you've got To become valuable you've got to Understand that what you get paid And everything on top of that is your Investment in your future get out of bed Come here in the morning go on foreign [Music] I was never the strongest guy I'm not The fastest guy Not the smartest guy but I will work and I will work hard I will be up with my Competitors asleep I will be up when my Enemy is curled up in bed I will be up Getting after it and I recommend that You do the same People always say you gotta love the Work you gotta love what you do you Don't have to love what you do you got To be an addicted to what you do you got To be addicted to winning you cannot Work short hours you got to work long Hours you got to work smarter and you Got to work [ __ ] harder it's the work That you put in the time and effort the Dedication the hours that nobody else Saw here the sacrifices you have to be Disciplined you have to be obsessive you Have to be addicted to the result at the

End of the day the person that will Surrender is the person that didn't work As hard as the other person you got to Work hard on the other person so just When you felt like you did that last rep And your muscles are saying I can't do No more reps you're saying I can yeah You got to do one more because right now While you quitting he might be doing Five more while you quit me giving up Why you saying all right I did enough It's time to rest he might just be Getting his own If you want to be great you want to be Best [ __ ] ever at what you do You'll be misunderstood by everybody Because you're going to be so [ __ ] Obsessed and so driven to get there That's what it takes takes every second Of your [ __ ] life anybody says Balance yeah balance is important for a Lot of people but if you want to go to That edge where people do not like you Don't understand you you're in that spot Of obsession and drive to be the best in The world at what you do you have to be Unbalanced to fight every bit of energy And strength that you have to pull it Off I do things to separate myself from Everybody the passion that I have when I Speak the grind that I have when I do What I do what are you gonna do to Separate yourself if you ain't got more

Heart than me if you ain't been working Harder than me if you ain't sacrifice More than me I'm gonna destroy you and I'm not retreating I'm not running I Don't care what they say on paper I Don't care how many games you want we Live by this and we die by this we don't Retreat you're not giving 120 you're Giving 70 Giving 60 and you walk with these people Who've given sweats who's given blood Who's giving tears you want what they Paid for and they free It has everything to do with what time You wake up it has everything to do with How you eat it has everything to do with How you work out how you prepare it has Every single thing to do with how you Think and when you want it as bad as you Want to breathe says I'm willing to make Any sacrifice I'm willing to go through Any pain I will go through any suffering I'm willing to go through whatever it Takes so when I get in there and it's me And him one-on-one that I guarantee you At the end of it I won't be the one that Surrendered and if you're going to be The best the cream of the crop if you're Going to be the Apex you gotta be it it Has to consume you you can't get out of Something something that you're not Willing to put into it you have to put Your everything your everything your Mind your energy your effort your

Discipline nothing is going to jump out The fire if you don't throw something in There it's not gonna happen you Whatever you do you cannot give up you Cannot give in nobody ever said it would Be easy But I know greatness is within you and You got what it takes I don't care what It costs I will do whatever it takes to Win I'm gonna fail I'm gonna fail I'm Gonna fail I'm gonna fail and I will Succeed And I'm speaking to the people who want More the people who want to be the Pinnacle the people who want to be Accomplished the people who want to make A [ __ ] difference you guys are going To have to go all the [ __ ] make a 100 Commitment to give the best effort You've ever given to outwork out improve Out strategize Outlast like never before You can't be motivated anymore you don't Need others to motivate you you have to Be self-motivated you have to dedicate Every [ __ ] breath every [ __ ] ounce Of energy and every [ __ ] thought and Effort that you possibly have in your Heart to becoming what it is you want to Be if you really want to make an impact You're going to get a lot of judgment You're going to get a lot of hate people Are gonna just dis on you people are Gonna say who do you think you are if no One thinks you're crazy you're not yet

Operating to the outer limits of your Potential I actually appreciate my Haters my haters keep me grinding I tell Them all the time time if you want to Pay attention to success watch me a lion Never negotiates winning hyena he ain't Waking up in the morning and saying I'm Gonna go hang out with some hyenas cause He don't concern himself with the Conversations of hyenas a eagle flies of A certain altitude and the only other Bird flies at that altitude is another Eagle so if he find himself flocking With pigeons he may be flying too low See sometimes we asking ourselves why my Friends treating me like this you Hanging out with pigeons why are they Talking about me like this man you Hanging out with pigeons Eagles ain't Got time to gossip jeans don't gossip Fool's party King celebrate I might not be the fastest the strongest The smartest none of that crowd but I'll Work your ass fight I wanted more than You it's relentlessness man it's pushing Past barriers it's every time you get Somewhere it's wanting to go to the next Level you guys are entitled to sh well You're entitled to is an opportunity to Show up and be your best everyone's like Oh Craig you're lucky you got this great You're lucky everything you just like Bullsh because before it was locked it Was a belief and every day with no one

Watching at five in the morning by Myself I trained it because I believed In it in hopes that one day my trained Ability collided with an opportunity to Show it off that's what luck is that's What success is nothing subjective in There it's all you you gotta look at how Much you're working you gotta look at How much effort you're making the Intention you're putting out there You're gonna go where nobody else wants To go you got to work the hours nobody Else wants the hours you have to resolve Yourself today that you're going to Dominate but you're not average and Ordinary it has to become a point where You make a decision we're gonna dominate We're here to win we are not here to Play and that takes some intestinal Fortitude I'm wearing a man because I Just excited I'm Gonna Be a Player I Decided at some point I get to just Choose who I am the world doesn't tell Me who I am I write these chapters you Don't need the world's permission you Don't need anyone's permission to be Great only permission you need is from That [ __ ] stares at you back in The mirror every day and a willingness To do the hard [ __ ] work longer Harder and better than anyone so what Are you gonna do are you gonna buy Another success program looking for the Secret recipe that doesn't exist or

You're gonna go do something right [ __ ] now and do something that brings You closer to Greatness that's your Choice If you're going to make it You've got to be willing to be the Outlier The weird one Forget about fitting in Forget about socializing with everyone You need to stand out When people don't understand you you're Doing it right Time to stay focused man It is time it is time to go from Mediocre to meteoric time to decide Clubs partying trying to fit in and Socialize Rub elbows with everybody so people can Stop calling you weird why are you so Anti-social because I'm trying to get it Why are you staying on the basketball Court so much because I'm trying to get It why are you out there practicing in The hot sun when ain't nobody else out There because I'm trying to get it why Are you not clubbing like every time I Text you and invite you to go do Something fun and cool you always Studying because I'm trying to get it The more weird you are is a reflection Of how committed you are to focusing on Your molding and shaping and developing Your ideas and your crap so that when

It's time for you to make your rounds You Gonna Fly When you are misunderstood to the point Where people think you're psycho and You're nuts and you're this and that why Are you in a [ __ ] gym at one o'clock In the morning what's wrong When people don't understand you anymore You're in that spot of obsession and Drive To be the best at what you do you have To be unbalanced to fight every bit of [ __ ] energy and strength that you Have to pull it off and it takes being [ __ ] obsessed to where people think You're crazy you still got work to do Stay on that basketball court stay on That football field call the homies Texting and calling and trying to make You feel bad about being so focused it's Grind season homie it's not about today It's about the future do the work now And all of the [ __ ] that you could ever Want to do for your family your kids Your loved ones it's all going to be on A whole nother stratosphere You got to come out your comfort zone Because your comfort zone is the Deadliest place you will ever be you Should never feel comfortable you should Be happy and dissatisfied you might not Work me for 30 days or 60 days or 90 Days but you ain't gonna beat me over a Year you cannot work but over two years

I'mma get you eventually I'm a dripping Damn faucet I just keep coming at you I'm too damn tough to give up most People half ass half their life all the Time I knew they were gonna get tired They were gonna get down they quit Improving themselves they started Sleeping in I'm not gonna do that so I'm Gonna get up early I'm gonna keep Getting wide I'm gonna say Relentless if You want to show me you want to win that Bad pack your calendar you packed your Calendar that's how you show the world That you want to win because everything Is based off of activity so very hard When you go up against somebody that Shows up every flipping day where you Sit there and say take a damn week off Go on vacation why don't you slow down For a day or a month or two months or Three months please let me catch up Because hungry people they're just more Urgent than everybody else oh you don't Need to work on weekends why do you work So hard at night why do you get up so Early and do that why do you train so Hard why are you reading all these books When we're out drinking beer when you're Obsessed they're like why are you gonna Be so crazy why can't you be satisfied Why do you always gotta get things so Perfect why you spend so much time here When you're obsessed people think you're Nuts anybody ever tell you hey look just

Be satisfied with what you got no don't Believe them get them away from me Because the attempt to get more makes You into something better well they good Party you grind while they go spend Their money you go make it while they Criticize and make fun of you you work Endlessly to shut them up with your Results don't kill them with kindness Torture them with success the best Revenge is massive success

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