YOU CAN MAKE IT – Motivational Speech

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"The Road Not Taken" is a source of inspiration for me, because it encourages me to seize opportunities and chart my own course in life.

Declare to yourself; no matter how bad it is or how bad it gets, I’m going to make it.

Spoken by TD Jakes, Les Brown, Eric Thomas.

Music: No Time To Die (Edit) by Hans Zimmer and Billie Eilish.

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can creep in secretly
  And tell you life is not worth living.
If you listen at discouragement
  You will wonder
if you’re ever going to get out of
  What you’re into.
Don’t make a permanent decision
  Over a temporary
  If you don’t like where you’re 
at, don’t worry about it
  It’s just a step.
You don’t like how you feel right now?
  Stop crying.
It’s just a step.
  Why are you up all night
  Weeping and worried
over one step
  In the whole
topography of your life?
  You can’t judge your life by 
where you are in this moment.
  Do you not know that what 
you’re worried about will pass?
  Don’t you understand that
one day you’re gonna look back and laugh
  At the thing that kept you up all night?
Don’t you understand that it’s   Not nearly as major
as you thought it was?
  You can live without your house.
You can live without your car.
  You can live without your friend.
You can live without your husband.
  You can live without your wife.
I measure the value of a man
  By how hard he presses.
How hard you press, tells me how hard you hit.
  Energy is measured by motion.
That’s why the devil wants you to sit
  And feel sorry for yourself.
But you ought to blow   The devil’s mind this morning.
Just when he think he got you down
  You ought to shock him
and press.
  You better not start crying on the steps.
You better not give up on the steps.
  You better not collapse on the steps.
I don’t care whether sunshine or rain
  Pleasure or pain
when you get up in the morning
  Put your pants on
and press.
  And you gotta believe even if 
there’s no reason to believe.
  When everything appears to be going wrong
you’re working on your dreams and
  Somebody that you love and 
trust decide to walk out on you
  You still got to believe.
When you see those things that   You’ve been working on
crumble in your face
  You still got to believe.
When friends who should be a

Source of strength and encouragement
relatives who should be there to inspire   You and motivate you
and tell you
  You can’t do it
you still got to believe.
  With no money in your pocket and
many times more month left at   The end of the month
than after your money
  You don’t know how you’re going to make it
you know your paychecks gone before you get it
  You still got to believe.
I don’t care what it takes
  I don’t care how many speeches I have to give
how many seminars I have to give
  I know I ain’t got the money
I know I don’t have the education
  But I ain’t gonna let that stop me
I’m gonna do it.
  I fought my way up
I fought to get up on my feet
  I fought to carry on
I fought to live
  I fought to get out the bed
I fought with my fears
  My anxieties
my insecurities
  I fought with haters
  Backbiters and betrayers
and many times I laid in the bed
  I couldn’t go to sleep
’cause I was fighting with myself.
  I fought.
I lost a lot of friends
  I lost a lot of strength
I lost a lot of time
  I lost a lot of money
down on my knees
  I was still believing.
Broke, I was believing.
  Lonely, I was believing.
Betrayal, I was still believing.
  And no matter what you’re going through
as long as you still have breath in your body
  As long as you’re still alive
you’re still in the game.
  Because anytime you wake up
and you don’t have a white chalk   Outline around your body
it’s a great day.
  It’s possible you can live your dream.
And if life’s got to be backed up
  You can’t quit
  You can’t give up
you can’t stop
  You fail the class
get back up and try again.
  You lose a job
get back up and try again.
  You put all your money in an investment
get it back and try it again.
  If you start a business and it don’t work
don’t stop, don’t quit.
  Your obstacles are not obstacles.
They’re there to teach you

They’re there to forge you
into a f*cking machine.
  You are one
from what you saw
  In your dreams.
You are one
  Because out of your head
comes your thoughts
  And out of your thoughts
comes your companies
  Your self perception
your creativity.
  And so every now and then
you need to get your head together.

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