WORK NONSTOP – Motivational Speech

Curated By Ralph

"The Road Not Taken" is a source of inspiration for me, because it encourages me to seize opportunities and chart my own course in life.

Work nonstop.

Spoken by Jocko Willink, Andy Frisella, Greg Plitt, David Goggins.

Music: Vanguard by Jo Blankenburg.

want to let up.
  You want to just
throttle back a little.
  Put your
body and your mind on coast for a little while
  And just kind of go through the motions.
That's what you want to do.
  I say no.
Weakness is strong
  I must be stronger.
I must crush it into submission
  Through force of will.
  I savage the body.
I push and pull
  And fight against gravity.
I fight against fatigue and soreness
  And the weakness that says
give in.
  I will not give in.
I will fight.
  This isn't a
part-time gig.
  This isn't
punch the clock
  And go home for the day.
You don't get
  Weekends off.
There's no such thing as a weekend.
  This is an everyday gig.
Every day is a Monday.
  And you might not like that.
  I love it.
To me, every day is a beginning
  A new day
a new week
  A new shot at life.
An opportunity to come out of the gate
  Like a man possessed
and attack the day
  Without mercy.
  I'm taking scalps.
I'm putting the pressure on.
  I am the aggressor.
I am on the attack.
  And of course
I will get tired.
  I will get beat up.
I'll get knocked down and drained.
  And I will have some bad days.
But I
  Will not
  How do you get to the gym every day?
How do you change your diet?
  Don't wait anymore.
Don't plan anymore.
  Don't contemplate anymore.
Don't make any more excuses

Or justifications.
Don't rationalize anything else.
  Be aggressive.
Take action
And the first action you need to take
  The first step you need to take
is just that.
  It doesn't matter what you just did.
It doesn't matter. It doesn't count.
  The count now is zero.
And that's what happens when you   Wake up in the morning.
  It doesn't matter what you did yesterday.
It doesn't matter how far you ran yesterday.
  It doesn't matter the workout you did yesterday
it doesn't matter you got a promotion yesterday
  You wake up today
the count is zero.
  And that means
it's go time.
  This is for those who will leave normal behind.
Those who are searching for new realm.
  It's a lonely journey.
You're isolated.
  Those who used to keep pace with you
will fall off.
  They'll see where their world ends
and yours begins.
  They say, "what are you doing, 
man? You're out of your mind."
  "I don't understand what 
you're doing all this for."
  "It doesn't make any sense."
But the person inside believes it
  And f*ck what they say.
I don't care what they think.
  Their opinion
doesn't pay my f*cking bills
  So why do I give it any value?
I'm gonna stay the f*cking course I believe in.
  You got to decide right now
am I willing
  To fight every day?
Am I willing to be called
or a dreamer
  Or crazy
or insane
  By all my friends and family?
Am I willing to constantly be questioned
  By the people that I respect
and care about
  About my intentions
and my work ethic
  And my drive
and my dreams?
  Am I willing
to deal
  With that sort of life
to get
  The life that I truly want?
If the answer is yes

You're going to be good.
Your ability to suffer
outwork must be greater.
  You must be willing to 
extend yourself to the limit
  With no guarantee of success.
Every day
  You must ask yourself
did I do enough?
  Prove to yourself today
every day
  That you can
and will
  Push harder than you wanted to.
Harder than you felt like pushing.
  Past the point of fatigue
and far beyond the point of comfort
  To that outer edge.
To the limits.
  Do the extra repetition.
Run the extra mile.
  Go the extra round.
Make the right choices.
  Give the full measure.
Fight back.
  Go down swinging.
Give every day everything you've got.
that long term goal in your mind
  Burn it into your soul.
Think about it.
  Write about it.
Talk about it.
  Hang it up on your wall.
But most important
  Do something about it.
Every day.
  Every day
do something that moves you toward that goal
  That keeps that goal alive
and in sight and in focus.
  Grab your f*cking nuts
for once in your life
  Have some ownership
some credibility behind your   Actions and your words.
Mean what you say
  Do what you say.
Follow through for something
  For one time in your life.
One time, follow through on what you say.
  You will feel a high
that you've never felt before.

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