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"The Road Not Taken" is a source of inspiration for me, because it encourages me to seize opportunities and chart my own course in life.

Work harder than everyone else.

Spoken by Andy Frisella, Terry Crews, Ray Lewis, Brendon Burchard.

Music: The Unmasked by Audiomachine.

I'm speaking to the people who want more.
The people who want to be
  The f*cking pinnacle.
The people who want to be
the people who want
  To make a f*cking difference.
You guys
  Are going to have to go all the f*ck in.
Make a
  100% commitment
to give the best effort you've ever given
  To outwork
  Like never before.
You can't be motivated anymore.
  You don't need others to motivate you.
You have to be self-motivated.
  You can't listen to your mom.
You can't listen to your dad.
  You can't listen to your friends.
You can't listen to the f*cking internet.
  You can't stick your f*cking toe in the pool
and say, "oh, you know, I don't know"
  "this kind of feels weird."
  You have to dedicate
every f*cking breath
  Every f*cking ounce of energy
and every f*cking thought and effort
  That you possibly have
in your heart
  To becoming what it is
you want to be.
  If you really want to make an impact
you're going to get a lot of judgment
  You're gonna get a lot of hate.
People are gonna just diss on you
  People are gonna say, who do you think you are?
If no one thinks you're crazy
  You're not yet operating
to the outer limits of your potential.
  I actually appreciate my haters.
My haters keep me grinding.
  I tell them all the time
if you want to pay attention to success
  Watch me.
A lion
  Never negotiates
with a hyena.
  He ain't waking up in the morning
and saying I'm gonna go   Hang out with some hyenas.
He ain't going to the same clubs
  Where he know the hyenas
don't like him anyway
  Because he don't concern himself
with the conversations of hyenas.
  An eagle flies at a certain altitude.
And the only other bird that flies   At that altitude
is another eagle.
  So if you find himself
flocking with pigeons
  He may be flying too low.
See, sometimes we're asking ourselves

"why are my friends treating me like this?"
You're hanging out with pigeons.
  "Why are they talking about me like this?"
Man, you're hanging out with pigeons.
  Eagles ain't got time to gossip.
Kings don't gossip.
  Fools party
kings celebrate.
  You got to come out your comfort zone.
Because your comfort zone is the deadliest place
  You will ever be.
You should never feel comfortable.
  You should be happy
and dissatisfied.
  Your ability
to go all in
  And when I say all in
I mean
the f*ck
Every moment
  Every minute
every hour
  Every day
every week
  Every month
every f*cking year
  For as long
as it f*cking takes
  For you to get where you're going
you should be consumed
  With that path.
If you want to show me you want to win that bad
You pack your calendar
  That's how you show the world
that you want to win.
  Because everything is based off of activity.
It's very hard
  When you go up against somebody
that shows up
  Every flippin' day
where you sit there and say
  Take the damn week off.
Go on vacation.
  Why don't you show them for a day
or a month
  Or two months
or three months?
Let me catch up.
  Because hungry people
they're just more urgent than
  Everybody else.
If I need to learn a skill set today
  I'm gonna go buy the course today.
I'm gonna get better at it today.
  Not tomorrow
not this afternoon
  Not later on tonight
  What you do at night matters.
What you do in the morning matters.
  What you do when your friends 
are out drinking matters.

What you do on saturday matters.
What you do on sunday matters.
  The success clock
doesn't give a f*ck
  What day it is
it's gonna run
  No matter what.
And you guys pretend like you can work
  Ten hours a day
and then spend the rest of your time
  D*cking off
and you think you're gonna be somewhere
  And you're not.
And you're surrounded by people
  Who enable this thought process.
Your good friends
  Your family
people who have accepted
as a life.
  "Oh, you don't need to work on weekends."
"Why do you work so hard at night?"
  "Why do you get up so early and do that?"
"Why do you train so hard?"
  "Why are you reading all these books"
"when we're out drinking beer?"
  When you're obsessed, they're like
"why do you gotta be so crazy?"
  "Why can't you be satisfied?"
"Why do you always get to get things so perfect?"
  "Why do you spend so much time here?"
When you're obsessed, people think you're nuts.
  Anybody ever tell you
"hey look, just be satisfied with what you got."
Don't believe them.
  Get them away from you.
You should never be satisfied with what you got.
  You should double your business.
Triple it.
  Because the attempt to get more
makes you into something better.
  Easy never pays well.
So if you're thinking that it's   Just gonna be a walk in the park
you're dead f*cking wrong.
  You have to give it every f*cking bit of
effort and energy you have
  To pull it off.
And you have to work harder than everyone else.
  Work while they sleep
learn while they party
  Save while they spend
and live like they dream.

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