WORK HARD IN SILENCE – Motivational Speech

Curated By Ralph

"The Road Not Taken" is a source of inspiration for me, because it encourages me to seize opportunities and chart my own course in life.

Work hard in silence and let your success speak for you.

Spoken by Inky Johnson, Eric Thomas, Greg Plitt, Robin Sharma, Jocko Willink, David Goggins.

Music: Valhalla by Rok Nardin.

Everybody wants to prize
but nobody loves the process.
  Everybody wants to be a champion
but nobody's willing to put in the work   That it takes to be a champion.
Everybody wants to hold up the   Trophy and say, man, I did it
but nobody's willing to put in the   Work that it takes to do it.
I love the process.
  I love the thought of working for what I want.
And I firmly believe
  You're never supposed to wish for it
more than you're willing to work for it.
  But a lot of people they wish
and they're not willing to work.
  A real man in the dark
when nobody's watching
  He putting in work.
'Cause he loves the process.
  'Cause real lions
like to hunt.
  They love the process
just as much as they love the prize.
  And some of y'all just want a score
you don't like to process.
  Championships aren't won in 
the theater or the arena.
  They're won in the thousands 
of hours in the training room
  And the labs
and the 5 am runs
  When it's raining, when everyone else is sleeping
that's when it's won.
  I'm here today
I'm an ordinary person
  But I focused on my craft.
I had a burning desire to be excellent.
  I love what I do.
It's my oxygen
  It's my DNA.
4 In the morning, I get up,   And I'm working on my craft
'cause I love it.
  It's the hidden work.
I look at it as like a rock
  And a rock is you.
And every day you fight
  Not wanting to get up
and you do anyway
  You chip another piece off that f*cking rock.
And every day you go to train
  You train hard and harder and harder and harder
and you get up earlier
  And all these things you do to start
forming yourself
  You're chipping another piece of that rock off
and before you know it
  That rock
it becomes the masterpiece
  In which you f*cking created.
The heart of a champion
  Is a light switch
that's always on
  It doesn't go on and off when someone's watching
it's constant.
  It's how you look at something
if your name's attached to it

And you do it right
the best of your ability, every single time.
  Do the job right, or don't do it at all.
That's the same person who has his hand raised
  On the podium one day.
Same motherf*ckers.
  It's what I did in the dark that blew me up.
It is in practicing
  It is in lifting weights
it is in resting
  It is in eating right
it is in making good decisions
  That you look a certain way.
It is how you practice
  It is what you do
that makes you look like you look.
  It is the process of the grind
that shapes you
  And forms you.
The real grind is in the dark
  When nobody sees you.
When nobody knows what you're doing.
  When you're putting in those extra reps.
When you're watching those videos
  And you're getting inspired
when you change your music
  It's the process that makes you sweet.
I'm talking about the commitment that says
  I am going to stay true to
what I said I would do
  Long after the mood that 
I've said it in has left.
  You gotta begin with the end in mind
so whatever your dream or your goal is
  You gotta wake up every day to it.
You gotta go to bed with it.
  You gotta read stuff.
The music you listen to
  Everything you do
gotta pour into that dream.
  I understand
it is in the process that you get better.
  I am not phenomenally skilled
but I'm phenomenally willed.
  My iq may never change.
But my will changes every year
  I get stronger
and stronger
  And more determined.
  'Cause it's in my DNA.
When you dedicate your life
  You don't care anything about the odds.
When the dream is big enough
  The odds don't matter.
Giving your all
  It can be confusing to
mediocre people.
  When they talk sh*t
you keep grinding.
  Work hard in silence
and let your success speak for you.
  You keep talking smack
and I'll keep working.
  You keep focusing on
everything and
  Everyone else
and I'll keep working.

Instead of killing them with kindness
torcher them with f*cking success.
  Build the kind of life
that says I told you so
  Without having to say a f*cking word.
While most people stop when they're tired
  I stopped when I'm done.
The only thing limiting your   Horizons
is you.

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