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"The Road Not Taken" is a source of inspiration for me, because it encourages me to seize opportunities and chart my own course in life.

When you’re going through hard times.

Spoken by Matt Damon, Jocko Willink, TD Jakes, Eric Thomas, Steven Furtick.

Music: The Power of One by Secession Studios.

At some point
your life is gonna get hard.
  You're not going to see a way out.
Everything that can happen
  Will happen.
You'll be devastated.
  You'll be distraught.
And you'll think
  This is it for me.
This is the end.
  But in that moment, you'll have a choice.
You can either stay down
  Or you can get up
and fight.
  One more time.
If you can pull yourself together
  And go at it again
you can get through it.
  You will get through it.
You just got to decide
  That you're not going to quit.
That's what happens in life.
  All you do is, you fall down
get back up again
  Fall down
get back up again
  Fall down
get back up again.
  That's how you win.
Things are gonna get harder
  Things are gonna get tougher.
That's the way life works.
what you need to do
  Is you need to get harder
and you need to get tougher.
  If you can pick yourself up
every single time you get knocked down
  You can make it.
Even if you're in the middle of a disaster
  You can use that disaster
for direction.
  It is through the disaster
it is through the adversity
  That our strength is developed.
If everything went the way you wanted it to go
  You wouldn't have anything to
exercise by
  It's the gymnasium of life
where you get the workout
  The resistance
you find out things   About yourself that you didn't know.
I'm stronger than I thought I was
  I'm more resilient than I thought I was.
Life keeps changing
  And as life keeps changing
and seasons keep changing
  And circumstances keep changing
you got to be flexible enough
  To change on a dime
and switch this way
  And turn back this way.
And if you don't make the right switch
  You find yourself stuck.
The thing you need to win
  Is resilience.
You can't just keep trying

Different stuff, different stuff, different stuff
because you can never say something didn't work
  When you didn't half try.
Greatness takes time.
  It takes time to build your brand.
It takes time to build your life.
  It takes time to build your career.
You got to be prepared to get 1,000 no's
  To get one yes.
So stop feeling sorry for yourself
  Over what challenges are thrown at you.
This is a part of the process.
  It is part of the journey.
How will you ever grow
  If you never have any pressure?
You should be thanking the universe
  For putting you   Through this.
Because these problems you're having?
  These are the greatest opportunities
to get stronger.
  When you're committed
when you're invested
  When you're all in
you can't throw in the towel.
  You can't just walk away.
'Cause you won't quit
  When you got some skin in the game.
You won't just walk away easy.
  You don't violate
the covenant when things get tough.
  'Cause you got some skin in the game.
When you don't have nothing invested
  It's easy to walk away.
See, sometimes
  Some people
only want it
  Without struggle.
But if you're serious about reeling it in
  You have to put some effort.
Get up.
Many of you are not competing.
  I need effort
  Many of you have lost your competitive edge.
Get your competitive edge back.
  You're not giving 120.
You're giving 70
  You're giving 60
you're giving 50
  And you want what these people
who've given sweat
  Who's given blood
who's given tears
  You want what they paid for
and it ain't free.
  I am not phenomenally skilled
but phenomenally willed.
  I will not give up.
I will not surrender.
  I will not quit.
And your problem is, you've given up too easy.
  I need effort from you.
I need you to match
  Whatever effort the enemy is putting up
whoever your enemy is

Match the doggone effort.
Almost everybody can stay excited
  For two or three months.
A few people can stay excited
  For two or three years.
But a winner will stay excited forever.
  People want to follow a leader
that's positive, that's aggressive
  That's enthusiastic
that's tough.
  They have a change the world
kind of desire and determination.
  Their attitude is bring it on.
The tougher, the better.
  They understand
you don't get what you want
  Or what you would love to have.
Life gives you what you will accept.
  If you will accept being average and ordinary
that's exactly what you're gonna get.
  But the winners
they expect to win.
  They demand for themselves
happiness and success
  And fulfillment.
They always have a can do attitude.
  You can turn your life around
if you change your attitude.
  You change your attitude
you change your altitude.
  The reason you can't stop
is 'cause you might be so close.
  Wouldn't it be a shame
for you to quit
  When you're this close?
Wouldn't it be a shame
  For you to walk away
when you've come this far?
  Wouldn't it be horrible
for you to bail out
  When you're just
this close
  To victory?
You can't walk by what you see.
  You can't give up 'cause it doesn't feel good.
You can't let people talk you out of it.
  You can't let your emotions
stop you from moving forward.

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