WHEN YOU WANT TO GIVE UP – Motivational Speech

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"The Road Not Taken" is a source of inspiration for me, because it encourages me to seize opportunities and chart my own course in life.

If you can find the strengtrh to stay in the darkness long enough, you will reach the light at the other end.

Spoken by Inky Johnson, David Goggins, Nick Vujicic, Eric Thomas, Lewis Caralla.

Music: Don Giovanni by Rok Nardin.

Life has a funny way of testing all of us
and seeing how bad we really want
  What it is that we say we want.
Life is going to hit you with a   Certain level of opposition
life is going to hit you with   A certain level of adversity
and life is going to say to you
  You said you wanted it
now let's see how bad you really want it.
  We all have these moments
these moments in time
  That either make you or break you.
That can determine the rest of your life.
  The rest of your life can be determined by
one simple decision.
  You have a choice to either give up
or keep going.
  There's so many times
that we're in these dark ass tunnels.
  The tunnels of life.
When hard times are coming at you, man
  And you feel alone
and you feel trapped
  And you feel like there's no way out.
And all you want to do is
  Run the f*ck out of that tunnel
because it's dark and it's scary.
  But if you can find
just enough courage
  To stay in that tunnel
just a little bit longer
  Your eyes start to adjust to the night.
And what happens
  That darkness
becomes the light.
  I can accept failure
everyone fails at some point
  I cannot accept not trying.
I don't feel rejected
  I tried.
How do you feel rejected when you try?
  The person who didn't try should feel rejected.
The person that didn't try
  Should feel defeated.]
I tried.
  I don't feel rejected
I feel good about myself.
  I don't feel bad
I gave it 120%.
  You can't never feel bad
when you put forth 120%.
  You can't let the outcomes
make you feel wack.
  I'm not wack
I'm a warrior.
  I'm a problem solver.
I'm not soft.
  I'm not weak.
I don't quit.
  I don't give up.
I don't surrender.
  I don't always win.
But I always try.
  You chase something
that you believe you deserve
  Until you get it.
And it doesn't matter what happens to you

Doesn't matter how many times you've been fired
doesn't matter how many people don't   Believe in you
you just go
  Until you get it.
'Cause if you're willing to   Go through all the battling
you gotta go through to   Get to where you want to get
who's got the right to stop you?
It's your right to listen to your gut
  It ain't nobody's right to say no
after you earn the right
  To be what you wanna be
and do what you wanna do.
  Every single person that you look up to
all of them dealt with their family and friends
  Looking at them funny
and making jokes.
  The difference is
they continued to move
  When people told them to get back in line
they didn't get back in line.
  They continued to become
what they knew they were
of their soul.
  Everyone's like, oh Greg, you're lucky
you got this Greg, you're lucky
  Everything you do is luck
  'Cause before it was luck
it was a belief
  And every day
with no one watching
  At five in the morning
by myself
  I trained it, 'cause I believed in it.
Then I mastered it.
  And remastered it and remastered it
in hopes that one day
  My trained ability
  With an opportunity to show it off.
That's what success is.
  And every single module inside of it
you create
  You own.
Nothing subjective in there.
  It's all you.
And when you know what you want
  You will do anything it takes to get it.
You will study as long as it takes.
  You won't go to sleep
until you have the knowledge
  That it takes to do what you're able to do.
All I'm saying is don't quit.
  I didn't say don't rest.
I didn't say don't recover.
  I said, don't quit.
  You ain't got to take off.
Mentally, you can stay
How do you stay in the race, Les
  When your life has been 
destroyed with drugs or alcohol

Or you've lost your business
or lost your job
  Or lost your home?
And you've been completely devastated?
  How can you tell me
I can come back?
  Oh, let me tell you something
whatever you want to do
  Whatever goal you have
all we need to do is we look at our dreams
  As we get ready to hit the floor
I'm blessed and highly favored.
  Look at your belief system every single day
and stick with it.
  Don't rush the process.
Trust the process.
  Don't rush the process.
Trust the process.
  Don't rush the process.
Trust the process.

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