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"The Road Not Taken" is a source of inspiration for me, because it encourages me to seize opportunities and chart my own course in life.

When you feel like quitting.

Spoken by TD Jakes, Eric Thomas.

Music: Elysium by Ryan Amon.

It's an urge
truth be told.
  Every champion has felt it
every president has felt it
  Every king has felt it
every lion has felt it
  Every winner has felt it
every soldier
  Has felt it
every victorious person
  Has felt it
the urge
  To quit.
Don't you give up on your dream.
  I want to remind y'all
that where you currently are in your life
  Drugs, alcohol
  Friends and family that are dying
whatever you're going through personally
  Mentally, spiritually
  Will not dictate what the outcome
of your life and your career is destined to be.
  I'm asking that you don't give up.
Sometimes a setback
  Is a setup
for the greatest blessings of all times.
  You will always grow through
what you go through.
  I don't care if you don't have the money
and you don't have help
  And you don't have the family for it
and you don't have the background for it
  And you don't have any friends for it
don't give up on your dream.
  Don't you do it.
don't you do it.
  Don't you do it.
It may take you twice as long.
  You may have to take courses and classes
  You might not read as fast
you might not move as quick
  You might not have as much
but don't you quit.
  Don't you quit.
Don't you quit.
  You do make a difference.
As weak as you are
  As tired as you are
as many mistakes as you've made
  You do make a difference.
There is something they   Would lose if you were not there
there is something that they would miss
  If you were not there
you do
a difference.
  You do
  A difference.
You   Got what it takes.
You may not like what you're going through
  You may be stressed and overwhelmed
you may not be comfortable with your situation

But stop the next devil
that tries to tell you
  You don't have what it takes.
I may have some black eyes
  And some bruises
I may even lost some teeth
  But I'm still here.
I didn't give in
  I didn't back up
I didn't faint
  I didn't collapse
I didn't run
  Even when I wanted to.
But I have seen days I   Did not want to get out the bed
didn't want to put on clothes
  And didn't feel like brushing my teeth.
I've seen days so dark
  That I just wanted to keep driving
and I didn't even care where I ended up
  Or what you called me.
They came
  And they passed.
And they came to pass.
  I kept the faith.
I kept it.
  I lost a lot of stuff
I lost a lot of friends
  I lost a lot of strength
I lost a lot of courage
  I lost a lot of time
I lost a lot of money
  But I kept
down on my knees
  I was still believing.
Broke,   I was believing.
Lonely, I was believing.
  Betrayal, I was still believing.
Think it not strange
  That these trials have come upon you
this is a part of your job.
  You got put through that
because what that does
  That tension produces greatness.
Stop running from it
  And run to it.
I'm not backing down.
  I've come too far to quit.
I'm gonna get a reward for my pain.
  If you're willing to fight your way through
fight your way through cancer
  Fight your way through that academic struggle
fight your way through that divorce
  Fight your way through
whatever comes up against you
  On the other side
is a better
Don't let this negative world get to you.
  Don't let it win.
If you lose the job, keep the faith.
  If you lose the spouse, keep the faith.
If you bury your child, keep the faith.
  If you have to downsize, keep the faith.
If you have to move in with your mama,   Keep the faith.
If you're at your wit's end, keep the faith.

If you have to catch the bus, keep the faith.
If you have to thumb, keep the faith.
  If you get sick, keep the faith.
If you lose your kidneys, keep the faith.
  If you got heart trouble
keep the faith.
  You might not get a new heart
but you got to keep your faith.

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