WHEN YOU FEEL BROKEN – Motivational Speech

Curated By Ralph

"The Road Not Taken" is a source of inspiration for me, because it encourages me to seize opportunities and chart my own course in life.

Spoken by TD Jakes, Chadd Wright.

Music: This Is Why I Was Born by 8Dawn.

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There will be times
that try your heart so severely
  That everything in you wants to quit.
Everything in you wants to collapse.
  Everything in you wants to go down.
Everything in you wants to go crazy.
  There are times that you’re 
going through adversity
  And that you feel alone.
You’re in the midst of a storm.
  And it is what you do when you are alone
that determines how much you really learn.
  It’s what you do when nobody’s looking
it’s how you react to the issues of life.
  The ultimate measure of a man
is not where he stands
  In moments of comfort
and convenience.
  But where he stands at times of challenge
and controversy.
  Anybody can be strong in comfort.
Anybody can be powerful
  When you’re not challenged.
But when life gets to punching you in the gut
  And the eye
and the head
  And you get through losing people
and burying people
  And going through sickness and trauma
injustice of all types
  It will humble you.
Whatever you do
  Don’t lose your head.
Pull your feelings out of it
  Pull your insecurities out of it
your vulnerabilities
  And stand on what you know.
Yes, the roads been bumpy.
  Yes, the roads been tough.
Yes, the roads been difficult.
  Yes, you’ve shed some tears.
And yes, you’ve endured some pain.
  But it is the bumpy road
to better.
  You can’t get to better without bumpy
  You can’t get to better without pain
you can’t get to better without tears
  There is no pill you can take
there is no simple solution.
  It is the bumpiness of the road
that leads you to better.
  Whatever you’re going through right now
it’s happening on purpose
  In order to
forge you into the person
  That you were created to be, ultimately.
But if you quit
  You will never get to be
the person that you were created to be.
  Mighty men of valor
they accept the challenge of life.
  They accept responsibility.
They don’t blame everybody for everything
  They stand up and say, I was wrong about it
but this is what I’m going to do to fix it.
  Doesn’t mean that you always get it right
it means you don’t run home to mama

When you get it wrong
you stay there and work it out
  And put it back together again.
Because you’re a mighty man of valor.
  See, if it was easy
if you had to be smart to do it
  All the pretty people
all the brains would make all the money
  Have all the responsibility.
Thank goodness, it’s tough.
  Thank goodness, you got to 
get down and slap it up.
  It’s your ability to compete
to pick yourself up off the mat one more time
  To go for it one more time
that’s gonna determine success or failure.
  Nobody can motivate you long range.
The only real motivation that lasts
  Comes from inside.
Cover your head.
  Cover your thoughts.
Cover the words that are coming into your mind.
  Cover what you’re saying to yourself.
What you are saying to yourself
  Determines whether you win or lose.
What you say to yourself
  Has all the world to do
with how far you can go.
  The rain falls on the just and the unjust.
Everybody in here goes through   Hell and high water
and sometimes life ain’t fair.
  This is no time to lose your head.
This is no time to quit.
  This is no time to faint.
This was no time to collapse.
  This is no time to give in.
Lay your hands on your head and say,   Give me a new mind.
Give me a new mind means   Give me a new perspective.
Give me a new perspective
  Give me a new way of looking at my situation.
Give me a new way at looking at my circumstances.
  Dump out all jealousy
all pettiness
  All unforgiveness
all strife
  All malice
all confusion
  All blaming other people for your mistakes
get rid of every poison
  That’s hindering you.
I’m gonna press my way.
  When it gets tough
I’m gonna press my way.
  When I get tired
I’m gonna press my way.
  What it’s not convenient
I’m gonna press my way.
  When my heart is broken
I’m gonna press my way.
  When I’m rejected
I’m gonna press my way.
  When I’m broke
I’m gonna press my way.
  When I’m disturbed
I’m gonna press my way.

That means that you’ve been kicked
you’ve been shoved and you’ve been shot
  But you’re still standing on your post
ready to fight the good fight.
  That means that you can take a lickin’
and keep on tickin’.
  That means you’ve been through hell and back
  But you’re still standing.
Your eye may be black
  And your teeth may be busted
and your lip may be swollen.
  But you look the devil in his eye
and you say baby, I’m still here.

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