WHEN LIFE IS HURTING – Motivational Speech

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"The Road Not Taken" is a source of inspiration for me, because it encourages me to seize opportunities and chart my own course in life.

When life is hurting.

We all get knocked down in every aspect Of life you're gonna fall flat on your Face you're going to be criticized when You come out into the arena called life You're going to feel awkward and stupid And dumb sometimes but it's okay it goes With the territory When the defining moment comes either You define the moment or the moment Defines you either you define the moment You decided that you're gonna not Concern yourself with the naysayers that You're not going to concern yourself With what has happened or what hasn't Happened but you're going to make the Commitment to do what you've got to do So that you can have a lifestyle that You've never experienced before Or the moment defines you And you decide to play it safe In 20 years from now you say to yourself What if I would have taken a chance on Myself what if I would have stayed in The game what if I would have kept Making the phone calls what if what if And what if but let me tell you Something something amazing begins to Happen when you make the decision to Move forward on your goals and your Dreams And maybe you've been knocked down in Your life and it seems like hey the Fight is over it is not over unless you Quit you have to learn to turn and look

At every obstacle as an opportunity you Gotta get gritty man you got to develop Some dog in you life is gonna blow some Serious blows somebody blows and they Gonna hurt but I want you to feel that Pain going through your body as pain Means your body that's what's gonna take Its place success No pain no gain pain has a purpose Don't go through it grow through it stop Running from your pain and embrace your Pain your pain is going to be a part of Your cause and I challenge you to push Yourself When you get knocked down and you're Gonna get knocked down when you run into Some roadblocks and you're going to run Into them when you have some setbacks You can always be able to bring yourself Back in knowing if someone has done it Is possible that I can do it you've got To be willing to face rejection and know Again and again and again the feed again And again and again and every time life Knocks you down you'll jump up and say It's not Weird Fight your way through this battle you Have what it takes your greatness comes From within and once you realize that Nothing will stop you nothing will keep You from being great it's already there You just have to feel it and know that You were placed here for a reason I walk

With all other men more but when the Opposition hits when the challenge hits When the pain Creeps in when the Uncertainty Creeps in on the clutch when The scars when the bruises come I just Want a little bit more than they want it If you dare to be great if you dare to Do something that you've never done Before if you dare to go to limits that You've never went to before they will Remember your legacy forever once you Become in the process is more important Than the dream the kind of person you Become the character that you build the Courage that you develop the faith that You're manifesting oh it's something That you get up in the morning you look Yourself in the mirror you're a Different kind of person you walk with a Different kind of spirit Oh but you did it all And so here's what I say to you you're Gonna be times that you're gonna be Wondering why should I keep showing up And working my business why should I Keep at it why should I keep showing up To the conventions why should I keep Picking up the phones and making the Phone calls why should I keep fighting For my goals and fighting for my dreams And what I want to remind you is that You gotta show up for your life Regardless of the circumstances you Gotta show up in spite of the naysayers

You gotta show up in spite of the Conversation going on in your mind you Gotta show up for your life because if You don't nobody else will You will fail You will likely fail often It will be painful It will be discouraging At times it will test you to your very Core It will not be easy This is for those of you who are going Through the fire Those of you who are wondering How can I keep going like this Some of you have been through so much That you should have lost your mind It's all right to fail as long as you Fail forward It's all right but I need you to have Hearts because there's some things you Just can't get without perseverance Don't think it's strange when things Happen to you Because every man every woman every boy Every girl will go through a time where Your faith will be tested You will hit something And when you do you will have a choice Many choose to turn around they feel a Little pain then they run away But there is a small number who decide That the pain is worth the prize They will do whatever is required to

Make it past this I know it's hard And I know it may look hopeless But if you just keep pushing forward You'll see how strong you truly are Things are going bad There's going to be some good that will Come from it Mission got canceled good We can focus on another one didn't get Promoted good more time to get better Didn't get funded good we own more of The company didn't get the job you Wanted good go out gain more experience Build a better resume got injured good Needed a break from training got beat Good we learned unexpected problems good We have an opportunity to figure out a Solution that's it when things are going Bad don't get all bummed out don't get Startled don't get frustrated no Take That issue take that setback take that Problem and turn it into something good Go forward if you can say the word good It means you're still alive it means You're still breathing Got some fight left in you so get up Dust off reload recalibrate re-engage Go out on the attack I've got here not Because I'm the strongest not because I'm the fastest not because I'm the best I never stop fighting it got harder and It got harder and it seemed the further Our clouds the harder it got but I Didn't stop I didn't quit I just kept

Fighting and fighting and fighting don't Let this world break you you are Stronger than what you are going through I invested too much to quit I made too Many sacrifices to give up we've come Too far we've been through too much We've seen too much we've had too many Victories we have seen defeat we've We've lived face and we've overcome it We've come too far to give up now we've Come too far to be negative now we've Come too far to start overthinking now So when life happens I'll just sit there And cry I walk back I brought back I wish I could tell you it's Gonna Get Easier I wish I could tell you that if You just keep going the weight is gonna Get lighter I wish I could tell you that But that's not the truth the truth is You gotta find something within you Gotta find something within and that's Got to push you and that's gotta Elevate You and that's got to drive you and That's gotta move you and when you find Out what your why is you don't hit Snooze no more when you find your why You find a way to make it happen the Spirit of resiliency the spirit of grit Is in your DNA it's in your blood Overcoming is in your blood getting Through adversity is in your blood your Ancestors got through so much more we Will be all right we need to focus on Where we're going not where we come from

And what's happening I just need you to Keep walking toward it I don't need you Thinking about it no more you're doing Too much thinking you analyze it too Much you talking yourself out of it I Don't know if it's gonna work I try and It didn't work I just need you to keep Moving I need you to make up in your Mind that the only way you can lose is If you quit I just need you to keep Going it's an opportunity to prove What You're Made Of it's an opportunity to Prove you are what you say you are in Your head when you look in the mirror And you say there goes a bad you actually believe it and The process is not supposed to be Comfortable so if it hurts welcome to The big leagues If you feel like you're under Heath Praise God if you feel like you're being Pressured praise God but when God looks Like he's pulling you back eventually he Gonna let you go and the further he Pulls you back The farther he pulls you back once he Releases you boom I challenge you to Never give up never give up you're gonna Be here one day but you'll never get Here if you give up if You gotta want to succeed as bad as you Wanna breathe What do you do When the thing that you didn't ask for

Happens in your life in the shifting Seasons You can find yourself stressed out [Music] You can find yourself depressed Mentally fragile because of the Experiences the turbulence That you have gone through I don't care How good you I don't care how talented You are there are some times when things Aren't going to go right and you have to Deal with it You can experience enough pain in life That he can clobber you to the to the Ground You believe you can't do it you believe That this is it for you no it's not Setbacks will happen when they do It's okay to cry it's okay to go home But eventually you have to get over it And move on You don't have to force yourself or Motivate yourself to think negatively to Be depressed to hate somebody to want Revenge you want to get back at somebody To beat yourself up over the head to Feel loaded with guilt you don't have to Make any effort to do that your mind is On automatic it will do that by itself But if you want to begin to move into Your own personal greatness if you want To begin to really enjoy a happy Successful healthy life you've got to be Willing to go against the tide you've

Got to be willing to harness your will And say in spite of this I'm in control Here I'm not going to let this get me Down I'm not going to let this destroy Me you want it and you're going to go All out to have it I challenge you to see your problems as A great thing I challenge you to start Being thankful that you have the Opportunity to grow get stronger get More focused get more skilled and kick More ass because of every hardship you Face you need to make it a habit to Start every day validating Yourself because life is a marathon and This might be a challenging leg where You're like I'm just going to throw on The towel I'm not going to do that thing Hell no you've got to focus on you and As you convince you as you sell yourself Every day every day you will begin to See a difference in the things that You're doing telling yourself every day Here I go again and I got what it takes This is my day and nothing out here is Going to stop me Back is a Is a every day and I gotta Go that way and I don't give a who is in Front of me they're not gonna stop me Return tragedy into Triumph that's what Lions do lions don't cry Lions don't Give up Lions don't quit Lions hunts That's what we do for a living when you

Are a true Hunter you don't go by time You go by the gazelle you hunt until you Get a gazelle and you don't stop until You get one it's hard then handle it you Got to fortify yourself and say come on With it I've got to step into it just Find an excuse to win keep going if You're gonna be successful in this game You gotta have a dog within you you Gotta know it's a dog fight and you Gotta go get that fight Life ain't gonna be easy ain't nobody Gonna hand you nothing you still gotta Go to work you still got to compete Against everybody in your industry Life's still gonna happen why are you Trying to blow up I I want to know what The I'm made of I want to know what I can overcome and I know from Experience that the harder the cast to Overcome the more strength I'm going to Gain from it when you get to the point Where enough is enough when you get to The point where it hurt real bad when You get to the point you can't take it No more when you get to that point door Star opening opportunity start happening But what you cannot do is you cannot Quit doing the process you cannot give Up because it ain't what you see you Cannot give up these are the days that Test your fortitude they test your Endurance your grit your dedication your Determination your mental toughness your

Character at the very moment when Everything in you wants to do absolutely Nothing when you'd rather die than send Another email or take another phone call Or talk to another human you gotta get The job done you got into a life I don't Know who you've been dealing with but You ain't dealt with me you gotta tell Bankruptcy you gotta tell divorce you Gotta tell sickness I don't know who You've been dealing with you come up Against the wrong one this time You can be and do whatever you want and Nobody can stop you nobody can stop you But You have to understand that there's a Journey that takes place in your career In your life Every transformation always gets worse Before it gets better It's supposed to be that way The journey you're embarking on is not An easy path it's not for the Ill-hearted or the weak natured It's for the strong people And before you embark on this journey Mentally you have to prepare yourself For it No One's Gonna get worse before It gets better Throughout your journey people are going To deny you People are going to reject you Your journey makes you want to cry your Journey puts you sometime in dark places

Where you feel like nothing is going to Do right for you nothing's going to be Right You are going to take you places that You've never been before through Heartache through pain through so much To make you quit your journey when you Embark this journey you must know that It's going to go down before it comes up When it comes up it's going to go so Much higher than you've ever been Sacrificing today for tomorrow's Betterment but if you didn't know that You didn't prepare for that you think Something's wrong maybe it's time to Stop no it's time to move free and Further [Music] Had to be equipped mentally to endure This process knowing what you're about To go into is step one knowing it's an Uphill battle but a winnable one and one That's achievable it's up to you to push Past Rejoice It's happiness It's winning It's succeeding you gotta understand With no pain it's no progress You don't go through something but you Won't get nothing can you choose whether Or not that journey is going to hurt you Or make you stronger I remember so many Times I wanted to quit I wanted to turn

Around I wanted to say I stop I wanted To go back and go back to what I used to Be You got to tell yourself that no matter What no matter what gets in my way I'm Gonna Keep Going I'ma keep moving I'ma keep winning I'm Gonna Keep surviving it's everything That you want because you went through That pain of that Journey that felt like You wanted to just knock you down and Say you know what you can't do it Understand that it's going to be trials And tribulation That will have storms but they will have Sunshine after the rain But that depends on you and how badly You truly want Nothing in life will hold you back if You trust in yourself and you trust in The process at the end of this race guys You're gonna be more capable through That effort builds a character the Person you want to be at the end Accept that Pressure does most people did The weight of what it feels like to want To be successful every single day Over and over and over It's just too much pressure people crack You got to persevere You must insist that this is going to Happen you got to get in now and keep Fighting

You got to be constantly at it Everybody got to develop some dog in Them You gotta say I'm gonna hang in here now I'm going to hang in here I'm gonna keep Going I'm going to stay with it no Matter what at the very end State what Really wins it isn't the potential of The person it's a perseverance the Heartbeat of a person that heart doesn't Stop the heart doesn't go nine to five And then shut down it's always beating Just like a true champion doesn't just Exist in the arena but it's just Everywhere else too those moments and Inches that are one the final hour that Make or break a win or a loss Or discover there let's go through Thousands of hours in the training lab When no one's watching do you get up and Run at five in the morning when it's Pouring down rain The personal character that values who They are there's no habitats here Half-ass there and then when it matters It doesn't work that way everyone wants It but somebody wants it more All the great sh that we have in our Lives come from it all comes from people Who in the face of massive adversity Decide that they're going to move Forward regardless they're going to make The things that they want to happen Happen no matter what anybody says no

Matter how many times they get laughed At no matter how many times they get Called crazy no matter what they are Going to make this happen We have the ability to make the choice To be the person who rises above this is Keep making a choice to take the things That have happened to you and turn them Into good productive things there is no Way that you cannot be successful None of us ever get through this life Without heartache without turmoil We're all going to fail at something Everyone's failed at something Life is a trial And trials Are never supposed to be easy Life is hard It's hard handling the tragedies of life When you're working on something and and You put everything you have in it and it Doesn't work out you lose your money in Other people's money It's hard It is okay to be scared It is okay to cry But giving up should not be an option And it doesn't matter How you get knocked down in life Because that's going to happen All that matters is that you got to get Up Because when you fail You get up and then you fail and then

You get up and that keeps you going That's how humans are strong failure is An option but giving up is not Find a way If you believe and you have faith And you can get knocked down and get Back up again and you believe in Perseverance as a great human quality You find your way You gotta have that resiliency over and Over again you gotta make a commitment To keep stepping up to the plate and Swinging for the fences every day Whenever you do what you do Twing for the fences Understanding when you swing for Defenses sometimes you'll miss Did you know Hank Aaron had twice as Many strikeouts as he had home runs but He kept swinging for defenses Most times he missed But when he hit it he knocked it out the Park But it's your shot to do what you do Keep swinging it keeps driving Change is gonna happen in your life Setback's gonna happen But a setback is nothing but a setup The champions Is not the potential It's not the genetics it's their Perseverance always show up always Willing to fail it's in failure that's Part of success

Is not a marathon of life and just Ops Success is formulated through failures Through facing your fears through Falling down getting back up that's what Creates the champion [Music]

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