WHEN LIFE HAS BROKEN YOU – Motivational Speech

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"The Road Not Taken" is a source of inspiration for me, because it encourages me to seize opportunities and chart my own course in life.

When life has broken you.

[Music] So many of us We've gone through life and life has led Us down You can find yourself stressed out You can find yourself depressed Mentally fragile because of the Experiences The turbulence That you have gone through I know what it's like To barely hold on To barely feel like you breathing And barely feel like you can come up for Air Look up look up and recognize that there Is a way out there is a path for you to Take and it's not an easy path It takes courage and it's hard But what is the other choice what else Can we do let the darkness completely Consume us be overtaken by Temptation Advice No do not accept that You can triumph over these dark Forces You can become better you can be better Growth is faster and deeper during your Darkest days Through that separation through that Unemployment through that tragedy Through that loss And maybe you've been knocked down in Your life and it seems like hey the Fight is over it is not over unless you

Quit Those terrible events in your life And you create a new story of Triumph And so here's what I say to you you're Gonna be times that you're gonna be Wondering why should I keep showing up And working my business why should I Keep at it why should I keep showing up To the conventions why should I keep Picking up the phones and making the Phone calls why should I keep fighting For my ghosts and fighting for my dreams And what I want to remind you is that You gotta show up for your life Regardless of the circumstances you Gotta show up in spite of the naysayers You gotta show up in spite of the Conversation going on in your mind you Gotta show up for your life because if You don't nobody else will fight your Way through this battle your greatness Comes from within and once you realize That nothing will stop you nothing will Keep you from being great it's already There You just have to feel it and know that You were placed here for a reason Fight your way through it fight your way Through this battle fight your way Through that academic struggle fight Your way through divorce fight your way Through boxing fight your way through Football if it was easy everybody would Do it you got this far if you was gonna

Quit you should have quit a long time Ago you got too far you've come too far To quit now you need to get a reward for It I know you might be hurting But just know after this battle you will Come out on the better side You have to see it you have to feel it You have to know That this life was made for many battles And you were made just for a time like This When the defining moment comes either You define the moment or the moment Defines you Either you define the moment you decided That you're gonna not concern yourself With the naysayers that you're not going To concern yourself with what has Happened or what hasn't happened but You're gonna make the commitment to do What you've got to do so that you can Have a lifestyle that you've never Experienced before or the moment defines You and you decide to play it safe and 20 years from now you say to yourself What if I would have taken a chance on Myself What if I would have stayed in the game What if I would have kept making the Phone calls what if what if and what if But let me tell you something something Amazing begins to happen when you make The decision to move forward on your

Goals and your dreams if you are an Underdog you gotta believe Against All Odds you got to learn to close your ears To everybody you got to learn to close Your ears to everything you got to learn To block out the distractions and you Gotta learn to get focused all right be Very intentional very deliberate very Strategic you are very deliberate about What time you wake up you're very Deliberate about what time you go to bed You're very deliberate about what you Eat what you don't do you're very Deliberate about the people you bring in Your life you are very very focused Intentional and deliberate winners win And losers lose and if you create a Culture of losing if you keep being a Victim if you keep letting losing happen To you if you keep letting people do you And treat you any kind of way it's gonna Become a culture sure See we gotta look our trauma in the face We gotta embrace the pain in the Darkness and allow it to mold us the Dark times are when we build higher Dream harder push further love deeper That's forming your future it's pushing You forward when you go through a storm It strengthens you when you come through That kind of experience and able to Reclaim your life you come back with a Certain kind of power and you will never Be the same again after that experience

There are certain things when you go Through those things and you come up out Of those things you come up a different Kind of person different Spirit Different Power different energy don't Ever say when you're going through some Rough time I'm going through a really Bad tragic time no see I'm going through A character building experience that Setback is going to become a comeback go Through the darkness come out on the Other side something new and allow that Person to change the world I know what you're going through Countless hours setting up thinking if Your life will ever get better Thinking about Everybody let's pass to win just walk Out your life there are some things in Life that are out of your control That you can't change And you're going to live with The choice that we have though is either To give up or keep on going I want to ask you what are you going to Believe are you going to believe in Yourself you're going to believe Everybody else's judgment on you Are you going to believe people when They say that you're a failure no one Really likes you no one really cares About you People ask you how you are and you say Fine but you're not fine and they'll

Never know that There are some times in life Where you fall down And you feel like you don't have the Strength to get back up Maybe you have doubt in your life maybe You don't know for sure what's going to Be happening in the future and it scares You Maybe you're worried about what people Think of you what people say about you It's that fear paralyzes you and I just Want to ask you today do you think you Have hope you see I will try 100 times To get Any five fail 100 times if I fail and I Give up do you think that I'm ever gonna Get up no But if I fail I try again and again and Again for as long as I try there's Always that chance of getting up And it's not the end Until you've given up And just the fact that you're here Should persuade you That you have another chance to get back Up There's still hope I want to challenge You tonight Get up some of you getting up means all Right here I am I got some challenges I'm tired of being Quiet about it others of you getting up Means I'm fighting back I'm going to a

Doctor getting up means I'm going back To counseling getting up says all right I'm gonna start the medication again Getting up is you know what maybe I can Get a job maybe my mission has not been Destroyed by my depression I'm getting Up You gotta get up to find your purpose I Dare you to fail I dare you to take that Same class over and over guys I dare you Stop dropping classes like you saw see Get what you want is up to you you turn Your life around if you change your Attitude you change your attitude you Change your altitude your mind and Attitude is all you need to be Successful that's all you need you don't Need to be born with a silver spoon in Your mouth you don't need money you Don't even need folks that like you as Long as you believe in you you got the Right mindset you got the right attitude We can make it happen I don't care What's going on around you because it's Not what happens around you that Determines your success is what happens In inside you and you can't control the Elements but you can control your Attitude and you can control your Mindset life is going to see how bad you Want what you say you will impose your World order life will give in to you if It knows you're serious about whatever It is that you're trying to do life will

Give in to you and whenever you start You make sure you finish if you do not Kill me you will not stop my drive no Petty adversity will not stop me I have To complete every mission that I set out On from this site forward set out to Achieve greatness not by looking for Someone to give it to you but we're Going through all of the blood all of The sweat all of the hard work by going To work to set your own inner greatness Free no matter what anyone else has said Or how anyone else has made you feel Before it's there so you've had it Harder than other people well then You're gonna have to work a little Harder but trust me when I say you have Greatness inside you wherever we are With whatever hand that life has dealt Us we have the freedom of spirit we we Can go through like whining and weeping Or we can have the kind of spirit that Regardless of what happens to you you Can stand up inside of yourself you have An uncomfortable Soul it can be painful It will be uncomfortable and that's Where the growth is when you're Stretching out when you're taking life By the collar you're going to get thrown To the ground again and again and again But when you have determination and you Know that what you're doing is right it Gives you your life it gives a special Meaning and power to you you'll begin

Discover some things about you that you Don't know you've got when you put Yourself in that type of challenging Situation The journey is not easy Everyone's hot off the start but after a Month or so into it with the wear and Tear and the grind starts to hit you Start losing focus on the horizon do you Not Get called away in the daily hiccups the Ups and downs and the wear and tear he Focus on his speed bumps the daily Activities losing sight of their true Purpose Most of you won't be successful because When you're studying and you get tired You quit Don't cry to give up cry to keep going I'm trying to quit you already in pain You already hurt get a reward from it The difference between a winner and a Loser values there for some time it's Just the winner gets back up and does it Again and does it again until it goes His way I don't care how hard you fall I Don't care if nobody don't believe in You it only takes you believing in Yourself to get this thing done and Listen to me it ain't failure if you Learn from it baby So if you fall following your back so You can look up because if you can look Up then you can get up

I dare you to take a little pain I dare You at the end of paying a success And fight It's okay to not be okay It's just not okay to stay that way The one thing I know about emotions is That they change One hour from right now you will not Feel the same way and I want to Encourage you tonight that you might be In your darkest moment you might be Going through hell and high water but I Know this it is always too soon to quit You have a reason to live your best days Are in front of you get up your future Is brighter than your past get up your Ladder is greater than your former get Up because the best is still yet to come Some things in life you don't need no Degree for you don't need no money for It you don't need no support for it There's something in life you just gonna Get through when you tell yourself I'm Gonna get through this I need you to Look at that sickness that's going of Your life right now whatever it is I Want you to say I can't be I can't read It I will beat it I must you think it's Gonna be easy forget about it all right Don't even try to be successful it's a Wrap it's not going to be easy but I Want you to feel that pain going through Your body as pain leads your body that's What's gonna take its place success and

When that thing tells you to quit you Look at it in his eye and say I ain't Going nowhere I will break you before You break me you will not defeat me you Will not destroy me I'm unbreakable now Take your pain use your pain to push you Past whatever you can treat you are take The fact that your father wasn't in your Life take the fact that it took me 12 Years You have come too far to quit now you Have invested too much to quit now you Have lost too much to quit now get a Reward for your pain don't cry about it Don't whine about it get a reward for it I didn't quit not in stock I didn't Whine you know what I did I got my Reward for it I don't take else no more No more else in my life all we do is win Win Thank you It is literally at the darkest moment When it dawns You don't really even get to the next Level to your darkest moments No matter what you've ever been through Had to go through it To get right here This glory on the other side of pain No pain And when you make up your mind to deal With pain because you know what it feels Like man ain't a devil if we all can Stop what you trying to do

There's one side of a pain that's the Suffering and the discomfort type of Pain But then there's another side of pain That's called effort It's called Glory it's called if you can Find a way to push through pain there's Something greater on the other side of It and if you never tap into it it's Because the first time you felt that you Back talk Tripping when it gets dark and you run It you running from your success Why would you do something for 10 years Then quit if you was gonna quit you Should have quit when you put your first Brand in it You like 9 800 hours deep into it they Only take ten thousand hours so it's not The darkest moment that's the problem You the problem and your perspective is The problem every time you come up to a Challenge you quit you surrender you get In every single thing I go through I Remember I was homeless and I draw from It every single time I'm going through Pain I remember that I've gone through Pain since I was a kid I draw from and Recycle your pain get something from it You already in pain use it do something With it allow it to take you to the next Level a lot of your pain to push you to Greatness You must eradicate excuses you will

Never ever point the finger at anybody Again you will never blame another human Being even if they wrong you will not Point the finger you will not say Because she didn't do what she was Supposed to do but because he didn't do What he was supposed to do I couldn't do What I was supposed to do you're never Gonna say that again you're going to Take a hundred percent ownership Take full responsibility for your life Except Where You Are and the Responsibility that you're going to take Yourself where you want to go we have Two primary choices in life we can Either accept conditions as they exist Or we can take the responsibility to Change them A difference between the winners in life And the people that constantly live Their lives on the lowest level is that The winners handle problems better they Look at the situation and they say what Do I need to do instead of why me and They look to fix the problem so that the Next time around they're prepared for it If you want to be a real winner in life Don't try and avoid problems get really Masterful at handling them see a lot of People want to exempt themselves from Taking responsibility all they want to Do is talk about the problem every time You see them they'll tell you their Story over and over and over and over

Again No no you want to take responsibility For your life I got me here I can get me Out of this and I'm getting out you can Decide that you're going to change that You're not going to be a winner I'm not Going to be a volunteer victim [Music] Thank you Not there that's listening That's started to go down Down in that hole Trapped in the chains of depression Or addiction Rage You're going through a tough time Maybe you're walking through real Depression maybe you are in a valley Today that you've experienced the worst Failure of your life and you are on the Verge of giving up maybe you're here Today and your marriage is on the Rocks Maybe you're here today and you're Dealing with anxiety on a daily basis You know what it's like to be in a Lonely dark place you know what it's Like to want to quit you know what it's Like when the pressures overwhelming When people expect your best but you're At your worst That is a moment of choice that is a Moment of decision What will your response be Gonna sit back are you going to step up

Adversity creates the perfect moment for Audacity It's in your adversity the thing that Comes out of you is what defines you When life is squeezing you and pressure Is on you what's really inside of you See there's some people in this room Right now that you need to hear this Loud and clear you need to get this in Your spirit because I don't know what You're walking through but some of you Right now you are in a tough season an Event has happened and Something's Happened and maybe you have failed but I Want to remind you that failure is not Final it's formative It is part of the process It's part of the journey your failure Matters is my It's not going to grow if you don't ever Fail yet some of you have failed and you Have decided well guess what I'm a Failure no failure is an event it is Never a person just because you failed It doesn't mean that you're a failure in Fact failure is actually fuel for your Future the way that you grow the way That you advance you have to fail in Order to succeed the darker the night The brighter the morning this too shall Pass you're gonna get through this thing You might not be in control of the storm But you can have the courage to face the Stories I'm not going to back down I'm

Not going to run away I'm gonna walk Through this thing because I believe This thing is leading me to another Miracle You see the fight's not over if you've Been knocked down it's only over if you Quit If you make the decision to get up one More time I'm telling you you will win the fight Foreign

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