Wallstreet Trapper Shares How To Be Wealthy

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"The Road Not Taken" is a source of inspiration for me, because it encourages me to seize opportunities and chart my own course in life.

Wallstreet Trapper, ex-convict turned stock trader and educator of the people, delivers one of the best motivational speeches you will ever hear. Special thanks to Tom Bilyeu: http://bit.ly/ImpactQuotes

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“The key to building wealth is not how much you can work. You can’t work your way to wealth, you got to invest your way there, and all wealthy people, black, white, Asian, Chinese, they own a whole bunch of shit.”
― Wallstreet Trapper

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Wallstreet Trapper

Known for “educating the culture on how to build wealth one share at a time,” New Orleans native Leon Howard, popularly known as Wallstreet Trapper, has been dominating wealth building through the stock market for years. Growing up in New Orleans, Leon is no stranger to the streets and the pitfalls that come with it.

During his 10 year prison bid he learned about the stock market and since then has been applying and teaching it to everyone willing to learn. Through his company, From the Trap to Wallstreet, Leon provides a plethora of resources ranging from courses, ebooks, and a private members-only group where he simplifies wealth creation and normalizes generational wealth for the black community through investing in the stock market.


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Wealthy people do three things man they Stopped trading time for money They make their money work for them and They give as much value to people as They can The reason why people think wealthy People are people with money or Sinister Is because that's what you kind of Taught in the hood like you kind of talk Like The people who really have money like They did some Wicked to get it they Did some backstabbing cut those to Get it and you'll never get that all Them people with money they all Crooks Because being at the bottom teaches you To envy people at the top right one of The things that happens often in the Culture of black people is survival mode You never get a chance to play offense You're always on defense One because of mindset Because you don't see it again the dope Dealer and the rapper everybody who's Working is struggling and so you never Want to be that

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