WAKE UP DETERMINED & DOMINATE THE DAY – New Motivational Video Compilation

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"The Road Not Taken" is a source of inspiration for me, because it encourages me to seize opportunities and chart my own course in life.

WAKE UP DETERMINED & DOMINATE YOUR DAY! This is our New Motivation Compilation of the Best Motivational Speech Videos for Success in 2022!
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We have had the opportunity to interview some incredible people this year, from David Meltzer to Tom Bilyeu, Terrell Owens to MrBeast’s manager Reed Duchscher, these are some of the most motivational and eye opening parts of the interviews! Listen carefully and they will change the way you think!

Thanks for watching and I hope you get motivated!

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Joe Rogan Leaves The Audience SPEECHLESS

David Meltzer’s Interview with MotivationHub

Mel Robbins will leave you speechless

The Crazy Job of Managing MrBeast – MotivationHub Interview

Terrell Owens Speech Will Leave You SPEECHLESS – MotivationHub Interview

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If you can hear my voice you’ve got work To do You need to elevate others to elevate Yourself but also you need others to Elevate you so so many people live their Lives like tubes food in food out Paycheck in paycheck out so you may be Average you may be ordinary But you have the opportunity every Single day to make extraordinary Decisions and what you do today Will determine your future at some point In life We’re all going to struggle You are not your past you’re you you’re You right now you might have done some Things you wish you hadn’t done don’t Dwell on that you learn from it that’s Fine but don’t dwell on it just keep Moving keep moving that you don’t use it Use it as fuel Say Never Again I get What I did wrong but don’t think that You’re that person that made those Mistakes you’re the person who’s learned We’re going to be confronted with Something there’s going to be some Obstacles that we feel that you know we Can’t overcome or when you’re on your Path to success there’s always going to Be those roadblocks here and there it’s Just it’s a part of life You’ve got a destiny to fulfill you’ve Got a purpose to walk into you’ve got to Test the past you’ve got dots to connect

Rules to walk in stages to stand on and Tables to sit down there We all want to do something we all want To be somebody we all want to go Somewhere let’s dispense with the Painful conversations of what happened In your past My advice I I really struggle with just Being patient for certain things to Happen especially in my 20s like I was The type of person who like thought I Was gonna find success early on and Thought it like 24 years old I would Already have this you know successful Job or successful business and it takes Time it takes time to personally grow it Takes time to figure out what you want To do in life what person what type of Person you want to become and then like What’s important to you There’s always going to be those Roadblocks here and there it’s just it’s A part of life and I think that’s what’s So rewarding when we do achieve what we Achieve is because of those failures Because of those Strokes because of Those roadblocks Athletes that have achieved an amount of Success I think when their doubt Creeps In or there’s naysayers or their Doubters I think the the best thing that I ever Did I ever did obviously I think was Believe in myself that’s first and

Foremost You are not your past you’re you you’re You right now you might have done some Things you wish you hadn’t done don’t Dwell on that you learn from it that’s Fine but don’t dwell on it just keep Moving keep moving you know use it use It as fuel Say Never Again I get what I Did wrong but don’t think that you’re That person that made those mistakes You’re the person who’s learned I think that endurance enduring Something and building up that ability To endure things that’s also a very Important mechanism that you could apply To everyday life like that the mechanism Of understanding how to endure because a Lot of people just running from Discomfort they’re running from it They’re just avoiding it so easy to and Like if you get distracted for a second You’re like yeah let me check my phone You just start going through your phone And looking at and you’re just Distracting yourself from the tiniest Frustration of boredom just a little we Don’t get bored anymore or if we get Bored we get bored for these tiny Amounts of time then you get distracted So your distraction is eliminating your Boredom but the problem with that is Like there’s certain thoughts that only Come to you when you’re thinking when You’re you don’t have any input coming

In when we’re constantly looking at our Phones the only input you’re getting is Input from other people and sometimes That’s good sometimes you get good stuff Out of that but it’s like a diet of only Fruit you know it came out you need some Protein yeah like this is you need you Need to get some other things in your Diet you know and um I think Having discomfort in your diet like Having it as a regular part of your life It minimizes the amount of other kinds Of And I think that insanity and and Greatness are next to our neighbors and They borrow each other’s sugar there’s There’s something about Mastery like True Mastery uh that requires You to shut off massive areas of your Life personal areas Relationships education my education was A joke I mean until I was 21 years old Until I started doing stand-up comedy I Didn’t read books I mean I might have Read a Stephen King book here and there For to kill time I was on the train on My way to training but There was no there’s no desire to Educate myself if I was educating myself It was maybe reading uh the book of five Rings to learn better strategy to be a Better fighter that was all it was was There ever a point where you said I’m a Little out of balance I need to go the

Other way well I realized I was a flawed Person for sure you know and I think in Realizing you’re a flawed person what Helped you realize that just up That’s being an idiot you know realizing You know girls would get mad at me or Maybe guys would get mad at me whatever It was I realized that I had flaws you Know I knew I knew that uh I was and Then also failing at comedy One of the um hardest things to do is to Go from being really great at something To sucking at something and that’s Something that you suck at is now your Path you know and that’s what I found Myself in comedy you know I could get Laughs every now and then but I knew I Wasn’t anything special I knew I was Terrible and there was something Exciting about being terrible because I Had potential because there was Potential for growth you know if you if You start doing it and you’re great at It like naturally like maybe I wouldn’t Have had the motivation to do it as a Living for 25 years like I’ve done I Don’t know but at that time you know Making that transition from martial arts Competition to uh being a comedian That’s when I started going down the Road of balance and started trying to Balance myself as a person and I started Trying to almost educate myself to have More things to talk about on stage and

Then along the way my curiosity started To Blossom and then I started to just be Interested in things for being Interested in them and as I got better As a comedian I became became less Worried about what other people thought About me and more worried about just Improving and keeping you know keeping This sort of momentum going and as I Relaxed more you know in having some Success in life and sort of not worrying About bills as much not worrying about My future then I started to explore Altered States Of Consciousness and then I really started opening up the door to The whole Yin and the Yang life is Filled with so many different kinds of Experiences that are available and That’s one of the things that you sort Of open up to when you relax when you Relax and you know you don’t worry about What you look like you don’t worry about What you sound like you don’t worry About how people feel about you because You’ve thought all about all these Different things on your own and you’ve Kind of corrected as many things as you Can correct given that time period but You you feel comfortable that you’re on A good path you know then you sort of Can entertain ideas that maybe you Wouldn’t if you were insecure or more Insecure you know I think we’re all I Think you have to be insecure if you’re

Finite we’re worried about death we’re Worried about disease we’re worried About loved ones we’re always going to Be in a certain sense insecure you know We’re worried about being sexually Attractive we’re worried about being Socially interesting sure you know There’s always going to be some form of Insecurity but that’s also part of the Balance of life too it’s like you don’t Ever get to Bliss you know what you get To do is Chase Bliss you get to enjoy The moment the moment is amazing and It’ll go away and you’ll be Tired and you got to get up you know and You got to drive in traffic and you’re Not going to like it and you gotta you Know do some you don’t want to do It’s a lot of times where I work out Where I don’t want to you know and I’d Make myself do it if I was living in Bliss I’d be just be a fat sitting On the couch you know thinking that I Don’t want to do that my life is about Enjoyment no there’s enjoyment in doing Things you don’t enjoy Foreign Thing I tell people is you can’t find Outside of you what you can’t find Inside of you and so I like to ask Myself open-ended questions what are you Doing today that you like what are you Doing today that you don’t like How can I be of service or value to that

Meaning to make those changes or who Sits in a situation that I want to be in To give me directions on how to heal That you need to elevate others to Elevate yourself but also you need Others to elevate you to elevate you It’s amazing so so many people live Their lives like tubes food in food out Paycheck in paycheckout or Camus the Stranger the myth of Sisyphus push the Boulder to the top of the hill every day Just to have it roll it down to the Bottom because they have no coherence They can’t remember what’s important to Them and then they can’t do it I’ve created coherence practices and Then effectuating the Mind Body and Soul Through mindset heart set and handset in Order to be efficient effective and Statistically successful in those Practices See prioritization the antidote to Procrastination and feeling overwhelmed Is a matter of understanding what’s Important to you when you have your Non-negotiables you already get the most Important things every day done but now According to circumstance I get the next Most important thing and I can make Decisions like this because I already Know what’s important personally Experientially giving and receiving wise Every day in a trajectory that scares The out of everyone else even me

For the future because it’s unlimited so When I tell you and I meet you the first Time hey what do you do oh I’m going to Change the world People are scared of me if I tell them How I’m going to do it I’m going to Empower people to be happy to make a lot Of money help a lot of people and have a Lot of fun over a billion people by the Way they’re even more scared of me it’s Not a low bar no but it shouldn’t be Because there’s no limitations in the Future but people don’t do it the Lafayette scoffing you make fun of you And guess what when you do it they’ll Applaud you that’s all I want on my on My tombstone he was kind first of all Look up And then breathe think about what you Want think about how you can help and Who can help you And then start thinking about how And then prioritize that very first step Prioritize that very first day start Thinking about what you want and Continue every day enjoying that Consistently persistently in the pursuit Of your potential also have an open mind I promise you each day will become Easier it will aggregate upon itself and Pretty soon you too will be an overnight Success So many people that are full of hate Condition judgment ego they don’t

Understand they’re in search of Something they already have most people Will tell you when they’re in that Mindset I need to get more money I need To get more healthy I need to get more Worthy I need to get more happy Because they’re full of heat If I can teach them not only to look Within and heal but also to have faith And then finally to say wait a second if I am connected to and through the Greatest source power omniscient all Knowing omnipresent power that loves me More than my mom Then I am happy I am healthy I am wealthy I am worthy I Just got to figure out what I’m doing to Interfere with it and this hate Is interfering with my truth my Potential my love the light and the Lessons of the journey that I’ve been Blessed with with full appreciation Acknowledgment and the ability to dream And to ask for more so many people waste 80 percent of their time on things that Bleed them I reconcile my time with gratitude Saying yes there’s light love and Lessons in everything every interview Every circumstance invented every person An idea but is it worth my time Therefore I’m feeding that which feeds Me not getting bled And it allows me to be more productive

Accessible and gracious people will say To you when you talk about David Meltzer I don’t know how that guy does it he’s One of the most active people I’ve ever Said they might even call me busy I hate That word because busy means unavailable I’m accessible but I’m only utilizing Two hours and 17 minutes to be Non-negotiable that leaves 21 hours and 43 minutes to do whatever the f I want And so how do I prioritize the other 21 hours and 43 minutes now remember I’m Still more active just having a minimum Amount of time 270 minutes I have all my Prioritized things guaranteed done every Day I’ll always be healthy I’ll always have Great family and I’ll always utilize my Time effectively now all I got to do is Have what I want who I can help who can Help me how best to get that done and Then I’ll be able to prioritize because I always know what’s important to me and I always know how to reprioritize it Big Dreams of course you should should You dream of building a mansion on the Ocean if that’s your thing yes should You dream of the Log Cabin yes if you Want a Lamborghini or the new Ford Bronco should you put yeah yes yes yes Yes If you want the family if you want the Body should you think about yeah Absolutely

Here’s where everybody goes wrong You dream about the end you make this Gorgeous collage of all this stuff that Has nothing to do with your current life That literally as you’re sitting in your Studio apartment and you’re looking for A job and you’re staring at a mansion Going someday it’s going to make you Feel like a loser because the gap Between where you are and where you want To go it seems insurmountable And so what happens based on the Research is when you only visualize the End game it’s demotivating at first it’s Really fun to like have a bottle of wine And make your like collage I’m gonna Visualize I’m gonna slap this up there’s My vision boards fabulous love Attraction come on how about think about It it’s going to come to me Okay I’ve been doing this for two days I’m not I’m still in this apartment with The cat box that needs to be changed The way to visualize properly is to Visualize the bridge Between Where You Are And where you need to go and Particularly The horrible stuff visualize working a Day job and telling your friends that You’re not going to go out tonight Because you’re working on something Visualize making cold calls and being Told no visualize not going to that

Party because you’re staying in on a Saturday and not going to the barbecue Because you’re putting in the work Visualize sitting in a seminar and Learning from other people visualize Watching YouTube videos visualize your First ever course failing miserable Right literally that’s the sort of thing That you want to visualize yourself Doing and pushing through because that’s Going to help you do the work is you Will start to realize you are walking by An entirely different world every single Day because you’re not looking for it There are opportunities there are signs There are mile markers on your path that You are literally tuning in and we can All sit in this moment and look back and See how the dots of our life connect us Here you start to ground yourself in the Idea that this too is a DOT on the map Of your life and it is leading you Somewhere incredible Law of attraction is simply your Thoughts become things and it’s true We’ve talked all about how when you have A negative self-talk it tends to draw More of that to you I think about it Like lint in a dryer once negative stuff Starts to collecting it collects a lot More so here’s what everybody gets wrong About manifesting Everybody at least kind of in the mass Market what you’re trained to think

About when you think about manifesting Is vision boards and when you hear the Word vision boards you think about the Big stuff so let’s use your example of The marathon The vision board would be Lewis Crossing Yes I did it exactly That will not help you because when you Hit mile 13 on the actual race and it is Sleeting rain and it feels nothing like That thing on your vision board you’re Going to start a negative dialogue I Can’t do this my knees hurt this is not What I thought it was going to be I’m Not ready for this I didn’t train for This and you were going to tank yourself What You Do by visualizing the bridge is You train your nervous system And your mind To do the hard work so you should Visualize not crossing the finish line But what is it like to be at mile 12 When your batteries run out on your Earbuds oh I’m serious and you keep Going What’s it like when your shoelace breaks And now your heel is Lifting and you’re Starting to get a blood blister at Mile 17. what’s it feel like when you wake up And it is pouring rain And you visualize yourself running Anyway That way when you visualize the work You are preparing your body for it so

You’re not resistant to it when it comes And so you are literally building up Almost like this resilience and this Muscle inside of you to do the work to Get the thing so yeah create the vision Board but make sure in addition to Crossing the Finish Line you have Somebody running in the rain you have Somebody who you have an alarm clock That says 5 13. You have you know these images that show The stuff that you don’t want to do so Like for people who want to launch a Business for example like a lot of People that I’m sure follow both of us Are dying to launch a business or Interested in being an influencer social Media or making money online and what You visualize are the checks or you Visualize the money you’re going to make Or you visualize how cool it’s going to Be when you’re a lifestyle entrepreneur Whatever the hell it is don’t do that I Am constantly training my mind to work For me and there’s this little trick That I talk about in the book that is All sort of the beginning of having a High five attitude and a high five Attitude is the ability to catch Yourself When you’re going mentally low And to flip yourself back up into a high Five attitude okay The thing that I know to be true is that

You cannot control the things around you You can’t control what’s going to happen You can’t even control how your nervous System might respond or what thoughts Might pop into your head but you can Always choose what you do next and what You make it mean right and so that’s Where all the power is we’ve talked a Lot about negative self-talk And part of the reason why negative Self-talk is so crippling is not only Because you’ve repeated it for so long And now it’s a pattern but it’s also Because you have a filter on your brain Called the reticular activity system This puppy is the keys to everything And and it’s remarkable that most of us Have never heard of it we’ve experienced It but we don’t know how to use it to Our advantage so the res imagine a hair Net on your brain only it’s like Electric meaning it’s alive okay now the Res has one job and the job is block out 99 of what’s going on and let in one Percent of what’s going on our brains at This moment in history are having to Process about 34 days worth of cell Phone data in one day it’s crazy and so Your res is a Monster job it’s like a Bouncer at a bar you’re not coming in You can come in there are only four Things that automatically get through The bouncer in your brain the res number One your name so you’ve experienced

Being in a crowd of places somebody’s Like you think you hear Lewis you’re Like huh somebody call my name that was The bouncer in your brain The second thing that always gets let in Is any threat to your safety so there Are loud noises all over all the time But only ones in close proximity make You go like this That was the bouncer in your brain Letting it in Okay the third thing That gets let in is when you sense that Your partner is interested in sex with You or someone else and the fourth one And this is where This is the billion dollar thing that Everybody needs to know The bouncer in your brain lets in Whatever you think Is important to you so when you get Intentional About telling your brain what’s Important to you like I’m interested in A Tesla your brain’s literally like oh Let’s let all the tassels in come on in Here’s the downside to this if you have Told yourself That you are a bad person For the last 10 years guess what your Brain thinks is important examples that Mean you’re a bad person right so I’m Going to give you a very specific Example

So I personally don’t think I’m a bad Person I don’t think I’m perfect but I Know I do my best I mean well I don’t Have that story about myself at all I used to but I don’t let’s say I Oversleep and I miss the dentist I miss the dentist appointment I’m like Ugh I gotta pay the 25 bucks I had to Reschedule that thing that kind of blows That’s all I think and then I go on Even my daughter who constantly beats Herself up and says she’s a bad person This is a real example by the way She oversleeps misses a dentist Appointment and it becomes see I always Screw everything up I’m a terror I I’m Always messing things up I’m about like Everything that gets let in confirms That you’re a bad person she finds proof And evidence yes that’s the bouncer in Your mind I’m here to tell you that when You get intentional about what you want To think about yourself it changes in Real time what your brain lets in and What it doesn’t that helps you with the Other things that you’re doing the high Five in the mirror I’m not thinking About that the pathetic Mantra hey you Know just because I missed the dentist Appointment doesn’t mean I’m a bad Person they’re the best I can here give Myself a break right high five you know What I’m saying Shake It Off get back in There hey why it’s true right right

Because it’s these little things Somebody cuts you off somebody reaches For the last thing of cereal that you Wanted to buy at the grocery store you Think it’s like a sign the world’s out To get you this is all your story And your mind skewing the world to prove All of the stuff you keep repeating And the only way to get a handle on it Is to start acting the opposite like High five yourself even though you don’t Feel like it interrupt the crap that you Keep saying put your hands on your heart And settle your body down All of these things are things that Somebody does when they care about Themselves When they think they deserve to be Treated with yes when they think they Deserve support [Music] And when they realize they need it It does begin with you For Jimmy and I we had never really Envisioned how big this could be Until we launched the business and then A couple weeks later we were like holy Cow this is actually Catching Fire the Mr Beast relationship uh it was a it was A mutual introduction between a friend Of mine joblessgarrett he messaged me Out of the blue one day hey I met this Guy his content is really interesting I Think you should meet I was like okay

Sure send me his channel and the first Video that I watched was Jimmy spinning A fidget spinner for 24 hours and he was Just sitting at a desk and that was kind Of the first video I watched thought it Was incredibly strange the next video I Watched was him counting to a hundred Thousand which was like totally legit 99 9. 100 000. this guy’s crazy I need to meet him Uh just through Twitter DMS and that’s How Jimmy and I met Jimmy and I clicked I think our Obsession for the internet And YouTube just really just really Allowed us to get along and kind of see Each other and I complimented him in an Area that he didn’t necessarily want to Do which was business and operations and He’s just so good at what he does in Terms of video making and being a Marketing genius and so it was really Just a good relationship from the start I I really struggle with just being Patient for certain things to happen Especially in my 20s like I was the type Of person who like thought I was gonna Find success early on and thought it Like 24 years old I would already have This you know successful job or Successful business and it takes time it Takes time to personally grow it takes Time to figure out what you want to do In life what person what type of person You want to become and then like what’s

Important to you and so I’ve had to you Know probably humble myself more than Most people of just like being patient And just kind of like enjoying the Journey in the process is like cliches That sounds like I I’ve found a lot of Joy in the Journey of growing this Company over the last five years that I Really just didn’t think I was gonna Have in my 20s my advice for creators Starting out today is it is the easiest Time to become a content creator right Now and it’s the best time for Discoverability for any content creator Starting out I tell a lot of creators That are just starting out to really Just like focus on short form to start Kind of hone in on your craft on YouTube Shorts Tick Tock now Instagram reels Figure out like what that content is Stay true to yourself make things that You’re truly proud of and this is Something that you know Jimmy tells a Lot of content creators is like your First hundred videos are gonna suck so It’s like once you get to that like 100th video go back and look at the First five and you’re gonna cringe at How bad it was and so you really have to Focus on making each video better than The next this is a long game and if You’re not willing to put in the time And effort like just don’t don’t even Compete because it is hyper competitive

Right now for attention You can go on Tick Tock or YouTube Shorts and make 10 second or 15 second Videos and the organic reach of those is Unmatched currently I mean just look at My Tick Tock which like I’m not a Content creator but I have had multiple Tick tocks get five six seven eight Hundred thousand views just like filming A day in my life or talking about like Here’s the five reasons why Mr Beast is Successful or here’s like three ways That you can become a content creator It’s hard to make a living just making 10 second tick tocks not only is it Incredibly difficult to monetize brands Are just not as willing to sponsor that Type of content as they are long form Videos and so after you figure out those First things that I said now start Figuring out how you create maybe four Or five minute videos into ten minute Videos so you can actually have AdSense And mid-rolls and you can do a 60 second Brand integration like things that are Tried and true and working for a lot of Content creators right now and so Hopefully for the content creators Watching like hopefully that’s helped Full and again like Each each like video you post some of You are not going to be proud of but I Think if you really focus on I need to Make a better video next week and the

Week after like you’re eventually going To get really good at that craft it Might take you years and Preston and Jimmy and typical gamer and a lot of These guys they’re on year 10 12 of Their careers Jimmy’s not on year four Jimmy was creating videos since he was 13 years old it just took him a long Time to figure out like what his style Is and like what he actually wants to Create if you’re not passionate about The stuff you’re creating you’re gonna Get to a point where you just don’t want To make it anymore and I think like I’ve Done a lot of thinking about Creator Burnout and why it happens and I think One reason Creator burnout happens aside From the like they’re doing everything They’re the director the producer the Editor and like they have this creative Fog that starts to happen after they Produce a lot of videos but a lot of Times as well as like they just never Loved the type of content they were Creating May maybe got forced into a Niche because it started doing well and Then they doubled down and then two Years after they were like man I really Do not like this type of content I don’t Want to wake up today and make this type Of content that’s like you have to Really enjoy what you do if you enjoy Playing video games and you can make That entertaining start there you don’t

Have to just go Trend hack and do Something that’s doing well for other People For the first few years it was mostly Jimmy like he had all these ideas on a Whiteboard that he wanted to execute That he had come up with you know over The last like six or 12 months and so Still to this day like he has all these Ideas that he wants to execute and a lot Of them make for massive YouTube videos The issue today is like the videos have Become so complex and so expensive that They take months of planning to actually Film a video like no longer are the days Of like filling my friend’s backyard With a million Orbeez where all you need To do logistically is like get a million Orbeez to North Carolina and actually Put water on them to make them big and Then throw them in your friend’s Backyard like those those videos like Although in 2018 2019 we thought were Very challenging they were very easy to Pull off comparatively to like giving Away a chocolate factory and recreating Squid game and all this other stuff that It’s now come to Um and yeah I mean the videos have just Become so complex and I don’t see the Stopping like they’re just gonna get More offensive and more complex as he Continues to raise the bar I used to think there was a limit like a

Couple years ago when he would post her Like we did this video that’s um It was can 50 000 magnets stop a bullet And so the video content was not great But the concept was amazing it was like 50 000 magnets on a wall can it affect a Bullet or stop a bullet and The video throughout the first like day Did so well I I need to go back and look At the analytics but I think it got like Somewhere in like the 20 million views Within the first 24 hours to that point We had never experienced anything like That the video went on to get 60 million Views over the course of a week which at The time this was like 2019 like him and I’s Minds were just blown at how crazy This video did on YouTube and so I was Worried back then that I’m like where do We go from here like how do you get more Than 60 million views in a seven day Period like that’s never been done on YouTube outside of music videos and so It’s like something that I I worried About a lot early on and now I’m like Less worried about it just because like I know the videos being filmed I know The scale of them like I know like what The next four months look like Um but pretty early on like I had that Worry is like how does this continue Getting bigger but now it’s like after You do squid game and giving away a Chalk Factory and some of the stuff

That’s getting filmed right now I’m like This bar is just going to need to go up I had worked so hard to get an Opportunity at an NFL sports agency for Something that I thought I really wanted You know for multiple years I wanted to Work in an NFL sports agency and so to Finally get that opportunity to get in The door to start to make traction and To work with the people I worked with Was incredibly fulfilling for me at the Time but I started to get this sense That The sports world was a little bit behind Of of where everything was moving Everything was becoming more digitally Focused people were starting to to make Careers on the internet I started to Find Minecraft and Roblox and started to Realize that like 14 15 year old kids Were making their own servers and Monetizing their own servers and selling Cosmetic items and so I started to see That like there was other creators that Were gaining traction and and especially In the video game space and so when I Started night media I really kind of Latched on to a lot of video game Channels Minecraft and Grand Theft Auto Specifically so it was like Typical Gamer no j456 PrestonPlayz or some of The bigger names now that people you Know know like a typical gamer now is 12 Or 13 million subscribers pressing s20

These channels were really small when I Initially found them and so that’s kind Of how I latched myself into this Business is like the dude perfect Relationship and then kind of started Representing video game channels and That’s when night media started in early 2015. and so my brain started to just Kind of wrap its head around like all The things that were going on on the Internet and all the businesses that Were starting to be built on the Internet and so I I got this like sense That I was being left behind and it Started to give me anxiety and I Remember having this anxiety for months On end that I loved what I did at that NFL sports agency and I loved the work And the people I worked with but I just For some reason I felt like there was a Bigger opportunity happening that I Wasn’t a part of and so that’s when I Started doing a lot of This research and I fell into YouTube and I started Watching personality channels for the First time I obviously had watched YouTube how to change a tire how to fix This but personally personality channels You know this was 2013 I still had not Watched personality channels I didn’t Know they existed and so once I found That I kind of just went down the rabbit Hole in a lot of these different Channels and so I I then had to like

Have a conversation with my self of like What what do I want to do with you know The rest of my life do I do I want to be An NFL sports agent which is a grind in Itself and you know we’re recruiting Kids and you know that went to USC and Alabama and Florida State and it’s like You’re constantly traveling and it’s It’s hyper competitive or do I want to Go carve out this little niche for Myself and something that I started to Believe in which was a dude perfect and So It was a hard decision and I think for The most part like I remember having This conversation with my parents and For the life of them they like couldn’t Understand Why I would give up this dream job at a Sports agency to go start really start My own business in Dallas Texas working With YouTube creators because it’s just They couldn’t wrap their heads around Like how is that how is this going to Become a business like people watch Channels on the internet and these Channels make money how do they make Money uh so they couldn’t really wrap Their head around it but I mean I just Ultimately like after thinking about it And after sleeping about like sleeping On the decision for a long time I woke Up one morning and I just was like it’s Time I I fee in my like gut I feel like

This is the right decision and I’ve Always been a person where I like I Trust my gut and I didn’t look back I Packed everything up I moved to Dallas I Started my business which is now night Media uh I don’t regret it for a second But at the time like it was really tough For the first year and a half to two Years when I tell you like people didn’t Understand it like I truly mean it it Was hard to gain any type of traction Within the brand and advertising Agencies because they just they didn’t See the opportunity like I did and I I Was pretty early to the situation or Early to the to the opportunity of brand Sponsorships on YouTube and so I just Kept at it because I love it like I Truly believed in it and I knew I could Make a business out of this but it was One of the hardest decisions I’ve ever Had to make is leaving that you know Sports World of what I thought I wanted To do and trying to like be an Entrepreneur and start my own business If you’re really good at what you do as A manager these relationships are going To last decades right and so if you look At it with a long-term mindset of okay This is a like a 10 20 30 year Relationship you need to really get Along with that person and understand That person and so a lot of the time That Jimmy and I spent together early on

Was just kind of asking each other Questions and getting to know each other And then I started asking questions About like what do you think of this Video what would you have done in this Video and so it was really just Relationship building for him and I at That point I I didn’t like whether I Represented them or not didn’t really Matter it was more like can I get along With this person do we see eye to eye Can we do business together and that’s Kind of how we think about it now to This date like night doesn’t represent 400 people we represent 30 maybe 32 Creators and we have deep relationships With those people because we we take Time to get to know them but we also Understand like this is a long game At some point in life we’re all going to Struggle We’re going to be confronted with Something there’s going to be some Obstacles that we feel that you know we Can’t overcome or when you’re on your Path to success there’s always going to Be those roadblocks here and there it’s Just it’s a part of life and I think That’s what’s so rewarding when we do Achieve what we achieve is because of Those failures because of those Struggles because of those roadblocks Athletes that have achieved an amount of Success I think when their doubt Creeps

In or there’s naysayers or there’s Doubters I think the the best thing that I ever did I ever did obviously I think Was believe in myself that’s first and Foremost Uh those Rogue box can come in different Forms it can be all mental roadblocks it Could be outside criticism it could be Media it could be anything it could be Personal problems it could be family Problems Um I mean anything can trigger you and To try to get you off track those are Struggles I think an athlete again to Get To where you want to be and the process In which it takes to get there you have To be addicted I saw and I listened to what the coach Said and they saw in me which is a lot Of potential and I just wanted to build On that but at the end of the day we’re All going to struggle I struggled but I Didn’t quit and that’s what I encourage A lot of people to do just don’t quit You know it’s not how you start it’s how You finish and so for me that mindset of Just not wanting to quit not wanting to Succumb to the Ebbs and flow of the game And uh you know disappointment having Short-term memory nobody’s perfect You’re going to have those days some Days you’re going to have it some days You you’re not and it’s the great ones

That look beyond that mistake and just Have short-term memory and go to the Next day no go to the next play as if The bad play just didn’t happen that’s Where you have a small percentage of of Great athletes in every sport you have Your average you have your good and you Have your great when you talk about A goat are you talking about the Greatest of all time I may not be Considered the goat in some people’s Eyes but if you look at me and you look At my highlight I definitely fit the Description If I didn’t have the the coaches that Push me Um push me Beyond really kind of I think My own limits or my own expectations I Don’t think that I would have become the Receiver that I became I don’t think I Would have Been this guy that became T.O um Obviously like I said when you talk About uh physically I fit the Description Um of of of an athlete I fit the Description of one of those physically Uh imposing receivers I guess became a Poster child for prototypical receivers That came after me because if you look At the the transition uh of the receiver Position Before me and after me they started to Become bigger faster and stronger you

Think of guys like Calvin Johnson they call it Megatron you Think of uh Julio Jones you know these Are big body uh type of receivers that Possess you know not only just you know The hands and catch radius Um but we think about the speed and the Power of these guys that I think that’s Something that people Marvel at Marvel That as they saw the progression Um each and every year That I played in the National Football League and I think after my third year In the league after I made that the Catch against the Green Bay Packers I Think that instilled a lot of confidence In myself that I could play and I could Play on a big stage it didn’t it didn’t Start out particularly well but that’s Where the cliche you know it’s not how You start it’s how you finish I realized as I started to uh really Score touchdowns and my touchdown Celebrations became a topic of Discussion Um you know I thought it was something Positive but when commentators and Analysts started to uh really really Create this narrative that I was being Selfish or I was taking uh taken away From the team concept or you know making It all about me or becoming selfish Honestly I I didn’t take that very well I didn’t think that that’s what I was

Doing Um and so for me I could have allowed That outside noise or that criticism Manifest and really really deterred me From really doing what I really wanted To do and be productive on the football Field if I would have allowed that to Really eat at me Um and and Not allow myself to be who I was in a Football field then it could have been Disastrous it could have been like Pretty much it could have made or break You know who I was uh as a talent and Could have made a break really my career But I think it all like I said it all Stemmed from you know how I was raised And my grandmother and the things that She taught me Um she basically told you yeah people When you start to become successful They’re gonna people you’re not going to Be 100 liked by everyone and so I didn’t There was so there’s so many layers and So many elements of being a professional Athlete and and being in that sport Um you’re going to be subjected to Criticism you know whether you do good Or bad and people are going to talk About you uh good bad or what have you But you have to be strong uh Strong-willed and I think that’s who and How I was and I think a lot of that like I said stemmed from my the upbringing of

My grandmother Um but at the end of the day I think an Athlete again to get To where you want to be and the process In which it takes to get there you have To be addicted to bettering yourself You literally you have to be you have to Be addicted to bettering yourself and That’s what I became I became addicted To the process of of the success that Stemmed from my off season workouts once I got a personal trainer after my third Year Um it was very different in my Approach And things that I had ever done since High school and college Um but I was receptive to that because I Hired him as as my personal trainer you Know we had that dialogue we sat down And we talked about what I wanted to Accomplish not only just from a football Standpoint Um at that point in time going into my Fourth year but what did I what did I Want to accomplish with my workouts what Did I want to get better at what did I From a physical standpoint How did I want to get better he asked me Um you know assess your body what do you What do you want what do you want to get Out of these workouts and so for me I Was a skinny stronger kid yeah I had I Was yeah 6’3 frame uh coming out of College and at this time you know three

Three years into the league yeah I was Physically imposing but I wasn’t Satisfied at where I was at that point Um in my third year going into my fourth Year yeah I had come off one of the Biggest game made one of the biggest Plays catches Um in my career at that time you know Considered one of the biggest catches I Guess uh Monumental uh type of uh Catches in 49 history after the after The catch you know by by Dwight Clark And my catch was you know kind of pegged I kind of pegged it myself as the catch Two uh considering you know wild card Game Um you know uh really a rivalry over the Years between San Francisco Green Bay Packers Um two Hall of Fame quarterbacks now and Brett Favre Steve Young And so like I Said I played in a very Monumental uh Game where the stakes were high wild Card game the game honestly went down Almost down to the last seconds Um so that’s something again like I said That that catapulted me to be where I am Today [Music] Yeah Foreign

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