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"The Road Not Taken" is a source of inspiration for me, because it encourages me to seize opportunities and chart my own course in life.

TIME TO GRIND! The bigger the dream, the harder the grind. It’s time to go beast mode and work for your dreams. One of the best motivational speeches from motivational speaker Eric Thomas, edited by MotivationHub.

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Eric Thomas


Eric Thomas, Ph.D., is a critically acclaimed author, World-renowned speaker, educator, pastor, and audible.com Audie Awards Finalist. ET, as he is better known, has taken the world by storm, with his creative, common-sense approach to living a successful, satisfying professional and personal life. Through a significant social media presence and regular domestic and international tours, “ET, The Hip Hop Preacher” has become a global phenomenon!

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I need you to do me a huge favor On three beast mode one two three Rich people don't waste time They realize it's their most important Commodity They don't watch a lot of TV they don't Do a lot of entertainment if they're not Working they're studying their crap and Getting better at their craft So I need you to stop having the poverty Mindset so when I quit my job to be an Entrepreneur my mom was like whoa what Are you doing I was like I'm quitting my Mom's like don't you dare quit you're Gonna embarrass me you got a wife and Kids does YouTube have insurance Does YouTube have a 401k and I was like Your mind trying to be funny and I'm Trying to be disrespectful I love you But you can't teach me how to be a Millionaire because you're not You come from the working class and I'm Not mad at you Mom we wouldn't be where We are without you but you told me that Every generation is supposed to get Better So I'll take your values but I won't Take your work at it Because rich people don't work they Think [Music] Poor people go clock in I make this much An honor Rich people go I put them to work and I

Make this much an hour See what happens is you're working for You and your family one they got 40 of You working at one time So they're giving you 20 and they Keeping the 80 off of 15 000 people so What you have to decide is are you going To keep being the 99 are you ready to be A part of the one percent When you want this thing as bad as you Want to breathe That's when you find a way You have an opportunity right now A real Man in the dark when nobody's watching He put me in work A real man when coach ain't even Watching he's studying film on his own Because he's he loves the process Cause real lions like the heart they Love the process just as much as they Love the pride If you will be a champion If you will be a beast you're gonna have To go through something Crisis is not a permanent condition [Music] And crisis is a human description It's just a season this is important On the key to life Is outlasting the season The key to life is outlasting this is if You can stay warm long enough someone Will come In other words the season for you to

Leave the job you are on has come why There's a better one up ahead he got to Prepare you for that so he got to close Out one chapter to open a bigger chapter Get ready for something big big big big God than what you had What will you do with your pain will you Let it break you or will you let it Redefine you Seasons of Crisis everybody say it with Me overcoming seasons of crisis That no one can do it for you but you And even though you face disappointments Even though you will experience some Setbacks it goes with the territory you Must understand that Life has taught me That you will grow through what you go Through Life has taught me For every level there's another devil Life has taught me At the depth of your struggle Will determine the height of your Success What will you do with your pain will you Let it break you or will you let it Redefine you And hear me everybody's got a dream Everybody's got to go everybody wants Something in life but many of you in This room right now your beast mode is Idle your beast mode is not turned on And when you leave this place I'm

Telling you your life is going to go to A whole other level if you can learn to Turn that switch on and keep that switch On I need you to recycle your fan I want You to recycle your pain now many of you When you get this water bottle you might Be thinking this is the first time that This this is the very first time this Particular plastic was formed and we Don't know this this could have come to Me right so you got to do me a huge Favor because what you're going to Discover as you're going towards your Dream that you're going towards your Goal you're going to be there 'll be so many people that haters so Many people that come up against you so Many obstacles so many trials so many Tribulations when people ask you like For real for real E I know you can give Me 20 things that you've done to help Yourself to become successful but E.T I Just need like one or two can you give Me one or two and one of the things I Tell people is I outlasted the pain I Outlasted the pain when I was sleeping In those abandoned buildings I kept Telling myself one day you'll be a Homeowner every time I walked into that Abandoned building I told myself that This might be your current circumstances But this will not be how the story ends All you have to do ET is to survive

Today to survive today when they kick me Out of school I knew that I would not be A high school dropout for the rest of my Life I knew I got to get through this One day Every single day when I woke up in that Abandoned building one day one day is Going to be et's day but that day can't Come if I give up today soon it will be My day and I will recycle my pain When I didn't grow up with my biological Father he wasn't into my in my life Until I was 30 years old but I told Myself today your father is not in your Life but one day My mom and I have gone months and almost Years of not talking to each other but Every single day I kept telling myself One day I have a great relationship with My mom one day [Music] Foreign Will you let it break you or will you Let it redefine I outlasted the pain I outlasted Japan On three beast mode one two three One two three One two three [Music] Foreign [Music]

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