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"The Road Not Taken" is a source of inspiration for me, because it encourages me to seize opportunities and chart my own course in life.

THE MINDSET OF HIGH ACHIEVERS: Eye Opening Advice from Grant Cardone, Alex Hormozi, Elon Musk, Tom and Lisa Bilyeu, Daymond John and Wallstreet Trapper Will Change Your Life! (I’m Speechless!)

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Start studying hey what what are all These successful people have in common You know whether it was the mattress Dealer the car dealer the furniture Dealer or Elon Musk they spend money man You know they spend money they spend a Lot of money And they don’t worry about money the way I was worried about it they use money You know they used it they didn’t save It they didn’t hoard money And the greatest companies on this Planet today the ones that have just Like some of these companies have lost Money for 25 years look at Amazon yeah Reinvest so so when I quit studying Individuals and started studying people Everything shifted for me When I quit trying to be the you know When I quit worrying about what Bob was Doing or Pete or whoever instead of Saying hey man what is this big company Doing because that also relieved me of Being competitive with this guy Pete and Started saying okay I’m gonna go do what Coca-Cola does how much is it like I’m Gonna ask that question whether whether It matters or not Um it doesn’t matter where I get in my Life I don’t think I’m ever going to be Free of how much was that because when I Grew up do you had to know what things Cost money is it’s a terrifying thing Because

It’s the one thing in life that Everybody gets money it’s the one place Where everybody gets it and now what do I do I think certainly uh being focused on Something that you’re confident will Have high value to someone else Natural human tendency is wishful Thinking Um so a challenge for entrepreneurs is To say well what’s the difference Between really believing in your ideals And sticking sticking to them Versus pursuing some unrealistic dream That doesn’t actually have Merit When you have your non-negotiables you Already get the most important things Every day done but now according to Circumstance I get the next most Important thing and I can make decisions Like this because I already know Successful people are about that they Are good decision makers they are hyper Resilient they don’t stop at failure They don’t get in their own way from an Ego perspective they’re looking nakedly At their own inadequacies and they’ve Got enough confidence to get people Going behind them The reason why people think wealthy People are people with money or Sinister Is because that’s what you kind of Taught in the hub like you kind of talk Like the people who really have money

Like they did some Wicked [ __ ] to get it It did some backstabbing cut those [ __ ] To get it and you’ll never get that So it’s a terrifying concept like like Power you know very few of us ever ever Get any kind of influence or power right Once you get it you’re like hey what do I do with this People are afraid of not getting Validated or they’re afraid of judgment That they perceive from other people That exist or don’t exist in their lives A lot of people just underestimate the Amount of effort it takes to go from Good to great and so for whatever reason They have this second voice that Criticizes everything they do that in Reality isn’t even there I would say 99 Of the things that I’ve learned I’ve Learned they’re doing And that’s when it just snapped it just I just said to myself wait a minute I Made this with my own hands I went and Sold this to individuals and nobody was In my way I didn’t have to get a check From my boss nobody told me when or to Come to work or go to work I can’t get Fired from this because of my color Creed or whatever the case is I’m Responsible for what’s happening here And I will either fail because every Decision I make I also succeed because Every decision I make And it’s it’s that is a that is a really

Difficult thing to to tell you can you Tell the difference between those two Things what do people do three things Man Stop trading time for money They make their money work for them And they give as much value to people as They can And so I think people withhold Themselves because we’re not educated About money we don’t know where it comes From we have a lot of misinformation About it our parents terrified us you Know money doesn’t growing trees uh save Your money it’ll save you all these These these things our parents told us Because they were enamored or encumbered With the same kind of liabilities around Money right I don’t know how to get it I Don’t know how to keep it the worst part That we’re all at is I don’t know how to Invest it some people get good at Getting it very few actually fewer People at keeping it my dad died when I Was 10. so he paid all his debt off had Everything paid and and so that’s all I Had right everybody around me was like Get money keep it don’t use it you know But but you should invest but nobody Ever learns that third one and so I Think we’re just a bunch of people Walking around terrified of this Apparency of it’s scarce and it’s not You know it’s not there’s nothing scarce

About it this is what I did for 25 years From 25 to 51 years old spent my most Valuable asset time to get money Terrified terrified every second of Everything that’s that’s really what’s Driven me the whole time was terrible When you don’t know you’re going to be Scared so I’m going out to get money I Won’t I won’t spend any of them because I’m terrified if I can’t I don’t know How to get more I’m worried I can’t keep Getting more So that I get the money and then I’d Rush off and spend my most valuable Asset time again to bring it to the bank Still today man it’s tough for me to buy Blue jeans if they’re not on sale I’m Like this is stupid man like why I’m Just gonna wait right you know so so you Know what I’m saying but it’s really Stupid that I even worry about it right And I’m not saying on the come up I Think you should worry about it right But there needs to be where you can turn That switch off Well I think number one is there’s a Bigger problem with hoarding in this Country than there is with Spenders what We hear is all the Spenders oh my God You know he did this and he’s Overspending but really really you have More of a hoarding issue than you have a Spender issue I think people error more On saving and not knowing how to use

Money so what the advice I would give People is like I would just assume That everything you know about money is Incorrect so that you can actually have A white you can have a clean A clean board to operate from because if You go out right now and try to stack New information financial literacy on Top of you know a toxic Foundation It’s all going to get all That’s why when I tell people don’t go Buy a house everybody freaks out they’re Like that can’t be right that can’t be Right why because that’s what you’ve Been told about a house your whole life Because the banks want you to buy a House Now everybody just heard that’s going to Say I just saw you buy a house in Malibu I can do anything I want now right here Comes the arrogance yeah so but I mean I’m in a position now like if I want to Buy that house in Malibu I can but on The come up buying a house is not what You should do you should one I would Scrape off that you don’t know anything To I would invest everything you can in You it’s tax deductible you never lose It you’re the the person’s personal Appreciation will always be bigger than Any other asset class I love that Bitcoin can’t match it a real estate Can’t match it my personal asset Appreciation will always it is infinite

You know who knows I could be the next Male Oprah or somebody watching could be The next rock or whatever right like That what what is that appreciation Value it’s it’s straight up so the first Thing people should invest money in even Use debt on is their personal Improvement number one invest in Yourself number two I would invest in Your business whatever your business is Or your department your division is the First 30 years of my career I didn’t Have I didn’t own a company but but I Did invest in my department Even though I’ve worked for a company I Had a secretary I didn’t have the Company pay for my secretary I paid for That I wanted her to work for me and so Um invest in yourself you know like Investing yourself didn’t invest in your Business or your departing your skill Set if it’s your company then invests in Your company even down to zero Like I wouldn’t keep I wouldn’t keep Money around I wouldn’t say for a rainy Day I wouldn’t have an emergency account Because you don’t need it you don’t you Need you need what you need is you need Hustle you need other people’s money you Need to go knock on another door make Another contact you don’t need reserves Of money uh so what you need is cash Flow so you by making Investments that’s The third and other things other things

That don’t require my skill set So that would be the third piece of Advice to start investing in real assets That cash flow can appreciate three that Are provide tax shelters and if you look At those three criteria Bitcoin doesn’t Cover it stocks probably don’t cover it Gambling doesn’t that one gold doesn’t Silver dudden real estate real estate Nfts don’t yeah nfts don’t because they Don’t cash flow but the most important Thing is that people need to like you Got you gotta you gotta know that if You’re in you live in America and you’re Having a money problem it is not because You’re stupid and it’s not because You’re lazy Because you have the wrong information If you got a thousand dollars I would Like just keep you know keep investing Yourself until you got another thousand And then invest in yourself you know now You got two thousand invested in you go Go You should start making money faster at Some point you should start like every Time you make an investment in yourself If I put fuel in my car it’s supposed to Take me so what do you do with a Thousand bucks right you know I think You’ve just got to keep investing in you Until like oh now I’m making three Thousand dollars okay boom reinvest all That again

But what we do is we start taking it off The table I think people just need to Get on that that cycle of like okay I’m Gonna keep repeating this activity I’m Going to reinvest the money in myself go To the workshop or whatever Monday I got To be hustling again until okay now I Got four thousand dollars okay now I got Five thousand now the income’s starting To pick up income has to pick up in the Income should be an indication that Whatever you’re learning is helping you That’s interesting People are afraid of not getting Validated or they’re afraid of judgment That they perceive from other people That exist or don’t exist in their lives A lot of people just underestimate the Amount of effort it takes to go from Good to great and so for whatever reason They have this second voice that Criticizes everything they do that in Reality isn’t even there I would say 99 Of the things that I have learned I’ve Learned through doing most people had a Graveyard of failures before they had Their actual first success with 20 hours Of focused effort most people can be Pretty decent at something but most People spend years waiting to do the First hour I think the things that were Withheld from us are the things that Usually we seek the most competitors Don’t put you out of business but you

Obsessing over competitors does the idea That my future self would trade all the Money he had to be poured in 20 again Made me really re-analyze how I saw Living life in the moment how many Successful guys have daddy issues so Many yeah and so it’s like okay well I Didn’t get his respect so I’m gonna have To compensate with my circumstances with My environment so that everyone respects Me and some people do that through fear Some people do that for violence some People do that through success it really Just depends what vehicle you choose I Feel like the Deep need is the same I Think a lot of my definitions have been Defined by my actions I am the person Who has done these things and I will do Things that will get me closer to the Things that I want to achieve a lot of My definition of self has always been Based on evidence I think it was harder For me in the beginning because I didn’t Have evidence to support what I hope to Be true about myself which at the time Wasn’t if I can just decrease the action Threshold for people to begin and be Okay with the fact that they’re going to Suck and it is okay to suck you should Expect to suck and it would be Unreasonable for you to be good good if You haven’t done it before and so it’s Like are you asking the universe to be Unreasonable for you by expecting to be

Good on your first try and so I think That if we can shift the time Horizon That we think in then we gain more Leverage over our time which we then Know we will compound into money because I think if you can Master the time you Match the money What did you learn about the habits of The rich I haven’t learned much about the habits Of the bridge at all to be very candid With you I think that maybe there are Some beliefs that because like my dad Was a doctor I wouldn’t say he was like You know ultra wealthy but like we lived In upper middle class you know lifestyle But in terms of like wealth as I think You and I would probably understand it I Didn’t know anything about that and I Don’t think I’ve ever really studied it Very much I would say that my heroes now Like I started studying wealth after I Became wealthy so like what did you Learn about it afterwards and what do Wealthy people do that you think poor People don’t do they pick higher Leverage opportunities in a sentence so Like poor Rich Dad Poor Dad like Poor Dad says get a job Poor Dad says get a Higher paying job and and the thing is There’s so many innate beliefs that seem Commonplace like well of course you know What I mean like well of course you know And you know you buy some real estate

And you know it’ll appreciate over time Of course you invest in some stocks like Yeah of course poor dads just don’t say That and so you have to like learn that I think and I didn’t so I’m grateful in That I didn’t have to learn that because I heard that just was of course yeah Once you have some money like of course You don’t spend your whole income of Course you don’t and so there’s a lot of Of course you don’t that I think I I Inherited just by being in like a saving Father but there’s also some upper Middle class people who don’t save Anything but I think my dad did a lot of I think he helped a lot with like money Hygiene had a lot of really good money Hygiene from my dad the big the big Breakthrough that I had for me was when I stopped focusing on and this is going To sound backwards but when I started my Gyms I was all about building the Business right and when I built the Biggest companies that I’ve had and now Recently sold and now we have our Portfolio it was about how do we make The most money And I know that sounds completely Backwards but the only way that you can Make the most money is to provide an Exceptional valued service and charge a Ton of money for it and because I Optimized around making money I I Started going through four low Capital

Expense businesses because I had lost Everything after that five-year stint And so I was like never again am I going To reinvest every dollar from the Business back into the business because I’ve lost it before so when I started The the next business and every business I’ve had thereafter like we take Dividends every month and we do that Because you don’t wait till there’s an Accident 10 years later I mean put all Your money in I’d love to do both yeah Yeah why not both sure right and so that Was they get dividend and get a bigger Course yeah but not just put money in And wait and get no money back 100 and The thing is is and this was a fallacy I Had because people always talk about Like reinvesting in their business but I Realized that that just meant that they Weren’t making profit and so and so the Vast majority of businesses even the Software world is somewhat shifting in This Um but they want to see profit and then Even better is if you have net free cash Flow which is just a fancy word for the Amount of money that you can take out Every month after making Necessary Investments in the business and so I Wanted to have businesses that pumped Cash flow because I lost it all before If people were able to not ask for 12 Months and just serve and don’t be wrong

I’m all about making money like by all Means go get your bag but I think that What it does is it ends up freeing you To then make your real impact because Then you can start the whatever the next Thing and hopefully your first thing is That thing but realistically it probably Isn’t and all you have to do is look at Every entrepreneur that’s really wealthy The amount of graveyard businesses they Have in their back right right and so Like right now if you’re listening and You’re like I’m not sure if this is the Perfect business idea let me just save You the time it’s not because look at Every other person who has been Ultra Successful they have 10 failed business Ideas so just like just start so you can Just start notching off the Bad Businesses right but extending the time Horizon I think only happens if you do Shift the intention through which you’re Building it or you’re just unbelievably Self-disciplined but I think it’s easier To just like start at it with the right Heart because uh small tangent but I Think it’ll be worth it is that the Reason that most people aren’t Successful in my opinion is that they Sacrifice Global benefit for local Benefit and that happens in all areas of Life you eat the piece of cake because You have an acute local benefit versus The global benefit of a six-pack that

Lasts for a very long time or Better Health Etc the three things that I think Were in common of the ultra successful Were uh inflated sense of self As in they thought that they like they Deserved big things they wanted to go Out for big things inferiority never Being good enough and impulse control Those are the three factors of the most Successful like when they did a common Factors analysis like these people think They believe that they can achieve all This amazing stuff and then it it’s just It’s an amazing Paradox because at the Same time they think they’re not good Enough and they are insecure about Whether they they can achieve it and They have impulse control and they just They and they stay focused on the thing And I’d say the biggest breakthroughs That I’ve had I think that will create a Lot of the wealth that we will have in The future is is really a deep Understanding of how long long is and Shooting with the intention of like I’m Only bringing this up because my YouTube Guy said it he’s like I’ve never had Somebody who actually started that I was Like we’ll see what we do in five years I was like We’ll measure that and he was Like no one has literally ever said that To me I was like as long as I see Progress I’m good because everyone wants Results in like two months yeah yeah

Like if we’re making if we’re going this Way I’m cool I don’t need to say like That’s good enough for most people if if They could extend the time rise because Like I’ll give you another hack you can Know how wealthy someone is based on the Time Horizons they speak in so if Someone’s talking about how they’re Trying to make you know make money this Today hey let me hold 20 for today You know how you know how poor they are Huh I have to say poor like you know how Poor yeah right if someone’s talking About what they’re gonna make this week Or this month Or this quarter or this year or this Decade Think about how different the people are Who are talking in those time Horizons And so I think that if we can shift the Time Horizon that we think in then we Gain more leverage over our time which We then know we will compound into money Because I think if you can Master the Time you match the money if somebody is Starting from scratch what are the Traits skill sets that they should be Cultivating in order to up the odds of Their success they should focus on one Thing in general rather than lots of Different things that you’re not sure About because if you’re starting out Everything looks like an opportunity so The correct answer is all of them are

Opportunities but all of them won’t work Unless you pick one right so you have to Say no to all the other Mistresses so Boom you pick one and then from there I Always say six figures is sell something To someone that’s it and if you want More detail sell something to someone so It’s one Avatar one product one channel So you don’t have to figure out how do I Create 20 pieces of content across it’s Like Just pick one channel one media Source Whether it’s Facebook Instagram YouTube You know whatever Twitter consistently Start going on that whether that’s cold Outbound whether that’s content whether It’s running paid ads whether it’s Affiliates Word of Mouth whatever it is Um start reaching out to people there to Start selling your stuff and so I use Something that I call the rule 100 which Is 100 primary actions whether that’s 100 minutes of of content creation per Day 100 reach outs per day uh 100 of AD Spend per day uh like you have to pick One of them but 100 per day and you do That for 100 days and I promise you’ll Have you’ll be making six figures if you Do that people are afraid of Val you Know not getting validated or they’re Afraid of judgment that they perceive From other people that exist or don’t Exist in their lives and so for whatever Reason they have this second voice that

Criticizes everything they do that in Reality isn’t even there Um but it’s constantly present it’s like The antithesis of whatever the god Figure is but just the negative voice And so I think that’s the thing that Stops most people from doing the stuff They know they need to do because if you Think about like whether it’s want to Get in shape or I want to have a better Marriage or I want to make more money Most people on some level at a basic Level they know what to do and my proof Point of like even making money right Most of us have had a bill that came up That was unexpected a tax bill a car Breaks down a health thing whatever it Is and we find a way and so when it’s For someone else People are will use the actual Resourcefulness that they have to make The money but for whatever reason they Won’t use that same resourcefulness to Make it for themselves and so I think That most people know if they want to Work out uh sorry to get in shape or to Lose weight whatever they know they need To eat fewer donuts and move more in General but they don’t right because They’re afraid of getting started or They don’t have the discipline to keep Going which is they can’t make the Short-term sacrifice for the long-term Achievement so big picture it’s like

There’s usually some fear that’s Preventing from doing it and then how it Looks from a behavioral standpoint is They do not make the short-term Sacrifice of discomfort for the Long-term achievement The tenacity it takes to face your Inadequacies and continue to try try That’s where we’ve succeeded Thing with excuses is sometimes the But it doesn’t serve you it doesn’t Serve your goal so are you going to let It sit with you are you going to find a Way around it to me there’s only one Definition of success and it’s entirely Neurochemical based so the goal is Fulfillment that’s it period end of Story and the reason it’s powerful is You understand that the quality of your Life is determined by the quality of Your neurochemistry literally everything You do in life is about manipulating Your neurochemistry people are watching This show because they’re hoping that we Say something that manipulates their Neurochemistry you’re going to put music Under this it’s going to manipulate Their neurochemistry you’re going to cut It in a way that manipulates the Neurochemistry they’re going to do drugs Eat fall in love have sex all of it is About manipulating their neurochemistry I started to realize oh Legacy wasn’t Having kids like actually having kids

Legacy to me was creating impact that When you’re gone you have touched their Lives you can become anything you want To become but you’re going to have to Pay a heavy price to get there so the Question is what is it that you want to Do most of you aren’t going to know the Answer to that so you’re going to go Explore as Kevin Kelly says don’t Prematurely optimize go experiment go Try things just like Lisa was saying go Play around go enjoy yourself figure out What it is you like nothing is ever Going to be self-evident you’re never Going to come across something like this Is what I meant to do with the rest of My life you were going to find something That gives you more energy than it takes When you find something that when you do It you’re like oh this is fun and you’re Actually energized by it then you’re Going to go down the path of actually Gaining skills in that the more you Engage with that if that continues to be More fun now it will become a Fascination once something becomes a Fascination now we’re going to really Figure out if we can serve other people With that set of skills if you can You’ve got a hope of turning that into a Passion there’s a saying called brain Plasticity your brain actually changes No matter how old you are your brain Changes and I was like okay well if

That’s true then if I put time and Energy into something my brain will Change I’ll get better at it and that Will improve my skills and then another Obsession of mine is to get people to Understand Skills have utility you don’t read a Book to get an A on the test you don’t Read a book to check something off a List you read a book to learn something That lets you do something in the real World that other people can’t do Elon Musk has a great quote you’re paid In direct proportion to the difficulty Of the problems you solve So you’re learning something so you can Solve problems hard problems that other People can’t solve and so once you Understand oh this is mechanical my Brain is designed a certain way there’s A certain path that I have to walk to Gain skills and then skills let me do Something other people can’t do and by Doing things other people can’t do I’m Able to serve myself and the group That’s fulfillment fulfillment’s the Point it is so mechanistic it’s all just Deadly simple and when I’m giving honest Answers I’m always looping around this Is how the human mind works and every Time every time I say something Controversial it’s always about biology [Music] I’m just like okay like if you want to

Fight it fight it you’re gonna die tired And I will Propel myself forward because I’m not judging what is true I don’t Deal with the world the way that I wish It were I deal with the world the way That it is what I’m good at and what We’re good at together is not being Right all the time it’s Basically learning from your mistakes so The physics of progress is you come up With a hypothesis that should be as Informed as possible you figure out a Way to turn that into something you can Actually do so you’re going to run a Test then you actually run that test and Then this is where most people fall down You have to lower your Psychological defenses to stare nakedly At the results and oftentimes that’s Going to be you didn’t do something well You didn’t think through this right you Made a mistake somewhere and then if You’re willing to do that and you learn From that then you can re-inform your Hypothesis make it a little bit better Run that whole system again and once you Get in that Loop then you can really Make progress the key to me being driven Is identifying what my passion is and my Mission is so if I don’t have a passion And Mission then I don’t have a drive When we started empathy it really was to Make change so Quest was the answer to Helping people in our Lives who were

Struggling with weight and impact theory Was the answer to people in our Lives Who were struggling with a poor mindset And someone like my mum Quest was already a billion dollar Company and my mom was still morbidly Obese and I was trying because I care About her so much I just want her to Live for a long time I don’t care about You know what she looks like she’s like Mommy I want you to eat healthiest you Can be around for a long time and I try To you know give a free Quest Bars I Offered to pay for Trainers for her and Every time I would say you know Mom like What can I do how can I help she just Said I’m too old I can’t I can’t use the Way I’m too old and over time we Realized the power of the Mind the quest Was amazing for people that were going Into the gym picking up a quest bar or Like thinking oh I want to eat something Healthy today but it wasn’t meant Nothing to the people that felt Depressed had anxiety or didn’t believe In themselves enough to even go after Picking up a healthy protein bar like my Mum so for me it really was the mindset Was the big key and then over time as we Started talking about mindset and Building a studio because that was our Background we really started to realize That to create actual impact like actual Impact we need to go after the younger

Kids because the age of imprint is Between 11 and 15. that’s the period Where they’re most susceptible to the Messaging and so if we really want to do No BS what is actually going to take to Make Global change on people’s mindset You’ve got to get them young so we Basically sat down and said what does That look like what type of Studio do we Build and then for me my personal thing Has just been leaning more and more into Young girls if I could wake up every Single freaking day and fight for that 14 year old girl that was me that didn’t Believe in herself that felt ugly that Was teased that was made fun of for my Loves I will fight for that 14 year old Girl so that if I can touch her then and Let her know and have her help help her To believe she she could become anything She wants if she sets her mind to it and Works hard then I feel like my job is Done but it has to be to me on a global Scale at that age Um that’s how you really make real Change so every day I wake up for that 14 year old Lisa passion is about Acquiring enough skills at something That other people care about and you you Have to care about it first and foremost But if you care about it and other People care about it now you get into That reciprocal relationship Where and it could be playing the guitar

It could be playing video games right Think about somebody that’s just an Absolute god-tier gamer and other people Will show up at a stadium to watch them Play they’ll sit on Twitch for hours Watching them play so you’re doing Something that brings joy to other People but they had to get freakishly Good at that they had to spend a lot of Time improving their skill sets they Worked hard to gain a set of skills that Allows them to serve not only themselves But other people that is the name of the Game the problem is people are expecting Something to be self-evident they are Told a lie that they’re born with a Purpose you’re not born with a purpose You’re going to decide that this passion This thing that you’ve worked your ass Off to get good at that allows you to Serve not only yourself but other people That’s now your purpose so when I was a Quest my purpose was making sure that People had food that they could choose Based on taste and it happened to be Good for them at impact Theory the goal Is to give people a growth mindset at Scale through story so I’m just doing Entertaining things but it’s designed to Help them get that right mindset that is My purpose that wasn’t my purpose when I Was 12 or 20 or even 30 so you’re going To decide and then you’re going to do Things to reinforce that in your own

Mind the most successful people in the World are the people that can Self-soothe so can you avoid being Triggered if you’re being triggered and You look outward and you’re angry at the Person that triggered you that’s Weakness you are manifesting weakness And you have to go oh Someone has triggered me that means I Have an insecurity around this saying I Need to address my insecurity and then That’s going to put you in a far more Powerful position to move forward so the People that are successful they can Self-soothe they can stay emotionally Calm in the midst of a storm when Everybody else is panicking they’re only Looking at Solutions and that’s the Other thing about the no [ __ ] what Would it take game the whole point is to Switch you out of problem mode into Solution mode most people can only see These are the 152 ways that this could Go wrong and we started doing that to Say no matter how outrageous there is a Way to pull this off so what would need To be true for this to work stop telling Me all the things that aren’t going to Work tell me the thing that is going to Work and once you get to that okay well If we did x y z it would work okay now Are we willing to do that yes or no and If we’re not is there another thing that We are willing to do but at least now

We’re operating from a position of that Would work and successful people are About that they are good decision makers They are hyper resilient they don’t stop At failure they don’t get in their own Way from an ego perspective they’re Looking nakedly at their own Inadequacies and they’ve got enough Confidence to get people going behind Them it is this weird thing of dude I Fear that I’m too dumb to do the things That I want to do in my life I never Know if I’m right and I go all out every [ __ ] time and I’m just trying to make It happen and so I have the courage of Conviction to say I know about myself I Will keep going until I figure this out Not that I already understand everything That I have the courage to figure this Out and then I will go through and I Will weather that storm people are Intoxicated by that certainty where I’m Like hey get behind me I will get us Through this I’m not telling you I Already understand everything but I am Telling you I will not stop fighting Until we get to the other side dude the Way that people will Pile in behind you When you do that I have the chills now Because I know how people respond to That So if you can manage your emotions if You’ve got the courage to fight through That storm if you’re not easy to knock

Off your pedestal and you’re humble Enough to know that you’re almost Certainly making mistakes so that you Know when to correct course That’s the recipe Legacy to me was creating impact that When you’re gone someone will you have Touched their lives and To be able to meet a woman that maybe Has read my book radical confidence Or has said that they’ve seen a piece of My content and I’ve taken them from Believing that they were maybe worthless Or had no value or they didn’t believe In themselves and something they heard Me say shifted their mindset enough that They believed in themselves after that And they still have to do the work and Things like that but being able to make That shift Um is such an incredible gift I think Like gift for me that I’m able to see Other people shift their lives it’s Amazing and so again I can wake up every Day thinking of that 14 year old girl That maybe is teased or bullied and Thinks that she’s no good and yet it’s Something that I do makes her believe in Herself That just makes my heart sing and then Eventually I think Um ideally it’s for someone to say they Have radical confidence but they don’t Realize it even came from me that I’ve

Impacted culture and the way we think About ourselves and the way we think About confidence so much that radical Confidence has now become a blueprint For all I want to say women but of Course for everybody to the point where They don’t even realize it stemmed from Me because it’s such ingrained in how They think When you know who you’re fighting for Like you can picture them they’re real People to you and you know that the the Gap between them continuing to suffer And having a tremendous life is a set of Ideas and you just have to get clever Enough into how you get those ideas Across It’s very very easy to get obsessed this Is I am obsessed I’m not it’s literally I’m not even thinking clearly I I have One Vice and that Vice is stress And I Endure stress in the name of Getting those ideas across I’m already Rich so what would be the point of doing All this it obviously isn’t for money Um and the part of the business that has Made us quote unquote micro famous it’s Like we could scale back to just that But we don’t so because I think that the Stuff that’s made us micro famous Affects the two percent So everybody listen to this you’re in The two percent the 98 are never coming To this channel so those people like

Today I said to Lisa the last few days My blood pressure has been so high keep Getting headaches and I’m like you Better have when that happens and you go Why am I doing this you better be Compelled to your core by the reason My Rockets you know especially hard Everything has to work the first time You can’t do a recall you can’t patch it It’s got It’s like nine minutes to orbit Or it’s over do you want to see the car This is this is one of the great Questions in physics and philosophy is Where are the aliens maybe they’re Among Us I don’t know uh some people think I’m An alien thank you for anyone who’s Bought our flamethrower You will not be sorry or maybe you will Never prove it Doing this is to just give a hardcore Smackdown to gasoline cars they think That technology just automatically Improves it only improves if a lot of People work very hard to make it better Oh My God That’s unreal [Applause] Founder CEO business Giant and Tech Mobile Elon Musk is considered one of The most influential people on the Planet his story is weird with epic Failures [Music]

In massive triumphs As well as plenty of hard work and Dedication I think certainly being Focused on something that you’re Confident will have high value to Someone else Natural human tendency is wishful Thinking Um so a challenge for entrepreneurs is To say well what’s the difference Between really believing new ideals and Sticking sticking to them Versus pursuing some unrealistic dream That doesn’t actually have Merit and It’s it’s that is a that is a really Difficult thing to to tell you can you Tell the difference between those two Things right so you need to be sort of Very rigorous in your self self analysis I think certainly extremely tenacious uh And Um and then just work like hell I mean You just have to put in You know 80 hour 80 to 100 hour weeks Every week so all those things improve The odds of success if other people are Putting in 40 hour work weeks and you’re Putting in 100 hour work weeks then even If Uh you’re doing the same thing you you Will achieve In four months what it takes them a year To achieve Elon musk’s long-term Thinking keeps him on the Leading Edge

Of Technology he knows that the Challenges he sets for himself and his Companies are daunting and will take Decades to achieve regardless of the Doubters and against the odds he Confidently pushes forward whether it’s Electric cars space exploration Mars Colonization or the advancements in AI It’s clear that his focus on the future Of humanity is what continues to drive Him each and every day I really want to Make sure that there is a good future For Humanity Um And that we’re on a path to Understanding the nature of the universe The meaning of life why are we here how Do we get here And in order to understand the nature of The universe and all these fundamental Questions We must expand the scope and scale of Consciousness all right Certainly it must not diminish or go out We we certainly won’t understand this so I would say I’m motivated by curiosity More than anything Um and uh just a desire to think about The future and Not be sad you know and um And and are you are you not sad I’m sometimes sad I I mostly I’m I’m I Mean I’m feeling I guess Relatively optimistic about the Future

These days There are certainly Um some big risks that Humanity faces I Think that the population collapse is a Really big deal that I wish more people Would We think about Because the birth rate is far below us What’s needed to sustain civilization as Car at its current level And You know there’s obviously a And we need to take action on climate Sustainability which is is being done And we need to secure the future of Consciousness by being a multi-pennent Species We need to address the essentially it’s Important to take whatever actions we Can think of to address the existential Risks that affect the the future of Consciousness there’s a there’s a whole Generation coming through who seem Really sad about the future what would You say To them well I think if you want the Future to be good you must make it so Take action To make it good and it will be When it comes to creating a business Elon makes a point in saying to create Something that will help solve a problem Following his own advice Elon has helped Found and create businesses that have

Had a major and positive impact on Humanity he is continually looking to Help solve problems that we Face daily It goes back to when I was in university I thought about what what are the Problems that are most likely to affect The future of the world or future of Humanity I think it’s extremely Important that we have sustainable Transport and sustainable energy Production that sort of overall Sustainable energy problem is the Biggest problem that we have to solve This Century independent environmental Concerns in fact even if producing CO2 Is good for the environment given that It’s we’re going to run out of Hydrocarbons we need to find some Sustainable means of operating given his Impressive track record for success and Pushing the limits it’s unsurprising That Elon continues to inspire people Across Generations in his mind it’s Important to be useful both to other People but also the world However he acknowledges that it can be Extremely difficult to be useful Here is his advice for those looking to Create a positive impact in the world And the thinking framework he uses to Tackle Humanity’s biggest challenges Millions of people look up to you what Advice would you give to them about If they want to try to do something big

In this world they want to really have a Big positive impact what advice would You give them about their career maybe About life in general Try to be useful you do things that are Useful to your fellow human beings to The world it’s very hard to be useful Very hard You know are you contributing more than You Consume try to have a positive net Contribution to society I think that’s The thing to aim for you know not not to Try to be sort of a leader for just for The sake of being a leader or whatever A Lot of times the people you want as Leaders are are the people who don’t Want to be leaders If you live a useful life That is a good life A life with Having lived I would encourage people to Use the mental tools of physics and Apply them broadly in life there are the Best tools I mean like a lot of things I Learned in college actually were pretty Helpful I mean I think the physics Approach to thinking is very good like The first principles approach playing The first principles approach to Thinking Um is I think a good way to figure out a Counter-intuitive situations I do think there’s a good a good

Framework for thinking is physics you Know the sort of first principles Reasoning but generally I think they’re Um what I mean by that is boil things Down to the their fundamental truths and Reason up from there as opposed to Reasoning by analogy through most of our Life we we get through life by reasoning By analogy which essentially means kind Of coughing what other people do with Slight variations and you have to do That otherwise it’s it’s mentally you Wouldn’t be able to get through the day Um but when you when you want to do Something new you you have to you have To apply the the physics approach good Physics is really sort of figured out How to discover new things that are Counter-intuitive like quantum mechanics It’s really counterintuitive So I think I think that’s an important Thing to do and then also Um to really pay attention to negative Feedback and solicit it particularly From friends Um this may sound like sort of simple Advice but it’s hardly anyone does that And it’s incredibly helpful Wealthy people do three things man they Stop trading time for money They make their money work for them and They give as much value to people as They can The reason why people think wealthy

People are people with money or Sinister Is because that’s what you kind of Taught in the hub like you kind of Taught like The people who really have money like They did some Wicked [ __ ] to get it they Did some backstabbing cut those [ __ ] to Get it and you’ll never get that other People with money they all Crooks Because being at the bottom teaches you To envy people at the top One of the things that happens often in The culture of black people is survival Mode you never get a chance to play Offense you’re always on defense One because of mindset Because you don’t see it again the dope Dealer and the rapper everybody who’s Working is struggling and so you never Want to be that it’s a good business is Just like a good Hustler a good business Has a great product They have great clientele a great Hustler has a great product he has Consistent clients of I understand that Uh knowledge is what gives us leverage In life not about how strong you are It’s about what you can learn and then How can you actively apply that I Have This Acronym called fear finally exiting Average reality right and what happens Is until we can overcome the fear some People actually fear success Success comes with a lot right but until

You can overcome that average reality That you live in no matter what you’re On once you become comfortable there it Becomes average anyone can live in Average everyone can live in mediocrity Right then there’s those outlines Who consistently push themselves to go To the next level and the thing about The human mind and the human body it Will go as far as you push it As long as you believe in it like you Said the only belief that matters is What do you believe you can do I Personally believe that there is nothing I cannot do and for me it’s all about Impact purpose fulfillment like the Money is a byproduct of everything else That isn’t my focus my focus is I have a Knowledge and information that I know That can change lies not just one life Not just like lives And so the way that you change lives is By consistently learning finding new Ways to put that information out there Being able to open up being able to be Vulnerable because people need to Connect people connect to knowledge in The way that they can see two things That help people imagery and vocabulary What they see and what they hear right So most people won’t connect to a Certain knowledge because the people who Speak it don’t relate until can’t speak The knowledge in the way that they can

Eat it so for me it’s always about how Do I attain as much it’s always a Challenge for me how can I attain as Much knowledge as I can because I love Learning but then how do I take that and Be able to not reciprocate if I give it To somebody who may not understand Calculus or trigonometry but if I can Give it to them in this way they can say Oh yeah I got it and there’s more people That struggled in the world that has Become successful so struggle has to Become a language that I’m I struggle so That’s a language I’m great at so if I Can break down things into a struggle Language now I make it the game winnable For everybody and that’s the goal to Make the game winnable for everybody Who’s bold enough To step into the batting cage if you Bold enough to do it there’s an Experience that comes from that and that Experience is so exhilarating it will Take you to the next level because now You keep chasing the next level of you And that is when you start understanding Life at a whole nother concept when you Start understanding that yo for the Longest I was just low level living I Was low level thinking Now that I’ve been exposed to something And I say this often Whatever you haven’t been exposed to Isn’t your fault

Once you get exposed to it you now are Accountable for it And so once I’ve become exposed to so Much knowledge and information once I Expose you to it you accountable because Now you can no longer say I didn’t know So like just coming up in the streets You only see the game from the lowest Level And you look at everybody else in part Admiration and part like jealousy Because you see it and you’re like damn I will never get there Right and so the only way that I think I Can get that is through Sports A hustling That’s it that’s the only a wrapping Those are the only three options that You have and so you you make a decision On which way you want to go Right and so you look at it from like Damn and so me I’m at the time like I Can’t rap damn [ __ ] when I can’t play Sports so hustling is what I got you Limit yourself and nobody comes along And teaches you anything different The reason why you give people so much Value is because if you give them so Much value they’ll never leave you They’ll always be for the definitely and You will never need for anything as long As you get wealthy value to people And so I learned that as I got older That part really didn’t make sense to me

At the time but the money working for You part and I was like what the how do You making money work for you again all I know is how to go get money That’s all I know So later on in that he says wealthy People do three things so that’s me We’re gonna sell for about 45 days so All of his conversations now that you Said is never was black or white every Conversation with him about money and Transition was always wealthy people do It was always it wasn’t white people do It wasn’t black people it was always Wealthy people who do this right wealthy People do this and I was like damn and Now that you said that this now makes Sense to me again so he says wealthy People First they get into stocks then they Start a business and then they get real Estate so if when people ask me how do I Get into stocks is because I follow that Rule or like first let me if you say Real estate business I would have did I’d have been the real estate But you said stocks first and I was like Damn and so I just my my rest of my time In prison I wanted to be that I wanted to be a Part of that wealthy conversation Explain that basic idea of ownership for People that might not quite put it Together that stocks really are owning

That company so I actually got that term From Warren Buffett owning a stock That’s like is owning a percentage of a Great business And so once I understood that concept I Understood that the key to wealth is Through ownership Like that’s what that’s that was one of The things that made it click because I Studied the wealthy people like I Studied them yeah um and I was like damn When you study Reginald white one of the First black man to make a billion Dollars on Wall Street it was about he Wanted it to have ownership so I said The key to Building Wealth is not how Much you can work You can’t work your way to wealth you Got to invest your leader in all wealthy People black white asian Chinese they Own a whole bunch of [ __ ] the people who Aren’t wealthy is because they don’t own Nothing You only have your money sitting in cash If your money is just sitting in cash Realistically you’re becoming poorer Every day right or they own depreciating Assets and that’s what cash is it’s a Depreciating asset because the more Money they print the more money that Money loses value so if it’s just Sitting it’s the reason why the bank Wants you to have your money there so They can take it and use it and invest

It so much and be like hey assistant I’m Gonna give you 50 cents on whatever you Add in it and so the idea of ownership Was you know we can just start owning Everything that we no matter if it’s Just a stop Like that’s powerful because if you can Start owning the businesses that you now Consume every day you turn a one-time Transaction to a lifetime of profit and That was Major for me because if I go to A store and buy a pair of Nikes That’s a one-time transaction in order For me to get something from them again I got to come back and buy another pair Of Nikes but if I own the Nike stock Long as I’ve owned it it’s a profitable Um vehicle for me so that one-time Transaction can become a lifetime of Profit if I own that business if I’m Gonna buy Apple if I know I’m an Apple User if I know I got the phone I got the Airpods I got the MacBook I got the PC I Got excited when Apple’s about to drop Something why wouldn’t I own it as much Of it as I can and so now instead of me Getting excited about Apple lime being Around the corner because it’s a new Phone I’m like yo y’all want to make me Some money and another great thing about The stock market is For me it now makes me pay attention to The world and so now I understand what’s Going on in the world I started learning

Business Cycles Market Cycles you know I’m like because now I can understand yo This is okay things are going out of Business okay we’re in this cycle okay People are hiring okay we’re an Expansion cycle and so now I started to Take I took an economic class on my own Without just understanding the world and So you start understanding when Something is happening in China okay Something happening in China so I own Apple apple is has 20 percent of Revenue In China okay they might take a little Hit right now you know what I’m saying So the stock market helped me start Understanding how the world moves the Fundamentals [Music]

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