Shasparay – My Bonnet

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"The Road Not Taken" is a source of inspiration for me, because it encourages me to seize opportunities and chart my own course in life.

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Shasparay, performing at the 2022 Womxn of the World Poetry Slam in Baltimore, MD.

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Hey my sweet babies Baltimore's own comedy sensation and Actress monique takes to instagram and Says that sisters have lost pride in Themselves Seeing black women at the airports in Head wraps and bonnets trigger this post And now to bonnets or nuts upon it that Is the question this just in people are Offended we wear bonnets in public like My 11 p.m run to walmart will set the Entire race back you say my bonnie Ghetto ratchet but baseball cap and hat Is okay maybe they just need a little Rebranding if kim k wore them they would Be all white i mean all right because Only when white women because only when White women hides them from our heads Will they be high fashion black hair is So political we need laws to protect our Right to style of my hair it's too much Fascinating distracting why police the Ways i choose to cover it up my bonnet Is a protective style against Anti-blackness so i wear it everywhere That's how i keep your hands out my hair A tinge catch me at the gas station or School when i tell you anyone can get This bonnet head ass anyone can get this Bonnet head ass yes i wear my bonnet to The airports to keep tsa out my crochet That is my only security i'm not afraid To be seen like this i saw online people Teasing the relationship coach derek

Jackson's wife for wearing a bonnet on Camera said maybe if she would have Stayed done up he wouldn't have laid Down with another woman and cheated on Her Listen If you can't throw it back with a bonnet On it isn't love if you won't take this Black girl realness i don't want it sis Wear your bonnet proudly rock that Chef's hat that cradle cap see it as Your satin halo never be afraid to Protect your crown if locks can and have Stopped bullets what is bonnet but an Extra layer of protection a head shield Against a world that has tried to use Our own hair to hang us monique you say Queens don't rock around wearing bonnets But do you know your history before the Louisiana purchase in 1803 the tid Non-laws forced creole black women to Cover their hair but that they thought That that would keep the white men from Finding us attractive coil the mulatto Class and give white women less Competition but them creole girls say Fly by adorning jewelry and feathers to The head wraps they were forced to put On look how we take oppression and make It fashion this is my heritage this is My inheritance soap Put some respect on the bonnets Or mind your business stop telling black People how we should or shouldn't exist

And if you can't well then off with your edges [Applause]

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