Sean Patrick Mulroy: Reflecting on Anne Sexton while Waiting for a Rape Kit in the ER

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Title: Reflecting on Anne Sexton while Waiting for a Rape Kit in the ER: A Thought-Provoking Encounter with Sean Patrick Mulroy

In the realm of poetry, the works of Anne Sexton have long captivated readers with their unflinching honesty and raw vulnerability. It is in these depths of emotion and self-reflection that we find ourselves truly connecting with her words. However, it is not uncommon for art to intersect with reality, forcing us to confront the harsh realities of life head-on. Such is the case when we stumble upon the story of Sean Patrick Mulroy, who, amidst an unthinkable tragedy, found solace and strength in the words of Anne Sexton.

Join us on this poignant journey as we delve into Sean Patrick Mulroy’s courageous encounter with adversity and the profound impact it had on his search for healing and understanding. Through exploring the depths of Sexton’s poignant poetry and the underlying themes of trauma and resilience, we will unravel the captivating story of a man who, while waiting for a rape kit in the ER, found solace in the embrace of art.

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In the realm of poetry, there are artists who not only create beautiful verses but also use their platform to shed light on pressing social issues. One such artist is Sean Patrick Mulroy, a talented poet who recently performed in New York City. Mulroy’s thought-provoking poem titled “Reflecting on Anne Sexton while Waiting for a Rape Kit in the ER” captivated audiences and provided a vivid portrayal of the complexities surrounding consent, sexual assault, and societal attitudes towards victims. This article will delve into Mulroy’s performance, explore the themes addressed in the poem, and reflect on the powerful impact of his work.

Sean Patrick Mulroy performing in NYC

On a captivating evening in New York City, Sean Patrick Mulroy took to the stage to share his powerful poem. The audience, brimming with anticipation, was drawn to Mulroy’s unique ability to capture the essence of human experiences through his words. With his captivating delivery and poignant storytelling, Mulroy artfully wove emotion and raw vulnerability into the fabric of his performance, leaving a lasting impact on all those present.

Button Poetry showcases the power and diversity of voices in the poetry community

The venue that hosted Mulroy’s performance was Button Poetry, an influential platform dedicated to showcasing the power and diversity of voices in the poetry community. Through their events, online channels, and publications, Button Poetry provides a space for poets like Mulroy to express their thoughts, challenge societal norms, and foster a deeper understanding of the human experience. Mulroy’s inclusion in their lineup is a testament to his talent and the poetic prowess he brings to his craft.

This poem contains lines from Anne Sexton’s poem titled “Reading an Sexton while waiting for a Rape Kit in the ER Urgent Care ward of fluorescent Suffocation dingy yellow Beacon calling The unfortunates of Boston to their Bandages a crisis Hive while balanced Here Queens sometimes meet raging at the Straight world and its pumped up Moon”

At the heart of Mulroy’s performance stood his poem, “Reflecting on Anne Sexton while Waiting for a Rape Kit in the ER.” This powerful piece contained lines from the renowned poet Anne Sexton’s work, further emphasizing the weight and significance of the topic at hand. By incorporating Sexton’s words, Mulroy pays homage to her legacy while shining a light on the stark reality of sexual assault and the long-lasting impact it has on its survivors.

The poem addresses issues of consent and sexual assault

Mulroy’s poem delves deeply into the issues of consent and sexual assault, providing a poignant exploration of these subjects. Through vivid imagery and heartfelt words, he navigates the complexities of these experiences, allowing his audience to gain a deeper understanding of the challenges faced by survivors. Mulroy’s ability to tackle such sensitive topics with grace and empathy empowers individuals to confront the uncomfortable reality of sexual assault and work towards creating a more compassionate and just society.

The speaker reflects on their own privilege and experiences

Within the poem, the speaker takes a moment to reflect on their own privilege and experiences. This introspection adds an additional layer of complexity to the narrative, forcing the audience to confront their own biases and assumptions. By acknowledging their privilege, the speaker highlights the importance of empathy and understanding when discussing issues of sexual assault. This profound act of introspection encourages listeners to engage in self-reflection and work towards dismantling systems that perpetuate inequality.

The poem explores the complexities of desire and vulnerability

Mulroy’s poem delves into the complexities of desire and vulnerability, capturing the nuances of these emotions through his evocative language. By juxtaposing the rawness of desire with the innate vulnerability experienced by survivors of sexual assault, Mulroy sheds light on the inherent contradictions and challenges within relationships. This exploration serves as a reminder that vulnerability should always be met with respect, consent, and empathy.

The speaker discusses their experience with healthcare professionals and law enforcement

Throughout Mulroy’s poem, the speaker candidly shares their experiences with healthcare professionals and law enforcement following a sexual assault. This perspective provides insight into the challenges faced by survivors when seeking support within the legal and medical systems. By exposing the flaws and shortcomings of these institutions, Mulroy prompts the audience to critically examine the existing structures and advocate for meaningful changes that prioritize survivors’ well-being and justice.

The poem delves into societal attitudes towards sexual assault and victim-blaming

Perhaps one of the most impactful elements of Mulroy’s poem is its exploration of societal attitudes towards sexual assault and victim-blaming. Through his words, the speaker challenges the harmful narratives that often surface in conversations surrounding these issues. Mulroy confronts the deeply ingrained victim-blaming culture and highlights the need for a shift in societal perspectives to ensure survivors are heard, supported, and believed.


Sean Patrick Mulroy’s performance in New York City left an indelible mark on those in attendance. Through his powerful poem, “Reflecting on Anne Sexton while Waiting for a Rape Kit in the ER,” Mulroy fearlessly tackled the complex and deeply personal issue of sexual assault. His words resonated with the audience, compelling them to confront their own biases, challenge societal norms, and work towards creating a more inclusive and empathetic world. Mulroy’s ability to blend vulnerability, authenticity, and empathy into his art solidifies his place as an influential voice within the poetry community.


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