Sadiyah Bashir – Muslim Fingerprints on Thomas Jefferson’s Quran

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Sadiyah Bashir, performing at the 2022 Womxn of the World Poetry Slam in Baltimore, MD.

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News headline reads Muslim congresswoman sworn in on thomas Jefferson's quran Non-black muslims say Thomas jefferson hanukkah and Say What a beautiful America we live in Me A black muslim woman says when you swear An oath use your right hand when you Hold the quran Use your right hand before i had a Country or a flag i had a hand you know Hands make countries and hands make Flags and hands separate a mothers from Their child and order the work that Separates bone from muscle you know you Can't make a religion with your hands No matter how hard they try to grip Gospel into grimace sell slavery as Salvation it ain't ever surprised me how The devil can see god when we can't i Have my great grandmother's hands who Has her grandmother's hands who bound Our family's history and bibles their Slave masters gave them so the pages Could fill the mercy of angels again Women raped by masters to give birth to Children with hands who do not look like Theirs who learn to write by tracing the Trauma on their father's backs We wrote the lord's prayer in arabic as The first rebellion we found east on

Every plantation as the second we know Calling these devils by their first Names will not make us forget our last You know not turner was a preacher Any man His gun and amen when they killed him They ate his body like communion like Breaking back instead of breaking bread And we died these deaths again and again That's why a black man's story moses is The most told in the quran and god gonna Repeat it like i said what i said and Thomas jefferson gonna read it and it's Gonna go over his head Our favorite thing about the fire is the Smoke how it raises to god like hands And praise dance like hands saying oh Low Ekbud and prayer So we burn the plantation down and That's why we don't trust the devil he Was made of a fire with no smoke all the Disaster without any the warning and When the children ask How do you get rid of a quran we will Tell them Let it on fire Give it a holy light and when they ask How do you get rid of a slave master we Will tell him You burn that in hell For eternity [Applause]

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