Sabrina Benaim Unveils Her Journey of Sharing My Depression with My Mother #Shorts

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Discover the inspiring journey of Sabrina Benaim as she fearlessly opens up about her struggles with depression and the profound impact it has had on her relationship with her mother. In this gripping blog post, we delve into Sabrina’s courageous decision to share her innermost feelings, painting a vivid picture of the emotional roller coaster she embarked on. Join us as we navigate the complexities of mental health through the lens of a powerful storyteller, shedding light on the transformative power of vulnerability and the indomitable bond between a mother and daughter.


In the world of spoken word poetry, Button Poetry stands as a prominent platform that showcases diverse voices within the poetry community. Through their compelling performances and thought-provoking compositions, they aim to broaden poetry’s audience and cultural appreciation for this unique art form. One such poet who has garnered widespread acclaim for her raw and deeply emotional performances is Sabrina Benaim. In her powerful piece, “Sharing My Depression with My Mother,” Benaim takes her audience on a journey through the intricate landscape of mental health struggles.

Understanding the Shape-Shifter: Depression

Depression, often described as a shape-shifter, has the ability to transform and morph into various forms. It casts a dark shadow over every aspect of one’s life, making it difficult to distinguish reality from the distorted lens of melancholy. Through her poetry, Benaim eloquently captures the essence of this shape-shifting phenomenon. She skillfully articulates how depression can consume every inch of a person’s being, leaving them feeling hollow and detached from the world around them.

The Visiting Cousin: Anxiety

Accompanying depression in Benaim’s poetic journey is anxiety, described as a visiting cousin. Anxiety manifests itself in a different manner, causing restlessness, unease, and incessant worry. Benaim vividly illustrates how anxiety can feel like a constant companion, always lurking just around the corner. It tightens its grip on her thoughts, making it hard for her to break free and find solace in the present moment.

Trapped Within Four Walls: The Speaker’s Experience

Benaim’s poem brilliantly captures the feeling of being trapped within the confines of her own house and mind due to the overwhelming presence of anxiety and depression. The speaker yearns for escape, longing to break free from the invisible chains that bind her. However, the weight of her emotions renders her unable to confront the emptiness that engulfs her. Instead, she seeks solace in the ephemeral relief of sleep, using it as a temporary escape from the emotional turmoil that plagues her.

The Inescapable Tug of Depression

Despite her attempts to elude the clutches of depression, Benaim poignantly reveals the futility of her efforts. Depression always finds a way to pull her back, relentlessly dragging her back to bed, both physically and metaphorically. This struggle is deeply rooted within her, and she finds herself entangled in a perpetual battle against the persistent forces of darkness.

Exploring Emotion Through Poetry

Through her powerful spoken word poetry, Benaim provides a poignant and vulnerable exploration of her emotional struggle. Her words serve as a cathartic outlet, enabling her to express the indescribable weight of depression and anxiety that resides within her. Sharing the depths of her experience enables others to empathize and connect with her journey, fostering a sense of understanding and solidarity among her audience.

FAQs about Sabrina Benaim and Her Poetry

  1. Q: Who is Sabrina Benaim?
    A: Sabrina Benaim is a well-known poet and performer in the spoken word poetry community.

  2. Q: What is the focus of Sabrina Benaim’s spoken word piece, “Sharing My Depression with My Mother”?
    A: The focus of the piece is on Benaim’s personal journey of opening up about her struggles with depression to her mother.

  3. Q: How does Sabrina Benaim convey the complex emotions associated with depression and anxiety in her poetry?
    A: Benaim uses poetic language, vivid imagery, and powerful performance to convey the nuances of depression and anxiety.

  4. Q: Why is Button Poetry significant in the world of spoken word poetry?
    A: Button Poetry serves as a platform that amplifies diverse voices and aims to broaden the audience for poetry.

  5. Q: What impact does Sabrina Benaim’s poetry have on her audience?
    A: Benaim’s poetry evokes strong emotions and fosters a sense of empathy and understanding among her audience, allowing them to connect with her experiences.

In conclusion, Sabrina Benaim’s heartfelt poem, “Sharing My Depression with My Mother,” serves as a powerful testament to the intricate journey of mental health struggles. Her ability to capture the raw emotions associated with depression and anxiety through spoken word poetry enables her audience to better understand the invisible battles fought by many. Through her vulnerability and eloquence, Benaim sheds light on the importance of open communication and fostering a compassionate understanding of mental health.

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