Sabrina Benaim – There’s No Way to Say I’m Sorry if You Aren’t

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"The Road Not Taken" is a source of inspiration for me, because it encourages me to seize opportunities and chart my own course in life.

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Sabrina Benaim, performing at The Amsterdam in Saint Paul, MN.

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The night before we arrived in San Francisco which is so far my favorite Night of our three-week trip we are Somewhere on the coast at a Holiday Inn Our room is standard two beds a TV a Mini-fridge we are each sprawled atop Our own bed on the covers you have a Conference call with the office in China For work on our vacation So an acceptable consolation we are Staying in for the night an acceptable Consolation you toss me a 20 to raid the Vending machine and while I stock up on Chocolate bars I think to myself you Know maybe this isn’t so bad While waiting for your call to come in We catch a marathon of the Golden Girls And gently into the evening like two Kettles of boiling water we are laughing At all of the same parts its tomorrow And we are in San Francisco finally After a day of being holed up in your Car we’re sitting at a patio table at Fisherman’s Wharf sea salt breeze I keep Licking my lips we have a whole crab on The table You played Grim Reaper and picked him Out on the way to our seats I’m also tipsy from splitting a bottle Of white wine with you of course this is Like very cool of you to do split a Bottle of wine with me I’m two months Shy of my 21st birthday and I don’t Realize dinner with you now is much much

Easier than it will be in the future Looking back that trip was one of our Better ones if not the best I bought my Leather jacket on that trip it’s been my Main choice in weather protection for The past nine years it’s so weird how a Jacket can be more reliable than a Father thank you Yeah

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