Rudy Francisco – I want to write a poem

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"The Road Not Taken" is a source of inspiration for me, because it encourages me to seize opportunities and chart my own course in life.

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Rudy Francisco, performing at Queen Bee’s Art and Cultural Center in San Diego, CA.

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I want to write a poem But I wanted to say what you are Thinking I want to patch up the holes When your boat starts sinking I want to Write that one of a kind poem that free Your mind poem that I like how you made That rhyme poem that I like that last Line poem that can I hear that one more Time that is if you don't mind A poem I want to write that that she's Kind of fine poem that that I wish she Was mine poem that I want to ask out but I'm on my last dime Poem that that what should I do please God Give Me A Sign poem I want to write That that's so heartfelt I think I know On poem that this is so amazing I gotta Go find all my friends so I can show Them Poem I want to write about everything that I've ever wanted to be I want to write a Poem so beautiful that my parents might Actually start to agree I want to write About you about me about us about Everything from cars and trains to Riding the bus betrayal and Trust Mistakes and heartaches I want to talk About when I first learned to drive and I was so scared to let my foot off for The break so I want to talk about Battles about wars about victories and Losses about ethnic cleansing genocide And Loans penetrated by burning crosses

And burnt down churches I want to write Two poems for everyone who's ever been Told they were worthless on my metaphors And similes depart oceans rivers and Seas I want to write love poems so sweet That the ink on the paper attracts Honeybees uh I want to speak the Unspoken I want to fix everything in the World that's broken I want to be the one That performs the Heimlich maneuver as Soon as our society starts choking I Want my words of inspiration to inspire Somebody else to be inspirational I want The motivation in my voice to motivate Somebody else to be motivational I want My phrases to be published documented And quoted on people to recite my work 10 years from now and have critics say That was cool but it wasn't nearly as Good as he first wrote it you see I want Husbands to thank my poems for the heart That they stole and I know this is is Just some Shameless attempt to Immortalize my soul but honestly I don't Want to be forgotten Yeah I don't need Fortune I really don't Need Fame I just want people to know What I stood for and why I came I Refused to die I'm your occupant of the Earth a John Doe another faceless man Out there with no name I refuse to be Just another man I want to walk for centuries and leave My footprints in the sand for the world

To see it I want to be cremated into Ashes of Rhymes and poetry I'm just Feeling like one day they're gonna love Me See I I don't share my emotions too Often but poetry will allow me to die With my heart on my sleeve They never saw me come in But I'll make sure they grieve When I leave Thank you [Applause]

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