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"The Road Not Taken" is a source of inspiration for me, because it encourages me to seize opportunities and chart my own course in life.

Robert Greene, New York Times Best Selling Author of The 48 Laws of Power, shares life changing advice on strategy, power and seduction.
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“Powerful people impress and intimidate by saying less. The more you say, the more likely you are to say something foolish.”
– Robert Greene

We had the opportunity to interviewNew York Times best selling author Robert Greene. In the interview we asked him questions to understand people’s drives and motivations, and how power and strategy can help you seize your destiny and take control of your life.

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Robert Greene

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Humans are fascinated with what we Repress and so by hitting that nerve That little thing that we we don't Really want to talk about but we're Secretly fascinated by I think that's What kind of led to the success of the Book but I've always been fascinated by The Dark Side of human nature People generally bring to anything in Life their own psychology their own Mindset but for most people most people In this world are naive most people Don't understand the 48 Laws of Power They don't understand that you want to Talk less to appear more powerful and That naivete is what gets you into a lot Of trouble in life I was one of those People who was a bit naive and didn't Understand this kind of secret language That people in power have but I don't Want to I don't want to be in the Position which a lot of people make a Mistake of in life of constantly Repeating the same success of formula I've always followed the laws of power Which has changed things up interaction With boldness don't be afraid to do Things differently adapt your strategy To the circumstance so every book Represents a new challenge to me a new Subject it's never too late it's better To start earlier on in life I mean I Wrote a book Mastery that deals with That subject the earlier you figure it

Out the better off you are but it can Happen later in life now I figured out At an early age that I wanted to write I Didn't know what I wanted to write but I Loved Words and I loved writing and if I Didn't have that connection when I was Eight years old all the way into high School and college I would have been a Lost soul and I empathize with a lot of People who don't have that feeling when They're 8 or 18 or in their 20s but I'm Trying to tell people everybody has it You're just not listening to yourself You've lost touch with who you are the Core of your being you're on social Media too much you're listening to what Other people are telling you you listen To what your parents told you you should Be doing in life listen to what your Friends think is cool you're listening To what the culture is all about you Know the entertainment industry Etc you Got to cut all that out you got to Listen to yourself What Makes You Different is your strength is your Source of power you've lost touch with It let's go back and try and find it That's the whole problem here how do you Find it well it's a process We all come from the same Origins We can trace it back they've done it Genetically to like one woman the source Of homo sapiens like hundreds of Thousands of years ago were all Cut From

The Same Cloth no matter our culture no Matter our gender no matter any our Period in history we all have the same Genetic components we are all developed Went through the same evolutionary Process the same brains wired in the Same way so if some people are deep what I call Deep narcissists no doubt and They're they're toxic and they're Difficult But if one if some people have that how Is it that other people don't have any Of it that's not possible there must be Something within all of us that would Make us all prone to becoming deep Narcissists but some people it trigger It makes them fall into that deepness Others were able to save ourselves right But if aggression is something that's Built into human nature and I try and go Through it the the whole history of it Right so you're wanting to exclude Yourself so I mean I could i i people Have posted comments on YouTube about my Ranting about narcissism they they go Well Robert you're a snake oil salesman That's absolutely ridiculous I'm not a Narcissist you know 0.50.05 percent of people are known to Be narcissists I can bet you that the person saying That is a narcissist right because the Fact that you want to deny that you have This quality it's a sign is a sure sign

That you have it that you're in denial You're trying to shine a great light on Yourself look I'm superior I'm the one person in the World on this planet that doesn't have It man you're a narcissist right that is A sure sign of it so stop denying it Loss of human nature should be a painful Book to read it was a painful book to Write because it throws a mirror on Yourself it makes you come to terms with Some of your own nooks and crannies that You don't want to look into right you Don't want to come to terms with the Fact that you feel Envy But Envy is the most common human Emotion of them all there's a deep History of it I go into it in the book Our hunter-gathering ancestors Chimpanzees are prone to feeling Envy You feel it 50 times during the day Particularly on social media you're just Denying it If you deny all of these qualities how Can you ever change yourself You think that you're a Gandhi but how Can you be be a Gandhi if you won't like Look at yourself and change yourself Right the only way you can become good Or or kind of overcome some of these Qualities is by looking at it seeing the Reality and then confronting it and then Trying to change it what's your advice For young people

Well don't be too hard on yourself and Be patient it's a kind of a mix that you Have to go through a bit of a dance So on the one hand You want to be serious about life life Doesn't go on forever your youth will be Over in 10 12 years you better believe It it goes faster than you can imagine So take it seriously you want to realize What your life's task is you want to Develop those skills that will make it So when you're in your 30s things will Come together as they fortunately did For me it's a common story that 3132 is Is that year where things turn around For people but on the other hand you Don't want to be so damn serious so Damned linear in your thinking I've got To head down this path to make this Amount of money Etc you're young have Some fun have some Adventure have some Excitement but at the same time also Have that sense of discipline and that Sense of purpose You can do both things at the same time Now the circumstances now it's easy for Me a boomer I have to admit that to Preach to you when you have to gone Through like two you've gone through a Pandemic that made what looks like to be A recession there and then if you're a Millennial you went through another you Went through the crash in 08 it's easy For me to preach you're dealing with

Really difficult circumstances and There's what they call what the great Resignation now is that it right so a Lot of people are rethinking their lives They don't want to work And crap jobs just to get by and I Applaud that a hundred percent right That's great so you want to think about Working for yourself is the ultimate Position in this world and even though Times are difficult even though it may Seem like just a dream there's so much Potential out there for entrepreneurial Spirit for creating your own startup for Creating your own podcast for going your Own path in life you don't have to Follow other people it's not like it was When I was growing up There were things that were better back Then but they're things that were a lot Worse right you have so many more Options it's just that you're not going To reach them you're not going to be Happy in this short time that you have To be alive unless you take it seriously Unless you learn skills and develop go Through an apprenticeship in your 20s Etc So if you can balance those two and Still have some fun and adventure and Excitement just don't listen to your Parents go I got to be making a hundred Thousand dollars when I'm 23 and go to Law school and do all this stuff you're

Gonna burn out So kind of understand your I guess the Main thing I would say is know who you Are know what what you're what you're You know deep down your core what you Love what you hate and what you were Destined to create in this world that's Like the most important process you can Go through you have to be patient it's Not going to come like a light bulb in Your head ah I was meant to do this I Was meant to write the 48 Laws of Power That's not how it works it takes time to Do anything in life takes time and hours And patience and work I recommend Starting a journal and such and writing Down some of the things that I think are Important to you so I like to tell People to go back to their earliest Childhood memories of things that really Excited them before they got mixed up With parents and teachers and all that Other people telling them stuff you know Like for me it was words and language it Just was entranced by the sound of Language itself right it's like music to Me I was a bit old I have to say for it Writing my first book and having this Career change I was basically in my late 30s you know so I had a lot of bad Experiences I had a lot of tough things That I had gone through so that kind of Informed me and it kind of went funneled Into this book it was sort of a a mix of

Circumstance and good luck and I was Able to draw upon everything that I had Learned in all of my skills in life so Sometimes you hit upon something Feels right you know like working in Hollywood I was never comfortable it Didn't feel right I'm I'm kind of an Entrepreneur at heart I like working for Myself I don't like working for other People I like to control what I do some Of that's a bit negative whatever but Writing this book I could control Everything I was the master of my own Domain I didn't have people breathing Down my neck changing everything that I Did I was able to write about what I Love a subject that interests me I was Able to bring all my interest in history I'm basically a failed novelist so I'm Able to now narrate stories in my own Way Etc it was like a perfect fit and so Going from that I decided to kind of Continue in that vein you know but I Don't wanna I don't want to be in the Position which a lot of people make a Mistake of in life of constantly Repeating the same success of formula so A lot of writers who have a successful Book they then kind of read part two They redo the same idea and they kind of Recycle things because they figure I Don't want to disappoint my audience I Have to continue you know pleasing them They were pleased with the first one

I've always followed the laws of power Which has changed things up interaction With boldness don't be afraid to do Things differently adapt your strategy To the circumstance so every book Represents a new challenge to me a new Subject whether it's seduction or Warrant strategy or mastering a field or Human nature kind of thing and so it Represents a challenge but it also Represents I get to use the kind of Format that I've created that fits me so Perfectly if you are somebody who's word Oriented and you end up going into a Field that's about math or about numbers During for a lot of pain in life right So you've got to figure that kind of What I call Primal connection to some Kind of field you have to look at the Things that you love and the things that You hate right so early on entering the Work world I figured out that I don't like working For other people I hate to say it some Of it maybe maybe I'm anti-social in my Car I don't know I hope not But I don't like working for other People I don't like all the politics all The crap you have to put up with I Realized early on I just got to be Working for myself right so what you Don't like is very instructive to you You're looking at things that are very Powerful inside of you that are

Emotional they're not intellectual They're feelings their emotions they're Visceral things that you connect to I Know it doesn't come easy it's a process And you have to be patient but you have To put in the work the process of Looking inward is absolutely essential But you cannot disconnect yourself from Your teachers your mentors your Colleagues you could have all the skill In the world and know your life's task Brilliantly but if you continually Alienate people by your boorish Behavior By your insensitivity all the skill Level in the world will be completely Neutralized by your own mistakes You know I was I was frustrated I was Depressed because I knew deep down that I could do something I was I was different from other people I had different experiences you know and I knew that there was something I needed To express it was a purpose to the how My life had unfolded but I couldn't find It I tried everything I had every tried Every form of writing every possible Endeavor you can imagine it just didn't Click so I was very deeply frustrated And the frustration I tell people A good thing Negative emotions are trying to teach You something they're trying to teach You the opposite something else is going On frustration if I was simply what

Would be worse than frustration would be To spare giving up no hope but Frustration is a sign that you haven't Given up You know you can do something but you Haven't figured it out so when you have Those kind of feelings look at them and There's something positive in that the Most Elemental law of human nature is That we deny that we have it it's always The other people I oh I'm not a Narcissist I'm not aggressive oh I don't Have a dark side no I'm I'm not Irrational no no none of those things Right so we want to deny it but it's so Insanely irrational [Music] Thank you [Music] Foreign

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