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"The Road Not Taken" is a source of inspiration for me, because it encourages me to seize opportunities and chart my own course in life.

Dr. Mark Hyman & Bryan Johnson explain how to reverse aging by reversing disease, easing pain and living younger longer that will revolutionize how we approach aging.

“We can now have animals live 1/3 longer and if we apply that to humans we can live until at least 120. The extraordinary ability we have to unlock the keys to disease reversal and aging backward is scientific fact.”

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The crepitude decline Frailty disease Disability loss of cognitive function And those are abnormal things that Happen they don't have to happen It's possible to be very vibrant if we Know how to take care of ourselves and What we've done in our culture is Activate all of our disease systems is The ability to slow the rate of aging And then reversing aging that has Occurred possible now it's just hiding In tens of thousands of scientific Publications and a lot of really hard Work what we see as aging today is Something that it gives us an impression That it's bad to get older because You're going to become disabled decrepit Dysfunctional frail well we now have a Society where six and ten of us had Chronic disease where four and ten have More than one where if you're over 65 You know 80 percent have have a chronic Disease with our understanding of the Human Genome of systems biology of the Body as a biological Network as a system It's like an ecosystem where everything Is connected working together and so the Way we organize medicine is according to These organs if you can measure every Organ of the body and let the organs Speak about what it wants to be in an Ideal state Reference gold standard scientific Evidence and then create a protocol and

Then have perfect adherence you create a System where the body can maintain Itself in an optimal State we may be Able to even create something called Longevity escape velocity meaning we can Escape death by advancing science that Will keep us living longer and longer Each year we're alive I do think that it Is pushing the boundaries of what we Thought is possible and we know an Animal model we've been able to extend Life by a third right so if we if we do Certain interventions we can take Animals and make them over longer which Means for humans you'd live to be 120. As this new form of intelligence emerges In the world what does that mean for us And in contemplating this it might be Wise for us to ask what should we aspire To as a species when I was in medical School I studied a book called the Pathologic basis of disease but we now Know that we have an innate healing System how do we get ourselves pointed In the right direction and so blueprint It may seem about health and wellness And diet and food is really not it's my Best guess at the ideal way for all of Us to prepare ourselves To walk into this future We can get biologically younger as we Get chronologically older and Studies Have found even in eight weeks with a High intensity dietary interventions

Some lifestyle stuff you can reverse Biological agent eight weeks by three Years this is really new because we Really only started measuring the Epigenetic ages through a biological Clock over the last couple of years so Now we have a metric to determine Interventions and how they work on Affecting your biological age so it's Measured by by taking a blood sample and Looking at the epigenome which is Basically means above your genes your Genes are fixed you've got 20 000 genes They're like the keyboard on a piano but The epigenous like the piano player Player can play jazz Rock classical Mozart you know reggae whatever that all On the same piano so that's the Epigenome is the piano player and what Determines which songs get played in Your Song Book of Life Is Everything Washing over your jeans throughout your Life your thoughts your relationships What you eat your exercising sleep how You handle stress your microbiome Literally every everything is washing Over the jeans constantly and regulating The epigenome so by living a healthy Lifestyle by doing some of the things We're going to talk about around how do We sort of hack longevity We can actually improve the expression Of our epigenome and reverse our Biological clock and then there's these

Horrible things that happen called Zombie cells zombie cells are called Senescent cells senescence means aging So basically these cells are supposed to Die but they don't die and they just Continue to spew out inflammatory Chemicals and produce inflammation and That's another one of the Hallmarks of Aging is inflammaging everything that Happens as you get older connects to Inflammation so inflammation is kind of The disease of aging and then and then We have mitochondrial changes Mitochondria are the energy factories in Your cells or in your muscle they're in Every organ every cell and our Mitochondria poop out but those are Things we can regenerate repair renew Recreate we can build through like the Protein and exercise and various Supplements and Foods all help Rejuvenate mitochondria and the last one Is the microbiome but as we age our Microbiome degrades we get what we call Dysbiosis imbalances in our gut bacteria And those gut bacteria become toxic and Inflammatory so part of the diet you Have to have is to take care of your Inner Garden we need pre and Probiotic Foods and polyphenols so Prebiotic foods Are things like you know asparagus Artichokes drusome artichokes jicama Plantains these are foods that feed the Good bacteria

And then there's Probiotic foods Sauerkraut kimchi miso tempeh there's Ancient foods that have been around Forever that are fermented foods that Are prebiotics and then and then there's Polyphenols and there are certain Compounds in plants that your gut Bacteria love so you're not only eating For yourself you're eating for the Trillions of microbes that almost Outnumber your cells in your gut and Those microbes when they're bad cause Inflammation and disease and diabetes And cancer and everything else but when They're good they regulate inflammation They help you stay healthy it's super Important to feed them right so you have To learn how to tend your inner Garden The truth is that you've lost a lot of Important species that you need to work With your diet to make good stuff if you Have a migraine we're actually learning That might be related to gut Flora I Mean now we know that you might be Getting cancer because your gut bacteria Well no oncologist is asking you what's Going on in your gut microbiome you need To approach the human system by an organ By organ basis you of course can do Things for system well-being like we Have been doing and so we this first Phase of blueprint has been entirely About getting the basics right to slow The rate of Aging

We just started in the past month at This phase two which is what you said Regeneration And we're doing this on an Oregon by Oregon basis so in the same way we can We've looked at my heart and we've Quantified it from a dozen or so Different age markers and once you have Those age markers you're armed with Going to the literature and saying what Evidence is there in literature that you Can regenerate the heart in these Functions or in this anatomical way And that's how we're approaching the Entirety of regeneration and this is the Open question is can we in fact Reduce the biological age of me and its Entirety starting with organs and so it May be epigenetics it may be the DNA Methylation maybe not so it's really TBD But what we're doing is we have to start With measurement and we have to look at The system because your heart can be 70 Years old and you're chronologically 30. So your organs are at this very wide Range you're not one age you're this Whole you're hundreds of different ages So that's what we're really trying to do Is break it down that's why you need Such robust measurement I know from Experience if you take this to a doctor It's a hard conversation to have with The doctor if somebody's trying to do Something that is not a part of the

System it's hard Which is why I've been sharing this with Everyone is then it creates it gives an Opportunity for a bunch of people to Jump in and start doing things in Different ways But it it's this opportunity For us to rethink the future of our Existence Is a computational fabric Of goal alignment of trillions of Intelligent agents and we are immersed In this tapestry And we're moving in this trajectory we Don't know where But along the system and much like Evolution has done on planet Earth and Produced but it's this system of Interwoven intelligence and we're part Of it that's the beauty of our minds is We have the power over our thoughts Between stimulus and response there's a Pause And in that Pause by the choice and in That choice lies our freedom [Music] Thank you [Music]

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