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If you’re struggling to get a good night’s sleep and feeling overwhelmed with negative thoughts, you’re not alone. Revamping your mindset is essential in catching up on sleep and achieving a positive outlook on life. One way to achieve this is through the power of “I AM” affirmations. In this blog post, we’ll explore how incorporating sleep sounds and empowering affirmations can benefit your overall mental health and wellbeing. Whether you’re battling anxiety, stress, or simply looking to improve your sleep quality, read on for expert tips on transforming your mindset and achieving a more positive outlook.


Sleep is an indispensable part of our life as it provides an opportunity for the mind and body to rejuvenate and refresh. It is said that a person on average spends about a third of their life sleeping. However, many of us wake up from a long sleep feeling exhausted and fatigued as if we didn’t have any sleep at all. This can be attributed to the quality and quantity of the sleep we get. In this article, we will be discussing the importance of affirmations in getting a sound deep sleep that not only refreshes the body but also empowers the mind.

The Power of Affirmations:

Affirmations are positive phrases that get repeated in the mind, bringing about positive changes. This practice is based on the principle that what we think about, we bring about. Using affirmations in our daily routine can help foster a sense of optimism and present a positive outlook towards life. Experts suggest that listening to affirmations while sleeping can programme the subconscious mind to work towards achieving goals, reducing stress and anxiety, and improving overall well-being.

‘I Am’ Affirmations:

The ‘I Am’ affirmations are considered to be the most powerful affirmations as they start with the phrase ‘I Am.’ The phrase is a declaration of what we want to be, do and have. There are different categories of ‘I Am’ affirmations that are targeted towards success, confidence, gratitude, sleep, self-love, and happiness. Listening to these affirmations while sleeping can help the subconscious mind work towards achieving these goals.

Below are some examples of ‘I Am’ affirmations for different categories:


  • I Am Successful in achieving my goals.
  • I Am Abundant in Wealth and Prosperity.
  • I Am a Money Magnet.


  • I Am Grateful for everything in my life.
  • I Am Thankful for the opportunities coming my way.
  • I Am Appreciative of the blessings in my life.


  • I Am Sleeping Peacefully and Deeply.
  • I Am Waking Up Energized and Refreshed.
  • I Am Attracting a Good Night’s Sleep.

‘Affirmations Daily’ YouTube Channel:

To help people access ‘I Am’ affirmations easily, ‘Affirmations Daily’ YouTube Channel is now available. Every day the channel releases new affirmations that are targeted towards different categories. The channel features several expert speakers, including Craig DeSilva, Pete Cohen, and Rayna Decaro. The video footage is recorded or licensed through CC-BY or various stock footage websites. The video is then fully edited and created by the team at MotivationHub.

‘MotivationHub’ Website:

‘MotivationHub’ is a website that offers weekly motivational speeches, affirmations, and videos. The website has been designed to help individuals foster a positive outlook and develop a success-oriented mindset. By subscribing to MotivationHub, people can access regular content dedicated to improving personal growth and well-being.

Affirmations App:

The upcoming ‘Affirmations App’ will allow users to access affirmations without facing the hassle of ads. Users can sign up for the app to get easy access to a variety of affirmations that cater to different needs.


In conclusion, affirmations are a powerful way to bring lasting changes into our lives by reprogramming the subconscious mind. By listening to ‘I Am’ affirmations while sleeping, one can foster a positive mindset and boost overall well-being. The ‘Affirmations Daily’ YouTube channel is an excellent resource to access affirmations; people can also subscribe to ‘MotivationHub’ to access weekly motivational content. With the upcoming Affirmations App, users can now access affirmations without interruptions from ads.


  1. Can affirmations help with anxiety?
    Yes, affirmations can be used to reduce anxiety by creating a new pattern of thought that the subconscious mind will learn to follow.

  2. Will affirmations work for me?
    Affirmations can work for anyone who practices them regularly with a positive attitude and in a present tense.

  3. How long should I listen to affirmations to see results?
    The results of listening to affirmations can vary depending on the person’s mindset and the time they dedicate to listening to them. However, some people have reported significant changes within a few weeks of regular practice.

  4. Can listening to affirmations while sleeping cause any harm?
    No, listening to affirmations is completely safe, and it can promote deep sleep while creating positive changes in the mind.

  5. Should I use earphones when listening to affirmations while sleeping?
    Using earphones while listening to affirmations can help block external noise and promote a peaceful sleep allowing the mind to better absorb the affirmations.

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