RADI – Period

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"The Road Not Taken" is a source of inspiration for me, because it encourages me to seize opportunities and chart my own course in life.

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RADI, performing at the Stonewall International Poetry Slam in Baltimore, MD.

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Sometimes My body is a grenade of rage I lose my ability to be lenient when Faced with a minor inconvenience and the Whole time i'm holding tears inside Because i really want to cry i Am dough full And uncomfortable When i stand when i walk Lay sit near anything and i swear My nipples can feel Everything Whoo This is coming I'm cramping bloated emotion was hell And my attitude is out of pocket I can't stop him she keep coming back Every month for one week unless you Wanted them special hoes Well on flo only stayed for three days And if you wanted these special hoes This part ain't about you i go to sleep In fear have nightmares of waking up on The flag of japan or my flow filling a Tampon and spilling into blood on my Hands i'm praying this pad don't shift From me moving can't leak on the seat of My pants again enough jeans have been Ruined so i must get the wings Always Or the pearl Tampax i need that long purple maxi with The wings on both ends but it gotta be Thin i need chocolate a snickers heating

Pad pain killers hail the way these Cramps hurt i'll even pop a perk Whatever will work and stop my uterus From attacking me for not having a baby And maybe I shouldn't be saying this in here We learn young how menstruation can Frustrate some men how most of them Ain't the type to run red lights like This wet and gushy ain't extra wet and Gushy like i ain't been running round Since last week so put a towel Underneath me and be a shark in these Blessed waters Just don't rip me apart And shame me By saying the spotting and clotting Smells like the rotting of a womb that Holds no son or daughter Do you know how much blood it took to Get you here How many times are you to reshed itself To give you new skin respect that as Woman A miracle don't crucify me like the man In your bibles where he is praised as if My blood ain't thicker than the water he Walked on where we are less than lamb Blasphemy how its blood on the door is a Son that could save a life while my Blood which is a door to life is a sign Of impurity you think i'm dirty for this Crimson cleansing don't you know this Bleeding be needed for the breeding of

Man the gall to make me shameful of it Teach us all that we should keep it Covered like anything that exits our Bodies or grows on our bodies remember Our bodies is forgot you here this Bloodshed will always be positive even If treated as a negative it is the Burden of woman period birth the flesh Of man period does not symbolize the end Period is where it all began period even The power of my poem will continue to Run on unable to be stopped without a pill You

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