Quotes to Inspire Courage (Powerful Narration)

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"The Road Not Taken" is a source of inspiration for me, because it encourages me to seize opportunities and chart my own course in life.

Due to the unrest going on in the world I thought now was the perfect time to put together a video on courage. I looked for quotes from people who have overcome remarkable adversity. Those who have somehow managed to keep it together when all about them was in chaos.

Some stand outs for me are Joan of Arc, a 17 year old French peasant girl who came to lead the French army against an English invasion and won. While she never fought in the battle she was there giving her famous speech to the troops; which gave them the courage to secure victory. Tragically, she was later burned at the stake in 1431 as a heretic, but this was later revoked and she is considered a heroine of France.

Saint Maximilian Kolbe was a Polish priest who was arrested by the gestapo for hiding Jewish people in the second world war. He was eventually sent to the notorious Auschwitz concertation camp. After three prisoners allegedly escaped the camp the guards demanded that 10 other prisoners be starved to death. As the 10 were being called out one remarked, ”My wife! My children!” Maximilian offered to take his place. It is said the priest remained serene and lead the others in prayer. He never complained or asked for anything. He kept his faith even until his last day.

I hope that this video can offer some light in a time of darkness.


Voice-over by Nicky Rebelo
Music licensed through Artlist:
North Divide by Josh Leake
New Land by Ian Post

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[Music] If you men think that i rely on numbers Then all greece is not sufficient For it is but a small fraction of their Numbers But if on men’s valor Then this number will do [Music] He is a man of courage who does not run Away But remains at his post and fights Against the enemy [Music] The weak can never forgive Forgiveness is the attribute Of the Strong you Men of england who have no right to this Kingdom of france The king of heaven orders and notifies You through me Joan the maiden To leave your fortresses and go back to Your own country Or i will produce a clash of arms to be Eternally remembered [Music] I don’t think of all the misery But of the beauty that still remains [Music] I had given up my seat before But this day i was especially tired Tired from my work as a seamstress And tired from the ache in my heart

The spartans do not ask how many are the Enemy But where are they Generally speaking the way of the Warrior is resolute acceptance of death He who has a why to live can bear almost Any how I prayed for 20 years but received no Answer until i prayed with my legs Rise up Warriors take your stand at one Another’s sides Our feet set wide and rooted like oaks In the ground Learn to love death’s ink black shadow As much as you love the light of dawn Here is courage mankind’s finest Possession Here is the noblest prize that a young Man can endeavor to win [Music] Through endurance We conquer The happiest people i have known have Been those who gave themselves no Concern about their own souls But did their uttermost to mitigate the Miseries of others [Music] I stand here before you not as a prophet But as a humble servant of you the People Your tireless and heroic sacrifices have Made it possible for me to be here today

I therefore place the remaining years of My life In your hands Where there’s hope There’s life It fills us with fresh courage and makes Us strong again For jesus christ i am prepared to suffer Still more Love is my religion I could die for it [Music] Men wanted For hazardous journey Small wages Bitter cold long months of complete Darkness Constant danger Safe return doubtful Honor and recognition in case of success I have sworn upon the altar of god Eternal Hostility against every form of tyranny Over the mind of man He who fears being conquered Is sure of defeat Courage is being scared to death And saddling up anyway It is not uncommon for people to spend Their whole life Waiting to start living I can shake off everything as i write My sorrows disappear My courage is reborn

[Music] Death is nothing But to live defeated Is to die every day [Music] The soul that is within me No man can degrade [Music] Never bend your head Always hold it high Look the world straight in the eye [Music] At all times Day by day We have to continue fighting for freedom Of religion Freedom of speech And freedom from want For these are things that must be gained In peace As well as in war [Music] [Music] You

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