QUIT DRINKING ALCOHOL – One of The Most Eye Opening Motivational Videos Ever

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"The Road Not Taken" is a source of inspiration for me, because it encourages me to seize opportunities and chart my own course in life.

Countless people including Jordan Peterson, Dr. Andrew Huberman, Rich Roll, Daniel Radcliffe and Tom Bilyeu explain why you should stop drinking alcohol.

“All alcoholic drinks, including red and white wine, beer, and liquor, are linked with cancer. The more you drink, the higher your cancer risk.”

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– Drinking about 3.5 drinks a day doubles or even triples your risk of developing cancer of the mouth, pharynx, larynx and esophagus.
– Drinking about 3.5 drinks a day increases your risk of developing colorectal cancer and breast cancer by 1.5 times.
– Even moderate alcohol consumption has been linked to an approximate 30 to 50 per cent increased risk of breast cancer.
– The less alcohol you drink, the lower your cancer risk.
*Source: https://bit.ly/Factsonalcohol

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You'll ruin your life somehow some way It is everywhere everywhere it can pass Into all the cells and tissues of your Body it was a very Progressive decline In my aspirations alcohol is no lies in Our society you want to figure out Something that you're doing with your Life that's worth not getting drunk and Screwing up I Drank In Search Of Happiness and in search of a lifestyle That I thought would bring me to Happiness Um it didn't and I woke up one morning Going wow I've drank a lot but I'm still Not happy what's that about I recall in High school the motivational speakers Will come to my school and say don't do Drugs but absent from those talks was Any reference to alcohol alcohol got Introduced to my life Pete you might say Well why do people drink too much it's Like if you like alcohol that's a stupid Question it is ingrained it's the social Glue that sticks everything together and My mom was chiming in with it's way bad You don't want to do it you don't want To end up like that over three million People worldwide will die this year to Alcohol related causes from baby showers Christenings freshers week weddings Parties funerals barbecues celebrations And everything in between that so she's In my ear making it sound really logical To not do it and I'm watching people act

A fool who are doing it we've been Brainwashed into thinking that there are Just two types of drinkers there are Those at Rock Bottom alcohol dependent And there's everybody else happy social Drinkers who are just occasionally a bit Lightweight and can't hold their beer You do stupid things when you're drunk You hurt yourself you compromise your Health it's really hard on the people Around you tend to turn into a liar and It screws up your life yeah it's like Yeah but it's pretty fun yeah well it is But you need something better than that Uh and I burned every bridge that I had Virtually unemployable my options had Been eliminated my life was eviscerated My family didn't want anything to do With me I lost my friendships I had no Way forward in fact the reality is very Different it's a spectrum I would highly Recommend you get off the booze elevator Before it hits rock bottom Uh and I just continued to dig that hole Deeper and deeper and deeper until one Day I had that moment that you hear with People who are in recovery that that Moment of clarity where I realized I Just couldn't live this way any longer My elevator had you know gone down to The bottom floor And uh and the and and I met my paint Threshold you know back to the the the This thesis around pain like I had

Um reached a point where I could no Longer tolerate the pain of my current Situation and the fear the pain Associated with the fear of change was Eclipsed by the pain that I was feeling In that moment and that's what motivated Me to change I went to a treatment Center where I lived for a hundred days Which is pretty long time to be in a Rehab center and I did that because I Knew if I didn't get this right that my Life was done you know and so I took That opportunity seriously I recognized That despite the fact that I think I'm a Smart guy my best thinking had me Literally institutionalized and that if I couldn't get a grasp on how to live And develop some new skills and and a New toolbox for how to approach my life That that I was going to end up in jail Or I was going to kill somebody else or Myself You know now we're about a year and a Half later and it's and my life has been Has turned around immeasurably it's a Wonderful thing and I I say to anybody Watching or you're listening to this That you know it's um That there is a lot of pressure on young People not to drink necessarily but to Find happiness through going out and Getting mashed like like and and I'm Sure and that's fun and you have a good Time and good luck to you but if it

Doesn't work for you and if you keep Waking up going hmm I don't seem to be Having nearly as good time as most of my Friends uh then you know then think About it it doesn't have to be something You do it's what I all I say to people And what's better isn't being straight And and and and not making mistakes it's Like that's all Prohibition in some Sense what's better is no you need an Adventure man you need to get out there And have something to do and and Something worth waking up for and you Need that's the substitute for the Addiction excessive drinking is is Considered 13 or more drinks a week if You have three glasses of wine every Night which would be splitting a bottle Of wine with your friend your your Husband whatever uh you you following That category an alcoholic is defined as Someone basically where they can't stop Once they start often they'll drink Until they pass out wow or they'll drink To where they become dysfunctional they Become the kind of person everyone goes My God you're slurring your words you're Not safe to drive they get DUIs their Boss has trouble like you need to quit Coming to work hungover but an excessive Drinker is 13. if you drink six drinks a Week if you're a woman you have a 40 Higher incidence of breast cancer if you Drink up to 10 drinks it goes up to 70

Percent higher chance of getting it's Incredible cancer so just the health Benefits one of the things that's coming Out of of England is research that if You stop drinking for 30 days just cut Back and what they're finding is people Are living longer that's clearing out Their kidneys it's arterial sclerosis is Being reversed you know people are Having all kinds of um more energy They're losing weight most of the things That we do that are addictions are to Numb out our anxiety to numb out our Pain to numb out the men memories of Trauma to numb out our discomfort around Being people in a social being with People in a social religion situation The fear that I won't have fun I won't Be interesting I'm more relaxed I'm more Fun you know and that's the big myth is I won't have a fun life there's Something about my mom she has a way of Like making it sound like a really bad Idea and my I had a lot of aunts and Uncles and second cousins and stuff that Were all alcoholics drug addicts and Watching them I thought that is not a Good look real like some real white Trashy stuff yeah and so I was just like No and my mom was chiming in with it's Way bad you don't want to do it you Don't want to end up like that so she's In my ear making it sound really logical To not do it and I'm watching people act

A fool who are doing it so I just Thought yeah when I thought I was gonna Have kids I wanted to ask my mom like You were so good like neither my sister Or I ever got into trouble we never did Drugs we never drank no trouble nothing My sister to this day is like the most Straight narrow person so when you tried It what was it like for you oh alcohol Made me feel like I was suppressing the Urge to dance on the table it is awesome And I love it the most I just don't let Myself do it because it's not in it's Not congruent with wanting to live Forever there's just too many downsides But that [ __ ] is fun so like I get how People get in trouble I just don't have An addictive personality so for me it Was easy to be like yeah this is fun but I can weigh it against the disadvantages And there are way too many Unlike a lot of substances and drugs That actually attach to the surface of Cells to receptors alcohol actually has Its own Direct effects on cells because It can really just pass into those cells And the fact that it can pass into so Many organs and cells so easily is Really what explains its damaging Effects ethanol produces substantial Damage to cells because when you ingest Ethanol it has to be converted into Something else because it is toxic to The body and if you thought ethanol was

Bad acetyl aldehyde is particularly bad Acetyl aldehyde is poison it will kill Cells it damages and kills cells and is Indiscriminate as to which cells it Damages and kills that's a problem Obviously and the body deals with that Problem by using another component of The NAD biochemical Pathway to convert Acetyl aldehyde into something called Acetate acetate is actually something That your body can use as fuel and that Process of going from ethanol to acetyl Aldehyde to acetate Does involve the production of a toxic Molecule right again acetyl aldehyde is Really toxic if your body can't do this Conversion of ethanol to acetyl aldehyde To acetate fast enough well acetyl Aldehyde will build up in your body and Cause more damage so it's important that Your body be able to do this conversion Very quickly and the place where it does That is within the liver and cells Within the liver are very good at this Conversion process but they are cells And they are exposed to the seed allowed To hide in the conversion process and so Cells within the liver really take a Beating in the alcohol metabolism events It is the poison the acetylaldehyde Itself that leads to the effect of being Inebriated or drunk I think most people Don't realize that that being drunk is Actually a poison-induced disruption in

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