PROVE THEM ALL WRONG – Motivational Speech

Curated By Ralph

"The Road Not Taken" is a source of inspiration for me, because it encourages me to seize opportunities and chart my own course in life.

Prove them all wrong.

Spoken by Ben Lionel Scott (me), Robin Sharma, David Goggins, Eric Thomas, George White.

Music: No Man’s Land by Zack Hemsey.

You're gonna have so many people tell you
"you don't have what it takes."
  "How are you"
"of all people"
  "gonna do that?"
  "You're being unrealistic."
"You're not gonna make it."
  Don't believe a word they say.
You're gonna have to block out the noise
  Of everyone around you.
And focus on yourself.
  You go after it and you give it all you have
if you lose, at least you tried, man.
  I failed
is 10 times more of a man
  Than someone said "what if"
'cause "what if" never went to the arena.
  In life
it's not the genetic guy who wins
  Or the guy with the most potential that wins
it's the person with the greatest perseverance
  That wins
always willing to get up
  And go at it again, and go at it again.
That's the guy who has his hand   Raised later in life guys
that's the guy you guys need to be.
  Every true leader
they're called weird
  The called eccentric.
When you do the things of real leadership
  You're going to be called strange.
Get strong enough in your own skin
  That when people laugh at you
or when they throw stones at you
  You keep on going.
What are you going to do now?
  How are you going to control that now?
How are you going to flip it upside   Down and say, roger that
now I'm gonna harness this sh*t
  And you'll read about me years from now.
Everybody who wronged you in the past
  They're gonna have to feel you.
They're gonna have to see you.
  Don't get even.
Don't worry about getting even
  When you already beat the odds.
You want to make your dream come true?
  You got to stay focused.
Some people rather get even
  Than get ahead
stay focused on where you want to go.
  I just kept on doing what I was supposed to do.
You have to be relentless.
  You have to never let off the gas
never stop, never quit.
  Never allow anyone to talk you out
of the dream, the vision and ideas
  That god has sent you.
We all get knocked out.
  I've had my haters.
I've had people who've come against me
  Who tried to sabotage me
I'm like the lion.
  I'm not the gazelle.
I don't need something external

To motivate me
I find something within.
  Life's gonna whip your butt
life is gonna bully you.
  Stop whining
stop crying
  Nobody cares.
Be demanding.
  Let it hit you.
But don't let it punk you.
  Stop letting people affect your day
affect your life
  Affect the outcome
of what's gonna happen to you.
  Waste no more effort
wrestling with other people.
  Your destiny
your future
  Is not predicated
on the decision of someone else.
  You wasted too much of your life
trying to change other people's minds about you.
  It doesn't matter they think about you.
It matters how you see yourself.
  The fulfillment of your dreams
lies within you
  And you alone.
When you understand and accept this
  Then nothing or no one
can deny you greatness.
  Everybody said, "you don't read well enough."
"You're not a critical thinker."
  I'm not
but I'm a beast.
  You ain't gotta be smart when you're a beast.
You ain't gotta be the most talented
  When you're a beast.
You ain't gotta be the most talented
  When you got that dog.
I'm gonna fail
  I'm gonna fail
I'm gonna fail
  I'm gonna fail
and I will succeed.
  I'm gonna f*cking make myself good enough.
I'm driven.
  I'm obsessed.
I want to prove people wrong.
  While they talk sh*t
you keep working.
  While they gossip behind your back
you keep working.
  And at the end of it all
they will lose
  And you
What if all of us took that attitude?
  After we face a rejection and a no
or we have a meeting and no one shows up?
  Or somebody says
you can count on me
  And they don't come through?
What if we have that kind of attitude
  That cause repossess?
Nobody believes in you.
  You've lost again and again and again.

The lights are cut off.
But you're still looking at your dream
  Reviewing it every day
and saying to yourself
  It's not over
until I win.
  Life will yield to you.
And I'll go to war for what I want.
  I will go to war for what I love.
So I won't stand down.
  So if you get in my way
I will either step on you or step over you.
  This is your territory.
This is your turf.
  This is your field.
This is your court.
  This is your home.
Protect what's yours.

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