Phil Kaye – Self Portrait In War Time

Curated By Ralph

"The Road Not Taken" is a source of inspiration for me, because it encourages me to seize opportunities and chart my own course in life.

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Phil Kaye, performing at Little Island in New York, NY.

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Number 74 Self-portrait in wartime Completed 2019 by american artist phil k Here we see a figure in the foreground Intended to be the artist himself The scene evokes a dreamlike sequence The small figures around the edge of the Frame are thought to be heads Perhaps an audience in some sort of Gathering The dreamlike quality is furthered by The background consisting of a river The audience blurring the line between Reality and fiction The war to which the artist alludes to Is unclear Though historically speaking it would be Accurate to say that the peace was Created during a time of war Being of both american and japanese Descent The artist had several family members Involved in the war efforts of the 20th Century And thus the conflicts at the time of The creation of the peace could have Particular resonance The artists Could have Unclear Blurs the line 74 Self-portrait in wartime completed 2019 By american artist phil k

Here we see a figure in the foreground Intended to be the artist himself the Artist often returned to Self-portraiture Perhaps a reflection of an acute Self-obsession Or perhaps a self-obsession pervasive in The art form Or perhaps a reflection of the cultural Period The scene evokes a nightmarish sequence Furthered by A background consisting of an Inexplicable body of water A floating abyss Or moat Making the artist's escape impossible The war to which the title eludes is Unclear though historically speaking it Would be accurate to say that the peace Was created during a time of war both Domestically and abroad while the artist Often talked of both conflicts He was in reality Largely safe Enjoying stability And relative prosperity In fact it could be Argued that this piece depicting the art Artist Simply speaking of war Exemplifies his lack of connection with The conflict at all Number 74

Self-portrait in wartime The artist Pictured here The artist The artist grandfather back of an Aircraft carrier the artist back of a Bar on the lower east side the artist Could have particular resonance the Artist coming from a military family Hangs the symbolism in the foreground The artist thompson submachine gun the Artist the piece of bamboo to arm Yourselves with when the americans come The artists could have particular Resonance the artist blurring The artist blurring The artist Simply speaking Thank you You

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