Phil Kaye – My Grandmother’s Ballroom (ft. The Westerlies)

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"The Road Not Taken" is a source of inspiration for me, because it encourages me to seize opportunities and chart my own course in life.

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Phil Kaye and The Westerlies, performing at Little Island in New York, NY.

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Hmm [Music] Ah [Music] My grandmother's mind Was a ballroom Inside were her memories Each memory dressed for a celebration That memory there And the white blazer on the dance floor Is the memory of her wedding day He never stops dancing That memory there in the long purple Dress staring out the window The day my father left for college That memory there slumped over his food The day she got her first cavity fill My grandmother's ballroom Always in motion My grandmother Liked to tell stories Phillip Remember the time you and i made Strawberry jam I pretend i don't so that you'll tell me Again Well you were eight years old inside my Grandmother's ballroom a woman in a red Dress clears her throat Carefully kisses fork to wine glass Tells the story of a boy and his Grandmother How they picked out the reddest Strawberries in the store how they made

So much jam They ate until it was summer again Each time the boy thinking My nama and i made this It happens slowly at first There are things you can forget and No one notices Philip where did we park the car what Was the soup of the day again I thought the movie started at eight Inside my grandmother's ballroom Jubilant chaos Her memories drunk on a wine they had Never tasted before A cancer no one understood Philip what's your father's phone number We went to hawaii together It's your birthday Her memories Slurring their worms Lifting their glasses for more Staggering across the dance floor [Music] What day is this Why am i in the hospital Where is my hair The last time i got to see her She could not speak eyes closed Nam it's me uh phil Remember the time you and i made Strawberry jam Well No well let me tell you Now my grandmother

Quietly in bed squeezes my hand Somewhere A woman in a red dress Feet blistered Still dancing Taken by the music [Music] Uh [Music] Bye [Music] Thank you all very much thank you You

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