People Don’t See It – The TERRIFYING Potential Of Artificial Intelligence

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Tom Bilyeu, Raoul Pal and Mo Gawdat explain the TERRIFYING but MASSIVE Potential of Artificial Intelligence.
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“AI is the most radically dangerous threat that we face as a species. It could be a step towards a technological utopia or a demon summoning circle.”

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Tom Bilyeu
Co-Founder and Host @impacttheory

Raoul Pal
CEO & Co-Founder – Real Vision Group & Global Macro Investor

Mo Gawdat
Former chief business officer for Google X and author of the book Solve for Happy

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AI in the wrong hands if we're not Careful is dangerous being blindly Optimistic is just stupid it is insane The things you can do if you've seen it In action it is breathtaking how fast it Will come up with answers when you take It extrapolates a little bit further out Into the future it becomes a thousand Times smarter Than the smartest person who ever lived AI the machines will be smarter than Humans as soon as 2029 you're going to Have a machine that is smarter than any Human on the planet in eight years time Smarts by the way is the only Evolutionary Advantage we had over Others if you have any kind of creative Bone in your body you should be over the Moon excited about AI right now specific AI is better at humans in almost Everything it does so specific AI has a Better result set than any radiologist On Earth intelligence is our superpower And there is going to be more Intelligent being of our own making Introduced to our world in 2029. they Think that by the end of this decade AGI So that's a generalist AI with a Computational power and the progression Of where this is going that it's almost Certain that by the end of this decade We get to the point where AI is smarter Than humans is AI dangerous next to Thermonuclear war and an asteroid strike

I'd say it's the most radically Dangerous threat that we face as a Species but I'm still super excited You're terrified of AI right now you are Rational if you're not at least worried It will take a wrong turn into James Cameron territory you're not paying Attention to paraphrase Elon Musk the Human endeavor to create AI could be the First step towards the technological Utopia or a demon summoning Circle it's Not clear which way it will go but one Thing is for sure we will not control it And he's right but the truth is the Genie is already out of the bottle and We are going to have to deal with it Here's where we're at God or Evolution However you want to think of it has Imbued us with certain insatiable Desires things that no matter how many Times you do them you still want more Hunger thirst sleep and sex no one Argues but I'd like to add another one To the list that has put us in this Situation the desire for Progress no Matter how good things get we want them To get better that's led to massively Increased lifespan electricity landing On the moon and raising the vast vast Vast majority of the world out of Poverty for the most part our insatiable Drive for progress is awesome the modern World really is a miracle we have buses That can fly for the love of God and if

People like Eric Weinstein are correct Our thirst for Progress will lead us to Building Technology that doesn't just Allow us to fly around the world it will Give us the ability to manipulate time And space itself propelling us well Beyond our solar system at faster than Light speeds all of that progress though Leaves us with one very uncomfortable Question are we trying to reach beyond Our solar system out of the sense of Adventure or because we know we'll need To escape the sentient Killer Robots We've created I fear it's going to be a Bit of both I've made a lot of money and Touched a lot of lives by seeing Opportunities that others have missed And I'm telling you right now despite The dangers we're going to discuss AI is The opportunity that you've been waiting For but to avoid AI making the great Filter go Burr or simply passing Us by As we stand on the sidelines we have to Make a move get involved and make sure That we all approach this god-tier Technology thoughtfully now nuclear Warheads are scary enough but AI isn't Going to be a little smarter than Einstein it's going to be a lot smarter Not five times smarter or 10 times Smarter or even 10 000 times smarter We're talking millions of times smarter And in case you think I'm exaggerating Futurist Ian Pearson told the world

Government Summit that AI could become Billions of times smarter than humans How because AI isn't limited by the Messy chemical-laden realities of being A meat bag like we humans are we have to Wait roughly 20 years for the Next Generation to be born grow to sexual Maturity and have more kids AI on the Other hand is a non-biological system That is only limited by the laws of Physics AI will be able to think at the Speed of light and will only be limited By the ever increasing rate at which it Can learn to configure electrons in Novel ways the evolution of AI won't Play out over Millennia it will play out First over decades than over years than Over months and finally over minutes or Even seconds until we reach the Technological singularity where AI will Be capable of making twenty thousand Years of human progress overnight I Really believe we're at Point where we can build the very last Human invention Okay where we can hand over and it would Build a world it's not as dysfunctional As the one with ah and I truly in my Heart believe this is dope I truly do I Mean the scary bit as I said is you me Using the tactics of today's world to Wake people up okay I tend to believe That this could be the best thing that Ever happened to us you are no longer

Going to be limited by how well you can Draw or sculpt in a 3D program or even By how good you are at photography or Filming something all you have to do is Get good at describing in words what you Want you are truly going to be limited Only by how well you can phrase a prompt This is something known as prompt Engineering in myself and many others See prompt engineering as an emerging Field that some of the brightest Minds Will pour into the only remaining Question is will you be one of those Bright Minds pouring in or will you be One of the deer in headlights at the Economic level This is scaling human ability augmenting Humans now our brains at a rate that we Could never have foreseen What does that mean for us well I just Think it's like bringing in a massively New talented labor force at almost zero Cost Some jobs are going to get laid off I Mean who would have thought that Supermodels now get laid off for AI Right we can't understand this stuff and We have to be honest with ourselves say It's going to do a lot of things it's Going to tear Society apart the rise of Deep fakes And who is who online how do you verify We're going into a U.S election we have No clue what's a real person what's not

A real person and so we don't know What's real and what's fake and it's at Scale that we can't comprehend if we Think that the elections in 2016 were Complicated with Facebook and all of This stuff this is going to get Terrifying a is clinically defined As somebody with an IQ of 70. Einstein Had an IQ of 160 and the smartest person To ever be recorded is 210. so that Means that the difference between the Smartest person that ever lived and a is 3x the difference between Einstein and a is 2.3 x and when You think about Einstein gave us Insights that created the nuclear bomb Nuclear power lasers GPS so much of the Modern world that we take for granted From One series of insights from a guy that Isn't even the smartest guy that ever Lived and so now when you start talking About being if 2.3 x gets us the modern World what does a thousand times get us Like I have the chills I don't think People understand the orders of Magnitude that we're talking about Foreign [Music] [Music]

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