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Rudy Francisco - My Honest Poem

The Renowned Poet Rudy Francisco’s Stirring Piece: “My Honest Poem

Get Rudy’s book here: https://buttonpoetry.com/product/excuse-me-as-i-kiss-the-sky/ Rudy Francisco performing @icehousempls in Minneapolis, MN Subscribe for more more spoken word and performance poems: https://bit.ly/buttonpoetry Do you love Button Poetry? We’d love your support: https://bit.ly/ButtonMember Button Poetry showcases the power and diversity of…

Andrea Gibson - The Last Hours

Exploring the Powerful Poetry of Andrea Gibson in “The Last Hours

Get Andrea’s new book, YOU BETTER BE LIGHTNING: http://bit.ly/andreagibsonybbl Check out all of Andrea’s books: https://bit.ly/andreagibsonshop Do you love Button Poetry? We’d love your support: https://bit.ly/BPMember2 Andrea Gibson, performing in Longmont, CO. About Button: Button Poetry is committed to developing…