OUTWORK EVERYONE ELSE – Motivational Speech

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"The Road Not Taken" is a source of inspiration for me, because it encourages me to seize opportunities and chart my own course in life.

Outwork everyone else.

Spoken by Ray Lewis, Dwayne Johnson, Eric Thomas.

Music: Kill the Crown by 2WEI.

effort is isolated.
  The reason why everyone is isolated
because nobody can dictate it.
  Effort is 100% in the mind.
No coach
  No player
nobody else can make you run to the ball
  Nobody else can make you finish a tackle
nobody else can do it.
  That's why it's the most isolated 
things in this earth right now
  Is effort.
Because that's all about you.
  Wins and losses come a dime a dozen
but effort?
  Nobody can judge effort.
'Cause effort
  Is between you
and you.
  Effort ain't got nothing to do with nobody else.
You gotta be the hardest workers in the room.
  The masters make the hardest 
things in the world look easiest.
  And in the moments where you push yourself
when no one else is around
  Those moments have a tendency to lead to success.
  And not only that
but in what world do we not work every day?
  You gotta work every f*cking day.
It doesn't end.
  It takes every second of your f*cking life.
Anybody says balance?
  Yeah, balance is important for a lot of people.
It is.
  But if you wanna f*cking go to that edge
where people do not like you
  Don't understand you
question everything you f*cking do
  You've arrived.
"Damn man, how many movies you gonna make?"
  "Or how much sh*t are you gonna do?"
"Like, you do a lot of sh*t."
  I say, yes.
It's my ambition.
  Of course.
Why not?
  I love what I do.
When people are like, "what the   F*ck is wrong with this guy?"
I'm in the right f*cking spot.
  Of obsession and drive.
That's the difference.
  Of when you say "I want to be something"
and "I don't have no choice."
  When "I want to be something" than you're gonna present a lot of broken dreams.
  When you are
destined to do something
  The conversation is totally different.
Because it's a lifestyle.
  At some point
you got to be f*cking tired
  Of not being number one.
You have to be
  And you gotta f*cking play angry

And I play angry.
'Cause I'm pissed off
  For greatness.
'Cause if you ain't pissed off for greatness
  That means you're okay with being mediocre.
One day, I made a decision
  That enough is enough.
I'm tired to be average.
  I'm tired of being good.
I'm tired.
  I want to move to the nicest neighborhood.
I want to fly first class.
  I made a decision
enough is enough.
  It's showtime.
I wake up every morning at three o'clock. Why?
  'Cause you just got to get there
before the genius get there
  They ain't waking up until eight.
So if you get up at three
  You ain't gotta be smarter than them
you just gotta be quicker than them.
  You just gotta be faster than them.
You just gotta get to the spot
  Before they get to spot.
You ain't got to be them.
  You ain't got to be on their level.
You don't have to be as smart
  You don't have to become them
you can stay you
  But you got to get there before they get there
  If you're gonna stay you.
You have to get this concept
  Of going all in.
You have to get this beast mode.
  I want to position myself for greatness.
I don't know everything
  I have not accomplished everything
I'm not where I want to be
  I'm still learning
I'm still growing
  I'm still trying to get better.
You got to position yourself
  And stop pouting
stop looking at what other people are getting
  And look at what they're doing
and if you start doing it
  You'll start getting it
you don't get out of life what you want
  You get out of life what you earn.
Every day I feel like eating.
  Every day I feel like giving 
my wife the best life.
  Every day I feel like driving in a nice car.
Every day I feel like flying first class.
  Every single day of my life
I feel like giving 120%
  Every single day.
I don't have days
  Where I don't feel like it.
  Because I'm counting on me
my wife's counting on me
  I don't have days to waste.
When you want it that bad
  When you wake up early in the morning
when everything else is secondary to you

You're going to be successful
but until you do that
  You'll never have it.
When you want to succeed
  As bad as you want to breathe
then you'll be successful.

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