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MOTIVATIONHUB’S BEST MOTIVATIONAL SPEECHES OF 2022! This is a 1 hour long compilation of our Best Motivational Speech Videos of the year! There is so much incredible motivation and life advice in this video, we can’t wait to share it with you. Thanks for watching and we hope you enjoy this compilation!

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2. I Dare You to Disappear for 6 Months

3. Joe Rogan Will Leave You Speechless

4. Jordan Peterson – Discipline

5. Mindset of High Achievers 7

6. Grind Time

7. Alex Hormozi Motivation

8. Warren Buffet Motivational Speech

9. Marissa Peer Interview

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You gotta build a better you why Because your life is based on you Being you here's what we do now life Doesn't get any easier It doesn't get more forgiving We just get stronger and we get more Resilient one thing I've noticed is that Enthusiasm is common but endurance is Rare nobody wants to disappear for three Months four months six months and and Eliminate all distractions and get into A place where you can focus on just you What if you could just shut out every Distraction what if you could just shut Off the world for just a season and Focus on you I've said many times that I Never worry about what other people are Thinking about you you know just just uh Do you know why you're doing what you're Doing that's good enough a lot of people Just underestimate the amount of effort It takes to go from good to great you Are not your past you're you you're you Right now you might have done some Things you wish you hadn't done and so For whatever reason they have this Second voice that criticizes everything They do that in reality isn't even there Don't dwell on that you can learn from It that's fine but don't dwell on it Just keep moving keep moving that you Don't use it use it as fuel Say Never Again I get what I did wrong but don't Think that you're that person that made

Those mistakes you're the person who's Learned I would say 99 of the things That I've learned I've learned through Doing Both people do esteemable things when You want The bad as you want to breathe That's when you find a way it's like Yeah well you want to figure out you Want to figure out something that you're Doing with your life that's worth not Getting drunk and screwing up because That's funny You are about to rebuild you a better Version of you And you will be a champion if you will Be a beast you're gonna have to go Through something [Music] Here's what we do know life doesn't get Any easier It doesn't get more forgiving We just get stronger and we get more Resilient one thing I've noticed is that Enthusiasm is common But endurance is rare the race is not Given to the strong know the Swift but It is given to he that endureth Until The End one thing I know Is that we've all been hit with a Measure of adversity at some point in Our life Everybody listening to me has been hit With a measure of trauma everybody wants

Destiny everybody wants manifestation Everybody wants fulfillment everybody Wants the next level in the relationship And a higher quality of living but Nobody wants to eliminate distractions Nobody wants to disappear for three Months four months six months and and Eliminate all distractions and get into A place where you can focus on just you What if you could just shut out every Distraction what if you could just shut Off the world for just a season and Focus on you a man is rewarded in public For what he does in private the reason Why you don't see it the reason why it Has not manifested the reason why you Are so frustrated is because you have Not been willing to forsake all that You've been called to forsake and to Follow through behind closed doors Sure you can talk about it sure you can Plan it sure you can write it down sure You can go to the conference and hear About it you can read about it but at Some juncture you have to disappear and Put the work in and come back and shock Everybody that doubted you Some of you don't even realize you have On [Music] Perspective go back to the gym go back To the drawing board go back to the Business go back to the relationship go Back to the burning building you have

Unfinished business all you gotta do and Show up with a new game plan and A New Perspective you gotta finish business You have odd minutes business you got Work to do What happens When your perspective your perception Diametrically opposes your reality if You are going to give and grow and Evolve and attain and become everything Rises and falls on your Viewpoint Perspective is everything let's go I Need you to hear me loud and clear how You see this thing is everything You cannot change the past But you can't change your perspective About it your Viewpoint is your Advantage your viewpoint Is what changes the game everybody wants Increase and and abundance and lifestyle Change and new zip codes and new area Codes but you only read once a week and You only work out once or twice a month And see the reason why you don't have What it is that you see the reason why What's in your head is not in your hands It's not your reality it's because your Perspective opposes your potential You don't have it because you don't see The value in it if you believe you've Been called to be the Difference Maker The game changer the disrupter the Person that comes into a room and Commands the atmosphere if you believe

You've been called to be necessary and Not grossly irrelevant then everything You do Everything you see everything Rises and Falls on your perspective your Perception your Viewpoint how do you see This thing You are not your past you're you you're You right now you might have done some Things you wish you'd hadn't done don't Dwell on that you learn from it that's Fine but don't dwell on it just keep Moving keep moving it you know use it Use it as fuel Say Never Again I get What I did wrong but don't think that You're that person that made those Mistakes you're the person who's learned I think that endurance enduring Something and building up that ability To endure things that's also a very Important mechanism that you could apply To everyday life like that the mechanism Of understanding how to endure because a Lot of people just running from Discomfort they're running from it They're just avoiding it so easy to and Like if you get distracted for a second You're like yeah let me check my phone You just start going through your phone And looking at and you're just Distracting yourself from the tiniest Frustration of boredom just a little we Don't get bored anymore or if we get Bored we get bored for these tiny

Amounts of time then you get distracted So your distraction is eliminating your Boredom but the problem with that is Like there's certain thoughts that only Come to you when you're thinking when You you don't have any input coming in When we're constantly looking at our Phones the only input you're getting is Input from other people and sometimes That's good good sometimes you get good Stuff out of that but it's like a diet Of only fruit you know it came out you Need some protein yeah like this is you Need you need to get some other things In your diet you know and um I think Having discomfort in your diet like Having it as a regular part of your life It minimizes the amount of other kinds Of And I think that insanity and and Greatness are next to our neighbors and They borrow each other sugar there's There's something about Mastery like True Mastery uh that requires You to shut off massive areas of your Life personal areas Relationships education my education was A joke I mean until I was 21 years old Until I started doing stand-up comedy I Didn't read books I mean I might have Read a Stephen King book here and there For to kill time I was on the train on My way to training but There was no there's no desire to

Educate myself if I was educating myself It was maybe reading uh the book of five Rings to learn better strategy to be a Better fighter that was all it was was There ever a point where you said I'm a Little out of balance I need to go the Other way well I realized I was a flawed Person for sure you know and I think in Realizing you're a flawed person what Helped you realize that just up That's being an idiot you know realizing You know girls would get mad at me or Maybe guys would get mad at me whatever It was I realized that I had flaws you Know I knew I knew that uh I was and Then also failing at comedy One of the um hardest things to do is to Go from being really great at something To sucking at something and that's Something that you suck at is now your Path you know and that's what I found Myself in comedy you know I could get Laughs every now and then but I knew I Wasn't anything special I knew I was Terrible and there was something Exciting about being terrible because I Had potential because there was Potential for growth you know if you if You start doing it and you're great at It like naturally like maybe I wouldn't Have had the motivation to do it as a Living for 25 years like I've done I Don't know but at that time you know Making that transition from martial arts

Competition to uh being a comedian That's when I started going down the Road of balance and started trying to Balance myself as a person and I started Trying to almost educate myself to have More things to talk about on stage and Then along the way my curiosity started To Blossom and then I started to just be Interested in things for being Interested in them and as I got better As a comedian I'd be became less worried About what other people thought about me And more worried about just improving And keeping you know keeping this sort Of momentum going what do you want in Your life it's a very hard question to Answer you're going to have to put some Effort into your life set up some aims For yourself goals that you actually Value you need to be motivated to do That if you're extroverted you want Friends if you're agreeable you want an Intimate relationship if you're Disagreeable you want to win Competitions if you're open you want to Engage in Creative activity if you're High neuroticism you want security so Now you've got your thing to aim at Think well I'm motivated because I got My thing to amen it's like you're not as Motivated as you could be because you Don't yet have your thing to run away From because if you really want to be Motivated you want to be going somewhere

And you want to be not going somewhere Else you've got to aim at something Otherwise your life is meaningless well What should you aim at well pick Something aim at it as you move toward It you'll get wiser then maybe your aim Will change that's okay but at least It'll change in an informed way Discipline yourself in one dimension see See what happens in some sense life is a Game the analogy is that in in life like In sports you're setting forth a name And then arranging your perceptions and Your actions in pursuit of them and that You also generally do it while Cooperating and competing with other People so that's also the game-like Element as well okay so once you get Your goals structure set up you think Okay if I could have this life looks Like that might be worth living despite The fact that it's going to be anxiety Provoking and threatening and there's Going to be some suffering and loss Involved in all of that the goal is to To have a vision for your life such that All things considered that justifies Your effort put yourself in the right Frame of mind treat yourself like you're Someone responsible for helping you're Someone that you are responsible for Helping so what that means is you have To start from the presupposition that Despite all your flaws and

Insufficiencies that it's worth having You around and that it would be okay if Things were better for you it's like if You want to have everything you could Possibly want and more then be a good Person The better a person you are the more Likely that is to happen that doesn't Mean you that you're completely Protected against getting cut off at the Knees but there's no better strategy I started studying hey what are what are All these successful people have in Common You know whether it was the mattress Dealer the car dealer the furniture Dealer or Elon Musk they spend money man You know they spend money they spend a Lot of money And they don't worry about money the way I was worried about it they use money You know they used it they didn't save It they didn't hoard money And the greatest companies on this Planet today the ones that have just Like some of these companies have lost Money for 25 years look at Amazon yeah Reinvest so so when I quit studying Individuals and started studying people Everything shifted for me When I quit trying to be the you know When I quit worrying about what Bob was Doing or Pete or whoever and started Saying hey man what is this big company

Doing because that also relieved me of Being competitive with this guy Pete and Started saying okay I'm gonna go do what Coca-Cola does how much is it like I'm Going to ask that question whether Whether it matters or not it doesn't Matter where I get in my life I don't Think I'm ever going to be free of how Much was that because when I grew up do You had to know what things cost money Is it's a terrifying thing because It's the one thing in life that Everybody gets money it's the one place Where everybody gets it and now what do I do I think certainly uh being focused on Something that you're confident will Have high value to someone else Natural human tendency is wishful Thinking Um so a challenge for entrepreneurs is To say well what's the difference Between really believing in your ideals And sticking sticking to them Versus pursuing some unrealistic dream That doesn't actually have Merit When you have your non-negotiables you Already get the most important things Every day done but now according to Circumstance I get the next most Important thing and I can make decisions Like this because I already know Successful people are about that they Are good decision makers they are hyper

Resilient they don't stop at failure They don't get in their own way from an Ego perspective they're looking nakedly At their own inadequacies and they've Got enough confidence to get people Going behind them The reason why people think wealthy People are people with money or Sinister Is because that's what you kind of Taught in the hub like you kind of Taught like the people who really have Money like they did some Wicked to Get it they did some backstabbing cut Those to get it and you'll never Get that So it's a terrifying concept like like Power you know very few of us ever ever Get any kind of influence or power right Once you get it you're like hey what do I do with this People are afraid of not getting Validated or they're afraid of judgment That they perceive from other people That exist or don't exist in their lives A lot of people just underestimate the Amount of effort it takes to go from Good to great and so for whatever reason They have this second voice that Criticizes everything they do that in Reality isn't even there I would say 99 Of the things that I have learned I've Learned through doing And that's when it just snapped it just I just said to myself wait a minute I

Made this with my own hands I went and Sold this to individuals and nobody was In my way I didn't have to get a check From a boss nobody told me when or to Come to work or go to work I can't get Fired from this because of my color Creed or whatever the case is I'm Responsible for what's happening here And I will either fail because every Decision I make I also succeed because Every decision I make And it's it's that is it that is a Really difficult thing to to tell you Can you tell the difference between Those two things wealthy people do three Things man They stop trading time for money They make their money work for them And they give as much value to people as They can One dimensional players aren't in the League One-dimensional players ain't in the League What made Michael Jordan Michael Jordan Is he could put up 30 and he can shut Your butt down he can play offense he Can play defense he can play 40 minutes 48 minutes If you're not where you want to be Financially If you're not where you want to be Emotionally if you're not where you want To be physically relationally socially

10 times out of 10 it is because you Have settled in a place called Convenience and most of you in this room Your problem is you're one-dimensional And you're trying to hang your hat on That so what I'm the number one Motivational speaker in the world am I The number one father in the world my Kids don't care nothing about YouTube My wife don't care nothing about YouTube So what you're the number one Motivational speaker are you the number One husband when you come home cut all That foolishness off and give me me and Your conferences do me a favor you and CJ talk and when you get in the garage You close the garage and when you come In the house you take E.T the hip-hop Preacher off I want Eric I marry Eric I didn't marry E.T the Hip-hop preacher If you continue to believe that your Best work is behind you then you will Never achieve what is ahead of you So real quick what you know what you got To let go of write it down right now Let's not play there's an anointing in This place What do you need to let go of so you can Become one percent Wealth is a mindset is not a dollar Amount [Music] No catch that wealth is a mindset it's

Not a dollar amount The wealthy do what the poor won't do But the problem with many of you Is that you got full you gotta Complacent you got lazy somewhere along The line You lost your enthusiasm your optimism He lost Your hunger so we're going to talk about The wealthy in a minute I want you to Write it all down I told you I wake up At three o'clock in the morning I am Willing to do what others are not Willing to do so I can live like others Would never live Somebody say you get up at three o'clock In the morning why wouldn't I Why wouldn't I get up at three o'clock Our ancestors was getting up at three or Four Picking cotton oh you thought they was Getting up at nine thank you You thought they was like you uh picking Cotton today uh we're gonna start at Night and we're gonna start at night Just let the sun come up and once the Sun comes up Oh you're gonna you're sick oh you get a Sick day If you want your future Then you are going to have to get Acquainted with pain Discomfort with inconvenience because Hunger is the only thing that's going to

Give you the power to persevere through That pain here's what's crazy I in the 1800s I had to have a certain Work ethic just to survive and you have The opportunity to become Multi-millionaires billionaires and your Work ethic is worked at worse than the People who was forced to work People tell me I'm a boss you're not a Boss you can't even make yourself get up Got a t-shirt I'm a boss but you getting Up at 8 30 9 o'clock Thank you bosses are up watching the Three o'clock news some of you didn't Know the news came on at three o'clock Cause you watched the six o'clock news You thought it was that's what the first One the first news is at 3 A.M that's The one Warren Buffett on No you're saying Warren Buffett is Warren Buffett because he's a white male Warren Buffett is Warren Buffett because Of where he grew up Warren Buffett is Not Warren Buffett because of where he Grew up Warren Buffett is Warren Buffett Because what he does he reads six hours A day every day that's 42 dog on hours a Week So when Warren Buffett makes a decision He makes a very wise decision why Because he's making it off of 42 hours a Read you hadn't read nothing you watch You making decisions off the Housewives Of Atlanta

Foreign Buffett is binging on I was in the room With Warren Buffett he said he was Reading the financial report of GM in 1956 why because that was their best Year he's binging on GM's Financial Records from 1956 and you binging on Power But but now you saying hey racist [Music] They ain't racist when you're watching Power though I don't care if you got to listen to me A thousand times I need you to get Crystal clear about your future because The only reason why you are here the Only reason why you're alive is because You have work to do come on talk back to Me you are not a boss because you got All day to do whatever you want to do And the most you can do is go to work For somebody that you don't like and you Don't care for and don't them out and Complain about them when they're giving You a check They guaranteeing you a check they're Making sure you got health care and you Dogging them out if you don't like what They doing why are you still there go Get your own job Foreign They weren't the only ones that was Blessed And that was fruitful and that could

Multiply and that could subdue the Earth And have dominion They're not the only ones You can do it too but your problem is You're not a one percenter because you Don't live like a one percenter You want generational Cycles broken in Your family if you want to be the first To achieve the first to get it done the First to see it the first to do it you Must stay hungry I see when we get into the prison of Fear because we have fallen in an area Fear has friends one of the chief Friends of fear is doubt And doubt cures more dreams than failure Ever will There are people who have failed in Their head before they even reach the Field So I want to invite you to renounce the Spirit of fear Failure is the only opportunity to begin Again And if I'm talking to anybody that's Hungry for the future all you need is an Opportunity to try again Failing doesn't make you a failure It's something you did it's not who you Are And so one thing we are going to have to Get a crystal clear about is that If I failed Then I can win I'm talking to that

Football team I'm talking to that Baseball team that basketball team I'm Talking to that fighter talking to that Track star I'm talking to that athlete I'm talking to that student I'm talking To the person who failed the exam over And over and over again I'm talking to That individual who feels as though all Hope is lost who feels as though they Gave it their all if you are still alive You've got something left Thomas Edison he was fired from his First two jobs His teachers coined him Stupid that he couldn't learn anything This is the man who invented the light Bulb the first thousand times he failed But he was never a failure He just found a thousand ways that don't Work You know Thomas Edison you didn't try a Thousand times try a thousand times And they come talk to me and tell me You're not enough tell me you don't have What it takes tell me you're stupid tell Me you're dumb tell me you're slow Tell me you don't have enough Whatever pushed you to the ground Whatever knocked you to the floor From that place I want you to look it in the eye And tell it To that person To the circumstance tell that place tell

Whatever it is That knocked you to the floor You can't keep me here If you're going to understand the Program of resiliency we are going to Have to stop running from difficult Times stop praying that the storm will Pass over you and pray to grow through The storm stop going around it go Through it what you go through you will Grow through some fights are not one in The first round Flat out and the moment that you get That and you get crystal clear and you Accept the fact that there are some Giants that you will not defeat in the First round you need endurance you need Stamina to reach some goals you're not Going to hit the million with the first Investment you're not gonna hit the Home Run always at first swing But resilience he says I belong here and I deserve another shot I want my Opportunity give me my opportunity People are afraid of not getting Validated or they're afraid of judgment That they perceive from other people That exist or don't exist in their lives A lot of people just underestimate the Amount of effort it takes to go from Good to great and so for whatever reason They have this second voice that Criticizes everything they do that in Reality isn't even there I would say 99

Of the things that I have learned I've Learned through doing most people had a Graveyard of failures before they had Their actual first success with 20 hours Of focused effort most people can be Pretty decent at something but most People spend years waiting to do the First hour I think the things that were Withheld from us are the things that Usually we seek the most competitors Don't put you out of business but you Obsessing over competitors does the idea That my future self would trade all the Money he had to be poured in 20 again Made me really reanalyze how I saw Living life in the moment how many Successful guys have daddy issues so Many yeah and so it's like okay well I Didn't get his respect so I'm gonna have To compensate with my circumstances with My environment so that everyone respects Me and some people do that through fear Some people do that for violence some People do that through success it really Just depends what vehicle you choose I Feel like the Deep need is the same I think a lot of my definitions have Been defined by my actions I am the Person who has done these things and I Will do things that will get me closer To the things that I want to achieve a Lot of my definition of self has always Been based on evidence I think it was Harder for me in the beginning because I

Didn't have evidence to support what I Hope to be true about myself which at The time wasn't if I can just decrease The action threshold for people to begin And be okay with the fact that they're Going to suck and it is okay to suck you Should expect to suck and it would be Unreasonable for you to be good if you Haven't done it before and so it's like Are you asking the universe to be Unreasonable for you by expecting to be Good on your first try and so I think That if we can shift the time Rising That we think in then we gain more Leverage over our time which we then Know we will compound into money because I think if you can Master the time you Match the money What did you learn about the habits of The rich I haven't learned much about the habits Of the bridge at all to be very candid With you I think that maybe there are Some beliefs that because like my dad Was a doctor I wouldn't say he was like You know ultra wealthy but like we lived In upper middle class you know lifestyle But in terms of like wealth as I think You and I would probably understand it I Didn't know anything about that and I Don't think I've ever really studied it Very much I would say that my heroes now Like I started studying wealth after I Became wealthy so like what did you

Learn about it afterwards and what do Wealthy people do that you think poor People don't do they pick higher Leverage opportunities in a sentence so Like Port Rich Dad Poor Dad like Poor Dad says get a job Poor Dad says get a Higher paying job and the thing is There's so many innate beliefs that seem Commonplace like well of course you know What I mean like well of course you know And you know you buy some real estate And you know it'll appreciate over time Of course you invest in some stocks like Yeah of course poor dads just don't say That and so you have to like learn that I think and I didn't so I'm grateful in That I didn't have to learn that because I heard that just was of course yeah Once you have some money like of course You don't spend your whole income of Course you don't and so there's a lot of Of course you don't that I think I I Inherited just by being in like a saving Father but there's also some upper Middle class people who don't save Anything but I think my dad did a lot of I think he helped a lot with like money Hygiene had a lot of really good money Hygiene from my dad the big the big Breakthrough that I had for me was when I stopped focusing on and this is going To sound backwards but when I started my Gyms I was all about building the the Business right and when I built the

Biggest companies that I've had and now Recently sold and now we have our Portfolio it was about how do we make The most money And I know that sounds completely Backwards but the only way that you can Make the most money is to provide an Exceptional valued service and charge a Ton of money for it and because I Optimized around making money I I Started going through four low Capital Expense businesses because I had lost Everything after that five-year stood And so I was like never again am I going To reinvest every dollar from the Business back into the business because I've lost it before so when I started The the next business in every business I've had thereafter like we take Dividends every month and we do that Because you don't wait till there's an Accident 10 years later I mean put all Your money in I'd love to do both yeah Yeah why not both sure right and so that Was they get dividend and get a bigger Course yeah but not just put money in And wait and get no money back 100 and The thing is is and this was a fallacy I Had because people always talk about Like reinvesting in their business but I Realized that that just meant that they Weren't making profit and so and so the Vast majority of businesses even the Software world is somewhat shifting in

This Um but they want to see profit and then Even better is if you have net free cash Flow which is just a fancy word for the Amount of money that you can take out Every month after making Necessary Investments in the business and so I Wanted to have businesses that pumped Cash flow because I lost it all before If people were able to not ask for 12 Months and just serve and don't be wrong I'm all about making money like by all Means go get your bag but I think that What it does is it ends up freeing you To then make your real impact because Then you can start the whatever the next Thing and hopefully your first thing is That thing but realistically it probably Isn't and all you have to do is look at Every entrepreneur that's really wealthy The amount of graveyard businesses they Have in their back right right and so Like right now if you're listening and You're like I'm not sure if this is the Perfect business idea let me just save You the time it's not because look at Every other person who has been Ultra Successful they have 10 failed business Ideas so just like just start so you can Just start notching off the Bad Businesses right but extending the time Horizon I think only happens if you do Shift the intention through which you're Building it or you're just unbelievably

Self-disciplined but I think it's easier To just like start at it with the right Heart because uh small tangent but I Think it'll be worth it is that the Reason that most people aren't Successful in my opinion is that they Sacrifice Global benefit for local Benefit and that happens in all areas of Life you eat the piece of cake because You have an acute local benefit versus The global benefit of a six-pack that Lasts for a very long time or Better Health Etc the three things that I think Were in common of the ultra successful Were inflated sense of self As in they thought that they like they Deserved big things they wanted to go After big things inferiority never being Good enough and impulse control Those are the three factors of the most Successful like when they did a common Factors analysis like these people think They believe that they can achieve all This amazing stuff and then it it's just It's an amazing Paradox because at the Same time they think they're not good Enough and they are insecure about Whether they they can achieve it and They have impulse control and they just They and they stay focused on the thing And I'd say the biggest breakthroughs That I've had I think that will create a Lot of the wealth that we will have in The future is is really a deep

Understanding of how long long is and Shooting with the intention of like I'm Only bringing this up because my YouTube Guy said it he's like I've never had Somebody who actually started that I was Like we'll see what we do in five years I was like We'll measure that and he was Like no one has literally ever said that To me I was like as long as I see Progress I'm good because everyone's Results in like two months yeah yeah Like if we're making if we're going this Way I'm cool I don't need to like that's Good enough for most people if if they Could extend the time rise because like I'll give you another hack you can know How wealthy someone is based on the time Horizons they speak in so if someone's Talking about how they're trying to make You know make money this today hey let Me hold 20 for today You know how you know how poor they are I have to say poor like you know how Poor now right if someone's talking About what they're gonna make this week Or this month Or this quarter or this year or this Decade Think about how different the people are Who are talking in those time Horizons And so I think that if we can shift the Time Horizon that we think in then we Gain more leverage over our time which We then know we will compound into money

Because I think if you can Master the Time you match the money if somebody is Starting from scratch what are the Traits skill sets that they should be Cultivating in order to up the odds of Their success they should focus on one Thing in general rather than lots of Different things that you're not sure About because if you're starting out Everything looks like an opportunity so The correct answer is all of them are Opportunities but all of them won't work Unless you pick one right so you have to Say no to all the other Mistresses so Boom you pick one and then from there I Always say six figures is sell something To someone that's it and if you want More detail sell something to someone so It's one Avatar one product one channel So you don't have to figure out how do I Create 20 pieces of content across it's Like Just pick one channel one media Source Whether it's Facebook Instagram YouTube You know whatever Twitter consistently Start going on that whether that's cold Outbound whether that's content whether It's running paid ads whether it's Affiliates Word of Mouth whatever it is Um start reaching out to people there to Start selling your stuff and so I use Something that I call the rule 100 which Is 100 primary actions whether that's 100 minutes of of content creation per

Day 100 reach outs per day uh 100 of AD Spend per day uh like you have to pick One of them but 100 per day and you do That for 100 days and I promise you'll Have you'll be making six figures if you Do that people are afraid of Val you Know not getting validated or they're Afraid of judgment that they perceive From other people that exist or don't Exist in their lives and so for whatever Reason they have this second voice that Criticizes everything they do that in Reality isn't even there Um but it's constantly present it's like The antithesis of whatever the god Figure is but just the negative voice And so I think that's the thing that Stops most people from doing the stuff They know they need to do because if you Think about like whether it's want to Get in shape or I want to have a better Marriage or I want to make more money Most people on some level at a basic Level they know what to do and my proof Point of like even making money right Most of us have had a bill that came up That was unexpected a tax bill a car Breaks down a health thing whatever it Is and we find a way and so when it's For someone else People are will use the actual Resourcefulness that they have to make The money but for whatever reason they Won't use that same resourcefulness to

Make it for themselves and so I think That most people know if they want to Work out uh start to get in shape or to Lose weight whatever they know they need To eat fewer donuts and move more in General but they don't right because They're afraid of getting started or They don't have the discipline to keep Going which is they can't make the Short-term sacrifice for the long-term Achievement so big picture it's like There's usually some fear that's Preventing from doing it and then how it Looks from a behavioral standpoint is They do not make the short-term Sacrifice of discomfort for the Long-term achievement Foreign [Music] Various nicknames for me he'd call me Fireball sometimes because I'd start Little businesses he didn't care about Money at all he believed very much in Having an inner scorecard and I never Worry about what other people are Thinking about you you know just just uh If you know why you're doing what you're Doing that's good enough Well I want to do something I always Want to do a thing I've said many times That that 65 or 70 and the people that You want to have love you actually do Love you you're a success some people Should not own socks at all because they

Just get too upset with price Fluctuations if you're going to do dumb Things because your stock a stock goes Down you shouldn't own a stock at all First books I read on investment were Actually in my dad's office I just read And read and read I probably read five To six hours a day I mean I figured out Very early you don't have to be that Smart of this business which is Fortunate but you do have to have the Right temperament the best gift I was Ever given was to have a father that I Had when I was born Known as the Oracle of Omaha the 91 year Old Warren Buffett is one of the most Successful investors of all time he went From buying his first stock at age 11 to Running Berkshire Hathaway a Multinational holding company with total Assets nearing one trillion dollars Often appearing on lists alongside Bill Gates and Elon Musk his current net Worth is 105 billion dollars placing him As the seventh richest person in the World Despite such enormous wealth he Maintains a simple lifestyle he lives in The same home that he bought back in 1958 for 31 500 he makes his daily Commute in his 2014 Cadillac XTS often Stopping by McDonald's for breakfast Before heading into the office so for Someone with such a simple routine and

More money than he could possibly spend What makes him happy I would have to be honestly say that That what makes me happiest is what I'm Doing what I'm doing I know I'll win Over time that's mean I'll beat Everybody else or anything like that but I I mean the game is very very very easy If you have the right Lessons in your mind about what you're Buying I'm not buying stocks on my Pieces of overwhelmingly American Business uh and I'm happy When that's happy when that's when I'm Doing it I'm happy when stocks are going Down I'm happier when stocks are going Down because I I can buy more of them For the same amount of money I'd be Happy if I was a farmer I'd want Farmland to go down so I could buy more Acreage you know if I was I mean it just Makes sense The best boat you can have is your own Talent you know I mean it's they can't They can't take it away from you they Inflation can't take it from you taxes Can't take it from you so I I when I Talk to students I students and I tell Them you know you're a million dollar Asset I would pay you a hundred thousand Dollars to the mbas for 10 of the Earnings for the rest of your life so That makes you a million dollar asset Now if you can do something increase

That value 50 if you can learn to Communicate better verbally or in Written form and you become 50 more That's five hundred thousand dollars Just by improving yourself I mean not Nobody can take that away from you and And so I urge everybody you know when They're I talked to him in high school About this and and colleges just do Develop develop the habits you've got The brain power you've got the energy But develop the habits of success and And look around you at the people that You admire you know and list what makes You admire them compared to somebody Else that looks equally strong or Equally talented and and those are those Are things that you can do I mean just Write them down and and you know people Like people that are they're they like Them if they're they're humorous and They're friendly if they're if they're Uh if they give credit to the other Fellow I mean I and and they don't like Them if they're stingy you know are they Overstate and over promise and all those Sort of things well that's decision That's a decision you make so so I I Encourage everybody to build your own Mode around yourself accumulating such a Large net worth doesn't happen if you're Average at what you do clearly Warren Buffett is at the top of the investing Game here's some of his best investing

Advice all you have to do is just buy Across social America and then ever Listen to people like me or read the Papers or do anything subsequently they Think they think that because you can Trade you should trade you buy a farm You buy an apartment house you can't Resell it tomorrow and you know the cost Of moving around now you get something Handed to your liquidity you know which Is instant in the cell and the cost of Doing it or pennies you know compared to Other kinds of investment activity so Because they can so easily move around They do move around and moving around is Not smarter than investing By far the best investment you can make Is in yourself I mean that for example Communication skills I tell those Students that come that they're going to Graduate schools and business and They're learning all these complicated Formulas all that if they just learn to Communicate better and both in writing And in person they increase their value At least 50 percent and now I mean If you can't communicate somebody who Says you know it's like winking at a Girl in the dark nothing happens you Know basically and and you have to be Able to get Get forth your ideas and and that's That's relatively easy I did it myself It's just hugely important and you if

You invest in yourself nobody can take It away from you well life advises uh You know the most important thing Uh it's really who you associate with You want to associate with people that Are better than you are I mean basically You'll go in the direction of the people That you associate with them and you Want to have the right Heroes uh you Want people if you want to emulate Somebody you better pick very carefully Who you want to emulate and obviously You can't pick your parents uh they're Going to have enormous influence on you But you don't get a choice on that but You get choices as you go down the line And you Who you uh we admire who you who you Want to copy and the most important for Most people in terms of that decision is Their spouse it's also important in Terms of a partner in business with the Partner in life is The most important one you want to pick A spouse that's a little bit better than You are And then he or she and hopefully and you Hope they don't figure it out too fast I'll leave you with this metaphor Warren Uses to encourage everyone to take care Of themselves I was in high school Almost a third as long as the country Has been around And when I was in high school I really

Only had two things on my mind Girls in cars and and I wasn't doing Very well with girls so we'll talk about Cars but let's just imagine That when we finished I'm going to let Each one of you pick out the car of your Choice sounds good doesn't it Pick it out any color You name it it'll be tied up with a bow And I'll be at your house tomorrow And you say well what's the catch And the catch is That it's the only car you're going to Get in your lifetime Now what are you going to do Knowing that that's the only car You're ever going to have and you love That car You're going to take care of it but you Cannot believe Now what I'd like to suggest you're not Going to get only one card in your Lifetime but you've got to get one body And one mind and that's all you're going To get and that body and mind feels Terrific now But it has to last you a lifetime You get exactly one mind to one and one Body in this world who had and you can't Start taking care of it when you're 50. By that time you'll have rushed it out If you haven't done anything so you you Shouldn't you should really make sure That you just remember that you just got

One minded body to get through life with Them to do the most with it Things like that can you change in 21 Days you can change in 21 seconds if you Know how in fact you can change twice Every day first in the way you think and The second in the way you act everything I talk about the the strength is in the Simplicity and the honesty there's no Need to complicate stuff people want Something simple but they also want it To be fast we live in such a fast world And if you can't give you a message like Really fast people just not interested And I get that my purpose I would say is To give people freedom and empowerment From their issues and their pain that That would be my purpose and that would Would be what gives me meaning in life And I think you know what your purpose Is because when you're doing it it feels So right when I'm on stage talking it's Not scary I absolutely love it in fact It energizes me when I'm working with Clients in my office I never find it Draining I find it invigorating and I Think that's the thing when you do what You love and you love what you do first Of all you feel like you never were but Secondly it inspires you it motivates You and if I do what I don't love I feel The difference immediately And so we all have a gift and I think Your challenges find out what you love

To do and become brilliant at it and We've all got something unique that we Can do it's very hard to know at 20 what You're meant to do so give yourself a Break Find out what you love find out what Makes your heart sing people who are Good make it look so easy and things I Can do that I can do that and then Because you make it look so easy you Often lose credibility well you know you Can just turn up on stage and and act But they don't realize all the work that Goes into it and I think leaders make it Look very easy but it's also because They love it I'm not enough and if you Start from I'm not enough then you need More more cake more drinks more drugs More sex more stuff more shopping more Followers because we've got so into I'm Not enough and I need more it's so great That we're getting small children to Understand that your thoughts are yours To change you're not your thoughts Change them changing your thoughts is Easy it's free can be instant [Music]

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