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Welcome to our blog! In this post, we are excited to introduce you to Lalli Mangum, an exceptional individual from Loma Bonita. Embarking on a journey to explore her life story, accomplishments, and contributions, we delve into the remarkable journey of this remarkable person. Join us as we unravel Lalli Mangum’s inspiring tale of resilience, passion, and success in Loma Bonita. Get ready to be inspired!

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Lalli Mangum – Loma Bonita


Lalli Mangum, a powerful and passionate spoken word artist, mesmerizes audiences with her captivating performances. She recently took the stage at Rustbelt 2019 in St. Louis, MO, leaving the crowd in awe of her talent. As a prominent figure in the spoken word and performance poetry scene, Lalli Mangum’s work exemplifies the ethos of Button Poetry, an organization that encourages artists to raise their voices and share their stories with the world. Through her thought-provoking words, she showcases the power and diversity of voices in the community, leaving a lasting impact on all who hear her.

Loma Bonita: A City of Two Lies

In one of her most compelling performances, Lalli Mangum delves into the complexities of her personal journey, unraveling the mysteries of Loma Bonita, a city of two lies. Through poignant metaphors and vivid imagery, she paints a vivid picture of her uncle’s life in this enigmatic place. With a raw and authentic approach, she confronts the harsh realities of the city, exposing the hidden truths and shedding light on the inner struggles faced by its inhabitants.

Struggles with Addiction

Within the confines of her powerful spoken word piece, Lalli Mangum courageously shares her battle with alcohol and substance abuse. With a vulnerability that resonates deeply, she explores the depths of her addiction, illustrating the painful grip it has on her life. Through evocative language and heartfelt emotions, she invites the audience into her world, allowing them to witness her struggle firsthand.

A Mother’s Intervention

In a poignant moment of reflection, Lalli Mangum brings her mother into the spotlight. Her mother, concerned about her daughter’s destructive behavior, confronts her with unwavering love and honesty. The raw emotion in Lalli’s performance captures the essence of their conversation and the intensity of the mother’s warning. Through her words, she underscores the consequences that await if she continues down her current path.

Contemplations on Identity and Choices

As Lalli Mangum recites her words, she contemplates her identity and choices, weaving intricate thoughts into her performance. With each carefully crafted line, she explores the depths of her soul, attempting to make sense of her experiences. In a moment of introspection, she questions her actions, wondering if they define who she truly is. This battle with self-identity resonates with audiences, striking a chord with those who have ever questioned their own choices in life.

Counting Heartbeats: A Quest for Clarity

Within the cadence of her rhythmic performance, Lalli Mangum takes the audience on a journey, searching for clarity amidst the chaos. The repetition of “counting heartbeats” becomes a mantra, symbolizing her quest for understanding and purpose. Through this phrase, she strives to reconcile her past, present, and future, seeking solace in the rhythm of her own heartbeat.


Lalli Mangum’s performance at Rustbelt 2019 in St. Louis, MO, showcased her extraordinary talent and the power of spoken word. Through her eloquent words, she tackled profound themes such as self-identity, addiction, and the complexities of life. Lalli’s ability to connect with her audience on a deep and emotional level is a testament to her skill as a performer. Her thought-provoking words transcend the stage, leaving a lasting impact on all who have the privilege of hearing her speak.

FAQs After The Conclusion

  1. What inspired Lalli Mangum’s spoken word piece about Loma Bonita?

    • Lalli Mangum drew inspiration from the complexities and mysteries of her own life and the city of Loma Bonita.
  2. How does Lalli Mangum address her struggles with addiction in her performances?

    • Lalli Mangum courageously shares her personal battle with alcohol and substance abuse, inviting audiences into her world.
  3. What impact does Lalli Mangum’s mother have on her journey?

    • Lalli Mangum’s mother plays a pivotal role in her story, confronting her with love and honesty, highlighting the consequences of her actions.
  4. How does Lalli Mangum’s spoken word piece resonate with audiences?

    • Lalli Mangum’s introspective and vulnerable performance resonates with audiences who have ever questioned their own choices and struggle with self-identity.
  5. What is the significance of “counting heartbeats” in Lalli Mangum’s performance?

    • “Counting heartbeats” symbolizes Lalli Mangum’s quest for clarity and understanding, as she navigates her past, present, and future through the rhythm of her heartbeat.

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