Kyle Tran Myhre – When It Really Is Just The Wind, and Not a Furious Vexation

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Introducing Kyle Tran Myhre: Unraveling the Realm of Furious Vexation

Kyle Tran Myhre – When It Really Is Just The Wind, and Not a Furious Vexation


In the world of poetry, there are few voices as powerful and captivating as Kyle Tran Myhre. Known for his passionate performances and thought-provoking work, Kyle is a force to be reckoned with in the poetry community. Recently, he took the stage at the iconic @icehousempls5665 in Minneapolis, MN, leaving his audience in awe. His latest book, “When It Really Is Just The Wind, and Not a Furious Vexation,” is a testament to his talent and is now available at

Collaborative Reflections: Exploring the Potential Outcomes

  • In this powerful collection, Kyle reflects on the potential outcomes of a nuclear strike incident. Through his words, he delves into the fears and anxieties that such a catastrophic event could bring.
  • Kyle invites his readers to contemplate different versions of themselves in alternate universes. He explores the concept of “what if,” urging us to consider the paths we didn’t take and the lives we didn’t lead.
  • The focus of Kyle’s poetry is not restricted to the aftermath of a disastrous event; it also delves into the themes of collaboration, forgiveness, and community. He beautifully weaves these elements into his work, illuminating the resilience of humanity in surviving post-apocalyptic scenarios.

The Symphony of Survival

  • Kyle’s unique perspective shines through in his metaphorical language. He compares survival to a garden and a symphony rather than a fortress or a fight. Through his words, he invites his readers to reimagine the concept of survival as something beautiful and harmonious amidst chaos.
  • The performance at @icehousempls5665 was deeply impactful, resonating with the audience on a profound level. Kyle’s ability to connect with his listeners, drawing them into his poetic world, is truly remarkable.
  • The symphony of Kyle’s poetry reaches its peak as he expresses gratitude and receives thunderous applause from the audience. His ability to captivate and move his listeners is a testament to the power of his words and his stage presence.


  1. Where can I find Kyle Tran Myhre’s new book?

    • Kyle’s book, “When It Really Is Just The Wind, and Not a Furious Vexation,” is available for purchase at Make sure to grab your copy and experience Kyle’s poetic brilliance firsthand!
  2. What is Button Poetry?

    • Button Poetry is an influential platform that showcases diverse voices in the poetry community. It is dedicated to highlighting the work of talented poets like Kyle Tran Myhre and creating a space for meaningful conversations through poetry.
  3. What are some recurring themes in Kyle’s poetry?

    • Kyle explores a variety of themes in his poetry, including survival, collaboration, forgiveness, and community. His words encourage introspection and challenge us to view the world from a different perspective.
  4. How does Kyle use metaphorical language in his poetry?

    • Kyle’s use of metaphorical language is deeply evocative and transforms his poems into captivating works of art. By comparing survival to a garden and a symphony, he invites readers to reimagine these concepts in a fresh and unique way.
  5. What was the audience reaction to Kyle’s performance at @icehousempls5665?

    • The audience was in awe of Kyle’s performance, experiencing a range of emotions as he delved into powerful and thought-provoking topics. The performance ended with gratitude and thunderous applause, a testament to the impact Kyle had on those in attendance.


Kyle Tran Myhre’s latest book, “When It Really Is Just The Wind, and Not a Furious Vexation,” showcases his immense talent and unique perspective. Through his captivating performances, like the one at @icehousempls5665 in Minneapolis, MN, Kyle takes his audience on a journey, delving into the fears, hopes, and resilience of humanity. As you dive into his richly metaphorical poetry and explore the various themes he tackles, you will find yourself inspired and moved. Make sure to grab a copy of his book, available at, and experience the profound impact of Kyle’s words for yourself.

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