KILL EXCUSES – Motivational Speech

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"The Road Not Taken" is a source of inspiration for me, because it encourages me to seize opportunities and chart my own course in life.

Kill excuses.

All your excuses are lies little lies That you think makes life easier but They don't Now I know in the morning you got that Blanket giving you a warm hug and you Got the the pillow which is whispering In your ear telling you it's okay it's Time to stay just a little longer but Don't listen to them they're lying to You Listen to your alarm clock which is Telling you to get up and get something Listen to the weight room the pull-up Bar which is telling you to face reality And listen to your will Which is telling you to get up and Crush Everything Regardless of how you feel Don't negotiate with weakness kill it See in life you can go through life you Can come up with reasons or you can come Up with results you can come up with Excuses or you can come up with Achievements you can go through life Blaming or you can come up with Solutions the choice is in your hands Satisfaction or despair we can choose That You don't get better on the daggone Couch you get better by coming out here And getting the [ __ ] after every daggone Day when that alarm clock goes off at Four or five in the morning your mind Says no you just say it's just we do now

My new Norm is you get up every [ __ ] Morning at four o'clock and you suffer That became my new [ __ ] life most People want to get out of it I said no [ __ ] this is your new life this Is who you are I don't care how small it Is I don't care how minuscule the Movement is but make movement move Forward and do that every single day no Matter what you aren't getting it any Closer to your five year plan or your Three year plan or your seven year plan Or any plan that you've got unless you Get up and start getting after it today You want You wanted you to say it but when it's Show time when the sun comes up you got All the books you've got all the tastes You've got all the access now it's time To hunt and what separates you from Everybody else is that when it's time to Hunt you ready to hunt Everybody won't surprise but nobody Loves to process Everybody Wants To Be A Champion but nobody's willing to put in The work that it takes to be a champion Everybody wants to hold up the trophy And say man I did it but nobody is Willing to put in the work that it takes To do it I love the process I love the Thought of working for what I want and I Firmly believe you never supposed to Wish for it more than you're willing to Work for your expectations never

Supposed to exceed yeah but a lot of People they wish and they're not willing To work and the great thing about life Life has a funny way of testing all of Us and seeing how bad we really want What it is that we say we want When you work for something it gives you A different type of attachment to it the Harder you work the harder it is to Surrender that's why casket give up so Easy they ain't got nothing invested but When a cat work for something like when A cabin sacrifice for some where you Gonna have a cold day in Hell before you Take it from them write down one or two Things that you're going to commit to Doing every single day no matter what You're gonna use that motivation to Become a machine every single day no Matter what you don't think about it When you have built a habit it's Ingrained in your nervous system in such A way that the brain doesn't even have To consider whether or not it'll get Done it just gets it's done Once so the thing that you're going to Do and then you do it every single day That is what transforms you it's not the Grand Visions it's the tiny actions that Move towards a worthy ideal the good Feelings in your body is an indication That there's something that you want now You get to work by doing it every single Day

There's a lot said in our self-help Culture about starting things You have a business that you want to Start yeah you should absolutely go and Start that you have a project that You've been thinking about for a while Go start there's this whole idea that if You can just get yourself to start you Know starting is the hardest thing You've got to get into it go for it do It stop talking about it start the Problem is if people are bad at starting They're even worse at finishing things They take all of this enjoyment from Starting forgetting that there is Untold Enjoyment in finishing The satisfaction of getting something Done of feeling like you have a Completed project but getting to the end Of it and being able to put that stamp That says I'm done I finished I don't Need to look at this again it's done There is so much enjoyment that we can Take from that that we do not get when We half-heartedly move from one project To the next as soon as one gets Difficult or lacks interest we move on To the next one are you interested in Achieving these goals or are you Committed if you're interested you'll do What's convenient you'll come up with Stories and excuses and reasons why you Can't But if you're committed you will do

Whatever it takes Go of your stories you let go of your Excuses you'll let go of all the reasons You currently have that are formulating Your identity of yourself and you'll Learn how to let that go and become who You are destined to become You're trying to get to the next level And you're just interested you kill Yourself forget about it if you want to Get to the next level if you want to eat It if you want to live it if you want to Be it if you want to do it stop talking About it and give me full commits Person who says this is going to [ __ ] Work no matter what happens no matter How frustrated I get no matter how angry I get no matter what I'm [ __ ] doing This if you're committed you'll start Today to let go of your stories your Excuses your reasons why you can't and Why you won't go upgrade your knowledge You'll upgrade your skills you'll come In every single day and figure out how You can achieved those goals it's about Executing regardless of your emotions These test days they test your fortitude Your endurance your discipline your grit Your dedication your determination your Mental toughness at the very moment when Everything in you wants to do absolutely Nothing you gotta get the job done stop Having dialogue with your emotions stop Negotiating with your feelings and start

To act that's where people separate Themselves from the pack that's where People earn the right to success they Earn the money they earn the life they Earn the relationships they earn the Body in those little moments where they Don't want to do what they need to do But move forward regardless of how they Feel that's what Champions know Champions understand and champions [ __ ] thrive on [Music] Foreign Is possibly nothing But at the end of your principle is a Promise And some of you are where you are if you Could be real with yourself you have Gotten yourself in some mess because of Your feelings We are losing control And it's time for those of you in this Room to take control you've held up your Someday Either you didn't get the right Information or you got it you didn't use It you're not getting up early enough I Don't know what you're doing but when You leave all I want for you is to live Your someday no more playing after today Here's the crazy part all you got to do Is look in the mirror all you got to do Is deal with yourself and then we're Gonna get you a whole other level

Stopping you is you I need you to take Control over every single error and then Someday gonna be your day Awful weak people Get your ass up and get to work No more excuses no more I'll start Tomorrow no more just this once no more Accepting the shortfalls of my own will No more taking the easy Road no more Waiting for the perfect moment and no More indecision and no more lies no more Weakness now is the time for strength And through strength as you will as you Unwavering discipline I will become who I want to be Suffocate your [ __ ] excuses and go Do something stop running from it and Run to it stop telling me what you're Going through the greats they get to it They go through And the harder it is the better make it Work let's go The decisions you make right now is up To you Take full ownership of your time of your Mind of your day hard work works and you Know what's great about our culture Y'all the world's lazy It's a good thing for you and me Everybody will talk about it everybody Will post about it but nobody wants to Roll their sleeves and just go get it And so what that means for me I don't Have to be the most qualified I don't

Have to be the most talented all I got To begin to do is to apply myself and by Default I'm gonna separate myself from The crowd if you shut out and you say You won't do something do yourself a Favor and don't lie to yourself because That is the worst thing that an Individual can ever do you think you Lying to your fear you think you lie to Your teacher you think you lie to your Coach at the end of the day when you Look in the mail you lie to you because That's your life you make your bed you Gotta lay in your life matters what you Do in your life matters you were born to Do something great with your life you Were put here for a reason which is to Make a difference in the world which is To change your own family's tree which Is to do something great with your life I promise you you were put into that in Little ways and in big ways and the Actions of your life will Echo into Eternity the question is will that Echo For you be a whisper into eternity or a Roar and you get to decide based on the Actions you take every day in your life Whether the life of you whether it had a Big meaning and it Roars into eternity Or whether you play small and you just Whisper into eternity you get to choose That there's something in you that says I'm not going to comes on the general Economy I'm going to focus on my

Personal economy there's something in You that says the most Dependable hand In the world is the one at the end of Your wrist there's something in you that Says always strive to get on top of life Because it's the bottom that's Overcrowded you are different you have Greatness within you It's very very simple to get what you Want But it's not easy It's your job to make yourself do the Crap you don't want to do So you can be Everything that you're supposed to be And you're so damn busy waiting to feel Like it And you're never going to Ever no one's coming No one No one's coming to push you No one's coming to tell you to turn the TV off no one's coming to tell you to Get out the door and exercise nobody's Coming to tell you to apply for that job That you've always dreamed about Nobody's coming to write the business Plan for you It's up to you And because you're only ever going to do The things that you feel like doing Right now or that feel good right now Unless you understand that you've got to Parent yourself you've got to push

Yourself you're not going to make your Dreams come true Why not give me huge favor you gotta Watch them choices you make people make Bad choices they wake up another make Another bad choice they make another Bachelor now they got a habit of bad Choices right and they like I like that Choices Here you trying to get to certain places But you ain't making the choices that's Gonna get you there you all in your Feelings the problem is that most people They like they can't get up in the Morning they ain't got no energy they Don't got the energy to keep up with me I'm like well ain't nothing wrong with You you just ain't got the stamina you Just ain't got the energy you can't Smart everything you can't out think Everything some stuff is just you got to Be powerful it's just some stuff that You gotta ask Amina for you just too Slow it just take you too long you wake Up taking three weeks to do it it can Take 24 hours to do it don't make you a Bad person but you're gonna forever be Average because to be great you got to Keep up no alarm clock needed my passion Wakes me up my drive wakes me up my Determination was my ability to be doing Abs whatever I want it wakes me up what Wakes you up what drives you why are you Playing this game you gotta begin with

The end in mind so whatever your dream Or your goal is you gotta wake up every Day to it You got to go to bed with it are you Hearing what I'm telling you you gotta Read stuff the music you listen to Everything you do gotta pour into that Dream don't give up on yourself don't Throw the towel in so quickly many People give up on the one yard line you Know the human spirit is powerful this Nothing is powerful it's hard to kill The human Spirit there's greatness in You and you've got to learn how to tune Out the critics outside and the critic Inside Since I'm going to do this I'm going to Harness my will and I'm not going to let Anything stop you I deserve this working On yourself talking to yourself that's So very important overcoming the Negative conversation that you know Dialogue is going on all the time you've Got to stand up inside yourself Sometimes and say shut up I'm in control Here you've got to have an uplifted Expression watch your body posture all Of these things affect you psychically Start working and developing yourself Out and prepare yourself for what it is That you want because you expect to get It all I need you to do is speak up and Say I expect to win declared that it's Over that yesterday was the last day

That you were a loser like yesterday was The last day you expected to come up Short when you set out for a goal Expected to happen expect to be Successful expect it to be positive if You can expect it if you can wake up Feeling like a winner if you can wake up Talking like a winner if you can expect That everything you do will come out Winning I guarantee you you never ever Have to come up short again it might be Here two three four before you get your Big win but you can decide now I'm gonna Walk talk and be a different person you Decide that you're the lead character in The story of your life everything has to Do with you intending with too many of You are playing with your business if You make that shift I'm going to win We're gonna play to win now we're not Playing to play we're not playing to see How we do we're not playing for fun once You start getting some winning you start Changing you talk different you walk Different all of a sudden this isn't the Same damn human being you can change you You'd be surprised what a little winning Would do you'd be surprised how good You'd be if you just decide to win be Number one in your office number one in Your region and when you start stacking Them up your life can change Where does the switch come from the Overdrive

It is the thing that allows you to go The extra distance A little harder It takes both emotion and logic to reach Your maximum potential to really give Everything you have to go beyond your Limits Because emotion and logic will both Reach their limitations And when one fails you need to rely on The other When it just doesn't make any logical Sense to go on that's when you use your Emotion your anger your frustration your Fear to push further to push you to say One thing I don't stop when your feelings are Screaming that you have had enough when You think you are going to break Emotionally override that emotion with Concrete logic and willpower that says One thing I don't stop Fight weak emotions with the power of Logic fight the weakness of logic with The power of emotion And in the balance of those two you will Find the strength to save yourself I don't stop I didn't get to where I am But I didn't get here being lazy I Didn't get here binge watching TV I Didn't get here taking days off I Personally know what it takes one day I Made a decision that enough is enough I'm tired of being average I'm tired of

Being good I'm tired I made a decision Enough is enough it's showtime in order For you to go from one level to the next Level in order for any woman to Transition for any man to transition the Thing that they want must be greater Than the thing that girly had you only Transition from one level to the next When you're tired of the level you are You don't belong at the bottom and it's Time for you to get your butt from down There it's time for you to stop being Comfortable at the bottom get your butt Up and get to where you supposed to be Get where you belong do what supposed to Do live like you supposed to live you Gotta kill every single day of my life I Feel like giving 100 every single day I Don't have days where I don't feel like It why because I'm counting on me my Wife's counting on me my son's counting On me I don't have days to waste and Your grind has to match your dream you Can't go where you used to go you can't Do what you used to do now you gotta Pick your grind up and I need you to Wake up every single day and I need to Use your 24 hours like you've never used It before no excuses no more complaining No more giving up what's that thing That's gonna pump you up and get you Over that Hill what's gonna pump you up And get you over that model what's gonna Pump you up and get you past that

Disease what's gonna pump you up and get You past bankruptcy what's gonna pop you Up and get you to the other dog on side Come on you can win if you do what is Easy your life will be hard but if you Do what is hard your life will be easy You got the Little voices in your head And you know what they're saying they're Saying it's okay you've done enough take A little rest it's fine you can take the Day off you don't need to go hard that's What those little voices are saying but We've got another voice in your head That's asking you a question it's asking You what could you be what could you be What could you be if you worked as hard As you could what could you be if you Imposed real discipline in your life What could you be I say you crank up the volume on that Voice crank up the volume on that Question Max it out So easy to put things off So easy to say you're gonna do it Tomorrow Well I want you to reprogram your brain And tell yourself that tomorrow is not a Viable option Tomorrow doesn't work You do it today you get it done today That's what you do Stop making excuses stop telling Yourself a little water down assessments Of where you're really at tell yourself

The truth are you making yourself better Are you making yourself worse are you Moving forward or are you moving back Are you making progress or are you Stagnating make the decision yes or no Are you going to work out today yes or No are you going to win yes or no don't Allow for any gray area in there get rid Of the debate and you know the right Decision to make so go and make it Now if you know what you're worth to go Out and get what you're worth but you Got to be willing to take the hits and Not pointing fingers saying you ain't Where you want to be because of him or Her or anybody cowards do that and that Ain't you you're better than that I'm Trying to tell you you can win you can Win despite the circumstance you can win Despite the adversity you can win Despite the situation you can win Despite how much money you got in your Bank you can win despite if I give your Parents in your life but not you can win Despite the fact that you started behind You can win you can pull it off you Can't be good and be a legend you can't Be great really and be a legend you got To be phenomenal I want you to push for Legend it is the process of the grind That shaped you and forms you is not the Game you think you've become a champion On the field you don't you become a Champion when ain't nobody watching you

You're doing your own trills in your own Way you're doing what coach tell you to Do and you're doing your own stuff you Become a champion in the dark when ain't Nobody looking you don't become no Champion when you put no dog or Hellman At all you'll become a champion the way You eat you'll become a champion the way You think you'll become a champion in Your bride when nobody knows what you're Doing when you put it in effect reps When you're watching those videos and You get inspired when you change your Music and you just get on stage and you Shine It's the process that makes you sweet

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