Khary Jackson – A Story of Cocaine

Curated By Ralph

"The Road Not Taken" is a source of inspiration for me, because it encourages me to seize opportunities and chart my own course in life.

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Khary Jackson, performing at Icehouse in Minneapolis, MN.

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Once upon a time Sigmund Freud was alive Once upon a time he prescribed his Patients cocaine see cocaine was his Warning medicine from a coca leaf in South America that's a really smart guy Figured out can send people's mental Problems to the sky see everybody knew Cocaine was okay there's a doubt dislike It Why shouldn't I once upon a time cocaine Was better than alcohol because alcohol Caused problems especially rear black People no Caucasian in his right mind Wanted to cross a Negro on a bender so Once upon a time there were black folk That were no longer slaves but still Work like slaves sometimes was not Really slaves who will get tired so Their boss was saying hey we don't trust Your town without the harbor moved to Here we got you some cocaine this will Keep you working when you think about Running and for a while everything was Fine and then white folks got a Different look in the eyes of these Negroes on cocaine they looked like they Wouldn't do happy must have been Cocaine's fault why else would the Assorted kind of slaves not be perfectly Pleased why else might they be wanting To cut a [ __ ] Fitness one time a Cop reported that a cocaine crazed Negroes causing problems so he said a Bullet to his chest and a Negro kept

Coming he shot the man again and he Still kept coming they began to realize Cocaine gave black people superpowers And even now after all this time cocaine Were still perfectly legal in the United States even after doctors examined the Long-term effects wrote a bunch of Articles entitled oh [ __ ] sure folks Understood that one a drunk at [ __ ] you Up but the last straw to finally make a Law white women see rumors started Spreading the white women were in danger Like cocaine and Negroes feelin all kind Of sexy that's when folks said we better Make this official won't be no mulatto Babies unless I'm the one [ __ ] and for A while everything was fine and then Ron 1984-85 somebody figured out how to make Freebase cocaine into crack there's Somebody else thought I should go to Other ghettos cuz they got lots of bacon Powder then they tweaked the law so get A folks get hooked on cocaine just like White folk but go to jail for quadruple The time it is real America who truly [ __ ] up we ain't won a war since There's a storm and got our asses handed At forgiving every new cocaine a black People super powers the reason we lost Vietnam the army didn't have no Crackheads You know what a blast and they Palmer do To a raging wave of crackheads you know At land mines dude [ __ ] already

Set himself on fire damn if it wasn't Friday racism Cocaine might still be legal so kids This is why racism is bad when you get Older and our troubles are saying in Arousal that gives you viagra in the City cocaine we do got a toothache Nowadays they recommended instead of a Spoonful of cocaine you know why you Like Pepsi cuz coca-cola stopped using Cocaine this is why polity is good kids This is why slavery is bad because if Everybody had just treated black people As people who we can all begin blasting Who right [ __ ] now [Applause]

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