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"The Road Not Taken" is a source of inspiration for me, because it encourages me to seize opportunities and chart my own course in life.

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Just setting my timer so I don't go away So the thing is T Miller like I did live in New York To like A minute ago Like I moved to New Jersey in November And I am Still debating whether or not I should Just pretend I still live in New York Um But considering I like do a bunch of Poems about honesty I feel like maybe I Shouldn't start by lying about where I Live But I think about it every time okay I just told y'all I'm insecure and a Liar before I even started a poem this Got real real okay I'm a fat Dough Boy Compared to me Moby Dick is a goldfish I'm The real Great White whale And I'm here to tell all you skinny Sam Cooke To get off the dance floor You're doing it wrong Your Easy Elegance Is the biggest lie When a body my size begins moving in a

Direction it tends to stay moving in That direction There is no improvised Elegance here I Need to plan out every movement this Means that I have the potential to be The greatest dancer the world has ever Seen The two skinny men I asked for advice on This poem Told me that I should dance here They don't get it They don't understand that this has Never been about being a spectacle that This is about how we live our lives if You want to see true Excellence do not Follow the naturally talented follow Those who are hungry who have something Chasing them when you love yourself the Way I love this then and only then will You understand what this poem is about And I will not dance until my dancing is Like me Perfect But watch your back skinny Because I've been practicing I'm gonna do one more like Fun happy poem and then And then I might introduce you guys to The real me and Um Yeah Um I believe that all of us have a few Things that we

Feel compelled to write about over and Over and over again And most of mine are sad But then there's the subject of love Which is also sometimes sad Um Beloved Love can only be described The way it is lived In parts Hoping that the whole makes sense even Though we know none of the pieces do Love one a love Is a sandwich Everything we do can be reduced to the Layering on of parts to hoping that we Get the order right love is a sandwich Both are delicate tiny things that Didn't exist before we created them We put both in our mouths Love 1B I like a hurricane Which is to say nothing of its sudden Onset or its volume only That it takes an entire team of Scientists to predict when it will Happen I like a tornado Which is to say in a year we will be Safe but around us Things will be destroyed by our excess And I promise baby I promise that we Will not end up in the same place that

We started Love Onesie If there is anything more like the way I Fall in love than children's cartoons I haven't found it yet There are eight women who say that I am The ideal man that anyone would be lucky To have me I have asked three of them Out They all said no We still hang out but boy it gets Awkward sometimes If there is anything more like a tunnel Drawn onto a wall then this I haven't Found it yet love Too Love is the only thing that all of the Songs are right about Love is all that you need Love is a cold and Broken Hallelujah Love three The heart Is a terrible metaphor for love please Stop using it love is not a muscle it Cannot atrophy from lack of use love is An organ it can always sneak up on you The lungs are much better metaphor for Love please Always use them The inhale is that moment of excitement We feel when we meet someone special in The exhale is that moment of hate we all Fear we will feel if this does not work

With that moment between breasts when You are all potential that is love love Is Foreign So I was warned not to ask how y'all Were doing Because I was told that you were Midwesterners and would be polite and Tell me you were doing well no matter How you're doing But I'm hoping that like for one second You'll Channel your inner Brooklyn And tell me how y'all are actually doing How are y'all doing I heard someone's over here be like Tired Thank you for channeling your inner Brooklyn thank you I'm all you needed to do to make it Complete was be like I'm tired jackass Stop asking me to talk You know what I'm not going to do that Problem right now I'm going to do a Different point Faked y'all out So I never do a feature unless I am Planning on doing at least one poem I Have never read in front of an audience Before And we have uh reached that moment The hardest thing I ever did Was take a shower Holding the body of someone you love who Has committed suicide

Is easy All you have to do is sit there while You wait for the paramedics And hope that you are wrong Pray that there is still a person here To save When you are in Shock The weight of a torso is negligible For all of the strain it puts on your Body you might as well be on the beach Holding a book I think we should redefine the word Tragedy As that which is impossible to get over Unless you are profoundly lucky It will happen to you And on that day When all of your Happy Day Dreams seem Tiny And all of your nightmares seem Huge On the day when the worst what if you Can ever imagine has already happened When a friend who you love has committed Suicide When your stepfather is paralyzed Probably forever Whatever your tragedy is Please Use me as a cautionary Tale Because only a Madman tries to do the Impossible And after her death I was indeed A Madman

I tried to get over her suicide And failing that I did nothing I sat in my own filth for three weeks Until a dear friend walked into my room Carrying a towel hoping that I was not Another impossible task and said you are Taking a shower right now that shower Was the hardest thing I have ever done You cannot get over somebody but you can Take a shower And then you can get dressed and then You can find your keys and then you can Go grocery shopping and then you can do Your laundry and then it's 10 years Later and they are still dead and you Are happy I don't believe in God But I do believe in miracles And things so large that they seem Impossible when you do them one tiny Step at a time you get them done taking A shower is a miracle laughing is a Miracle being here is a miracle See that's the real example We all give up And we all hide And we all wallow in our own Whatever awful we have to wallow in But if you're lucky If there's a miracle You take a shower And you get up And you keep doing tiny things into the

World Is a slightly less dark place Thank you So Um Falling in love is just about the Easiest thing you can do Like Literally like all you got to do is like Walk in a room and be like oh you're Cute And not a terrible person We have so much in common Um It's after that That's hard It's getting love to actually stay That's hard I'm not talking about the individual I'm Talking about the act of the process of Love This is after still life with woodpecker How to make love stay One Go out Dye your hair Get it cut Shave your beard get a whole new Wardrobe I'm talking a She's All That Level reinvention of yourself As soon as there is little enough of the Way you look that you barely recognize The person who left the house this Morning

Go to a costume shop and buy a u-colored Wig A cheap facial prosthetic Draw a superhero onto your polo shirt And the minute that you look like the Cheap Halloween costume version of Yourself Go home to your love And say I love you No matter if I become a cheap hollow Reflection of who I am I will still love You Two Sing For Your Love Now I do not mean Love Leave the ballads and the Sinatra for Lust When you sing for your love it should Come from the top of your heart love is Never boring it is never the same which Means you should never sing your love The same song Twice Your song doesn't need to be on key It doesn't need to have a melody The only things it needs are to be proud And to be true You You're at What's that about you You let me send you Sons when I'm naked And I love that too Three Pretend that the whole world

Is the music video of Your Love Finish every sentence by taking off your Sunglasses Especially when you aren't wearing any You know everyone is staring at you and It's not because you're a jackass you Know why give them finger guns Create a new walk that's just for your Love Do not Swagger this is not the 90s do Not strut you are not on a catwalk Do not stumble you are not drunk Every love is unique So make sure that your walk is something The world has never seen before It could be the penguin It could be the elephant Whatever your walk is Practice it enough that you can do it Even while you are standing still Want to see mine I call it the Tiffany Wasn't it perfect The world Is a sharp edged Thief That we'll take everything from you And I hope Is a dirty prayer that we usually misuse But love Is eternal Even though we are not The world Will take everything from me But I am ridiculous

So that the world will not take my Love's laughter Not hers Not ever Thank you Uh thank you button for having me Um yeah give it the up for button Uh Thank you Slammers for doing a thing I Don't do anymore and he's still awesome Yeah yeah I'm I'm serious Um I'm gonna do two more poems for you and Then I'm gonna wander away uh I have albums on a flash drive for sale If you wanna come talk to me if you Don't want it still come talk to me it's Cool let's be friends Yeah I'm gonna do that poem now right Now When considering superpowers If I could regenerate any damage done to My body They would find the tallest building I Could I would double back flip belly flop off Of it Would not tell you it won't kill me When my body hits the ground turns bone To dust when my blood splatters across Your face there will be a moment where Your heart stops Where the belly drops out of your Everything

I will calmly walk up to you and say Yeah Ever since you killed yourself it's been Like that for all of us All of the time If I could fly I would take you so high So fast you'd be terrified that wind Resistance alone would rip you out of my Arms but do not worry I would hold on to You with a strength born of fear and Longing and I would whisper into your Ears if only you told us something was Wrong we could have told you we loved You Could have held you We could have helped If I could read other people's minds I Would not invade your privacy Instead I would eavesdrop on every passerby Tattoo my arms with all the nice things They wanted to say every wow she's so Gorgeous every I wish I could be that Confident meeting your ex-lovers would Turn my chest and back into a Masterpiece of everything they should Have said every how could I have ever Let her get away every she was the best Thing that ever happened to me my legs Would be a patchwork of hatch marks for Every time I still wish you were with me It wouldn't even take a single day to Cover this body and all the things People didn't think you needed to hear

If I could travel through time I would go back to the moment before it Was too late I would go back to the moment before You started a suicide note that read Dear Jared I'm doing this now and I know you will Be the one to find me Because of all of my friends I think you Are the one who is strong enough to take This What made you think I was strong enough To take this I would go back to the moment before you Became the reason I don't read letters Anymore without having someone else Proofread them first I would go back to The moment before you became the reason I don't put pen to paper anymore write Everything in my head if I could project My thoughts into someone else's brain Even knowing it could never have saved You but believing maybe it could have Saved me you would have never doubt it Even for an instant That you were loved Thank you And this is my last poem thank you all So much uh I love you too mystery person I've always prided myself on being an Honest person But I have decided that I will not speak

Unless I can say the complete truth This has made it so much harder to talk About the things that are really Important to me Samantha I wouldn't change a thing about our prom Night Not even my ridiculous Powder blue tuxedo That's right I rocked it hard But I have spent so many Wishing that we could have had a Different ending I have lost track of The number of times I called you crazy And every time I did I was so Of myself Do you remember that night when we Watched the meteor shower and you put my Hand on your left breast and you offered Me I still can't All I could say was Dad You are the of I have ever met Thank you I wouldn't be half the I am today if it wasn't for you Do you remember you said to me the first Time I came home with a broken arm you Said Jared why don't you just And I did Dad I have spent the rest of my life trying To

So that you would be Of me If I ever have kids I'm gonna make sure They know one thing I'm gonna make sure They know And it's all because of you Dad The first time a woman told me that I Was the only fat man she had ever wanted To I could only say I almost married her By The Third Woman To tell me that I was the only fat man She had ever wanted to I knew to Say I think a lot about the other women About the ones who never told me why I Was desirable and I that if they did They'd say You see the thing about the truth Is that it is almost never one thing I just want to be an honest man while Still leaving room for all of the Answers So how come every time I try to hold the Truth It Thank you all very much

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