IT’S TIME TO WORK – Motivational Speech

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"The Road Not Taken" is a source of inspiration for me, because it encourages me to seize opportunities and chart my own course in life.

It’s time to work.

A champion doesn't become a champion in The ring He's merely recognized in the ring The Becoming happens during his daily Routine The practicing the developing the Discipline that when applied Consistently can get you to the next Level If you look at the true Warriors of Humanity you look at the true Empire Builders you look at the true Titans who Are constructing a better world they're Less about pleasure seeking because they Understand that if you want to have a Great life a soaring life look at what Most people do and do the opposite Growth comes through discomfort you look At a great athlete it's the way they Show up in the championship game is Simply How they showed up in the lonely light Of the early hours at practice To have the results Only five percent of the population have You've got to be willing to do the Things that only five percent of the Population are willing to do There are those of you you're still Immature when your excitement is up your Effort is up but when your excitement Goes down your effort goes down for some Of you you're too seasonal when you're Excited man you coming to work the first

Week the first month the first three Months when you got that job you were Excited and so you was put forth effort You're a blaze not you got comfortable And you're not excited no more and guess What happened your effort has gone down So do me a favor get off of that feeling Stuff get off your excitement We're not dealing with feelings cause Feelings go up and down you don't have To be excited you made a commitment to That job then nobody force you to take That job you sign your name on the Dotted line and commitment said I don't Care how I feel I don't care if I'm Excited I don't care about pumped up I Don't care if I'm fired up you made a Commitment Now it's time to put up There's only one thing you cannot Purchase there's only one thing you Cannot buy and that's what real beef do That's something you're gonna have to do You gotta put more energy and you got to Put more effort in your stuff than Anybody so you getting up at four and They will get up at 3 30. so you read The book once and then you didn't get it Read it twice read it three times if a Person leaves at six you leave at 8 if a Person makes 100 calls today you make 200 calls a day if somebody practices Three hours you practice five hours if Somebody practices six hours you

Practice eight hours if someone reads Two books you read four books just do a Little bit more because there's somebody Out there who wants your spot and so you Gotta embody Excellence you start Training training like it's your life Not a game like it's your life like this The last opportunity only opportunity See a guy like me I knew something was Better than me there's more talented People than probably more talented than You but you might not work me for 30 Days or 60 days or 90 days but you ain't Gonna beat me over a year you cannot Work me over two years you're working Hard working over three years I'mma get You eventually I'm a dripping damn fuss And I just keep coming at you you might Think I'm knocked out I just keep coming I'm too damn tough to give up most People half ass half their life all the Time I knew they were gonna get tired They were gonna Flint they were gonna Get down they quit improving themselves They started sleeping in they spend all Their damn money I'm not gonna do that So I'm Gonna Save money I'm gonna get up Early I'm gonna keep getting wild I'm Gonna say relentless There comes a day man everyone's gonna Have this day it comes a day where being Average being mediocre just [ __ ] Burns it sucks so much you can't deal With it one more day

And you get off your [ __ ] ass and you Create something that's always been There it's always been inside of you Trying to come out but you've never Wanted to unwrap it because there's too Much key pain and commitment you are Scared you're gonna fail you're scared If you started you never finish it you Didn't want to tell anybody you knew it Was there but you never wanted to embark On it until something [ __ ] hits You get fired or somebody else gets Success remind you what you could have Done and then the team spark is born and No matter what happens I'm never gonna Be in this boat again and you get up and You go even it gets knocked down just Keep going keep going you're a wild man And life has never been so sweet It's time to unwrap the potential you Can be It's within you and the people that have Risen to that level were no different Than any one of us it says they believed It and they're willing to work their [ __ ] ass off to get it It wasn't about the potential it was Another genetics it was about the Perseverance And it wasn't about being the hardest Game worker in the world there is no Excuse not being the hardest worker yeah Someone might be bigger stronger faster Quicker younger whatever else but there

Is no excuse to not be the hardest game Worker there It is the process of the crime that Shaped you and forms you is not the game And that's why most of y'all get beat in The cave or make mistakes in the game Because you think Ryan is what happens When the sun comes out you'll think Brothers will happen when the lights Come on you'll think right is what Happened when people get in the Stag That's not crime the real ground is in The dark when nobody sees you When nobody knows what you're doing when You're studying with our coach when you Put in those extra rest when you're Watching those videos and you getting Inspired when you change your music It's the process that makes you sweet it Has everything to do with what time you Wake up it has everything to do with how You eat it has everything to do with how You work out how you prepare it has Every single thing to do it how you Think and if you're going to be the best The cream of the crop you gotta be it Not talk about it it has to consume you It has to take over you that when I see You without even knowing you I ought to Be able to look at you and from your Ethos I ought to see you are the best of The best I don't know what you're doing Without you saying one word it ought to Illuminate from you

No alarm clock needed my passion wakes Me up my drive wakes me up my Determination was my ability to be doing Whatever I want it wakes me up what Wakes you up what drives you why are you Playing this game is it just a game or Do you eat it do you sleeping do you Drink it have you possessed the game and What will separate those of you from the Rest is what you do You do show is very simple Because very simple concept If you want it you gotta go get it Time to stay focused it's time to decide Club partying trying to fit in and Socialize rub elbows with everybody so People can stop calling you weird why Are you so anti-social because I'm Trying to get why are you staying on the Basketball court so much because I'm Trying to get it why are you out there Practicing in the hot sun when ain't Nobody else out there because I'm trying To get it why are you not clubbing like Every time I text you and invite you to Go do something fun and cool you always Studying because I'm trying to get it The more weird you are is a reflection Of how committed you are to focusing on Your molding and shaping and developing Your ideas and your craft so that when It's time for you to make your rounds You're Gonna Fly you still got work to Do stay on that basketball court stay on

That football field goal of homies Texting and calling and trying to make You feel better about being so focused It's grind season homie it's not about Today it's about the future you do the Work now and all of this that you could Ever want to do for your family your Kids your loved ones it's all going to Be on a whole another stratosphere Some of y'all playing stop playing you Talk about you want to be successful Stop tripping you ain't serious if you Say it's too much if you say you can't Do no more it means you don't want it You're not willing to make the Investment it ain't never too much if You really want it it's not the most Talented person that succeeds Talent Don't meet a dog old thing if Talent Don't show up it's not the quickest it's Not the fastest it's not the strongest No no no no that's not the person who Makes all their dreams become a reality Sometimes it's less talent and more Effort and when you believe that you had The ability to do something then the Life that you're living right now is Going down this direction you can hate Where it is there is nothing else to do But to change direction a belief that I Cannot go that way anymore gotta go this Way and what do you have to lose you Know the outcome if you continue the Same [ __ ] why not just commit one time

In your life to something see what Happens there are no losers in the world Of passionate commitment to something no One loses there the losers are the People that sit in the starting line and Never initiate why not believe in it What's the other option it's a life Forgotten man in the acting world if I Go to the audition I have a [ __ ] Chance of getting a part if I don't go To the audition I'm out of the game I Know the outcome nothing Show up see if you get knocked on your Ass show up At least you have a possibility you have A chance You have a voice of doing something with Your [ __ ] life Your victory has defeated you Someone you your success has messed you Up you so successful now you saw it Your success has not benefited you You've not grown as a result of being Successful you've lost your bike you're Not hungry anymore your success is Damaging you not any people want the Life that you have and you got it and You're not taking it serious you know And people would die to have your life And you got it it's your life you got it What you gonna do with it Go harder or you don't need to do more In your job or be more disciplined in The way that you live if you tell

Yourself those things that's actually a Lie because you know you can do more you Know you can be more and that's the Truth that's the truth and it eats you Up when you get content when you settle Somebody's Chasing You somebody's coming From behind and somebody's trying to Take your spot and so every single day When you wake up you gotta set new goals New benchmarks you got to raise it Higher and higher and higher so you can Make your dreams become a reality No complacent Places no complacency no backing off no Slack whatsoever fight sometimes it's About consistency just keep doing it and Keep doing it and keep doing it you Never stop you never give up and never Quit day after day play after play Second after second minute by minute are You hear what I'm saying many of you Will never be successful you'll never Have it you'll never do it you'll never Be it because you just That's all you are you just like it you Trying to get to the next level when you Just interested you're kidding yourself Forget about it if you want to get to The next level if you want to eat it if You want to dream it if you want to live It if you want to swim in it if you want To wear it if you want to be it if you Want to accomplish it if you want to do It stop talking about it it

Get full commitment 120 percent Believe it was in you because every [ __ ] that has ever achieved it Had to believe it when everyone else Said it wasn't possible they said it [ __ ] was and there they stand boom Did it your turn today we're gonna start It and every day we're gonna pay our Days dues Close any more windows this day it Changes everyday forward is a better day No longer are we gonna accept Rhymes and Societies rhyme the reason that we are Average average is a weak mentality we Must be pissed off for excellence it Doesn't matter how the past is today What are we doing today are we going to Engage now and once we engage we commit Once we engage it's every [ __ ] day we Engage because that's a better life it's Your option though what are you gonna do Your brain is the most powerful weapon In the world Your brain is the only thing you have When you're going through depression When you're going through hard times You're going through death real life You're alone There's 24 hours in the day where you're Alone in this brain And your brain is talking to you in all Kinds of ways And it wants to control you and pull you

In these different pockets if you can't Control your own brain and your brain Controls you you're You got to tell your brain where you Want to go and how you want to go and How you want to get there you got to Control it if not it's over And all I knew back then was hard work The only way anything gets accomplished I can't get this paragraph I can't Remember what the [ __ ] this paragraph to Pass this test to get the military read Again Still not getting it read it again but If you're not getting it write it out And that's how I started learning Okay well I can't I gotta write out Every [ __ ] thing I do and then write Out again and write out again and guess What happened I got it I got it I can't swim I'm negative Buoyant go back again I can't swim go Back again go back again go back again I got it I realize if I keep going back and going Back and going back your mind will say Okay we're gonna figure it out because He is not going to stop If you're a student in school Try harder study harder and focus more You got this that athlete that's out There and you're not training how you're Supposed to

Go 10 15 minutes harder five ten more Reps you have to work when no one's Watching you have to train like there is No tomorrow day after day after day you Can improve just a little bit every day That's the average you need to be great That's the sacrifice that you have to Put in in order for you to get to the Next level that you need to be in if you Can't stick to something for five [ __ ] days You deserve to Get your ass kicked you deserve to be Miserable we're talking about five [ __ ] days we're not talking about 50 Years we're not talking about the five Years it probably takes to build Something worthwhile we're not talking About the five months that could take For you to lose 100 pounds we're talking About five [ __ ] days and you can't Even stick to it for that so what the [ __ ] do you think you deserve you Deserve exactly what you get and that's The truth that's the things your friends Won't tell you when you're cheating Moaning about how your life sucks on Friday night drinking a [ __ ] brewski With your boys This your mom won't tell you when you're Sitting in your mom's basement playing [ __ ] video games when you should be Reading or improving or working out or Doing something it doesn't matter how

You feel it doesn't matter how Frustrated or if you're angry or Depressed or upset you are all that Matters is that you do what needs to be Done on a daily basis over and over and Over again and if you do that and it Gets done it's irrelevant how you feel And I can tell you this if you do that For long enough you're gonna feel a lot And better about your life than you do Right now Yeah If you want to know how to change your Life and give it to you in three words Boring as it sounds raise your standards Everybody in life gets their musts they Don't get their shoulds most people have A list of shits don't they don't you Have a list of things you should do you Should follow through on I I should lose Some weight I should work out more I Should get into the office earlier People love to have their should list be Met but it's kind of like New Year's Resolutions to kind of know it's not Going to happen but when you decide Something is a must for you when you cut Up any possible you say I'm gonna find a Way I'm gonna make the way human beings When they resolve things and they can Make a real resolution inside themselves Which is they raise the standard they Make it a must they find a way to make Things work because somewhere when we

Make this click we make something a must We attach ourselves to it it becomes Part of our identity whatever people Have their identity attached to they Live your physical body today is an Absolute reflection of only one thing Not your goals not your desires but your Standards if your standard is you're an Athlete then there's a certain amount of Strength a muscle tone and energy that's Available in your body on a regular Basis because that's who you are and so You do whatever is necessary to maintain That identity the strongest force in the Human personalities this need to stay Consistent with how we Define ourselves Once you lock in on that identity your Brain finds a way to keep you there if You identify yourself in a new way and That becomes the standard how you live You'll find the way to make that Standard real it all comes down to the Inner game my friends Changing your life is a change in the Inner game The outside world you can't control but You have absolute control over this one If you learn the Dynamics of what shapes You this suffering this sacrifice you're Making is an indicator of progress it's An indicator of obsession it's an Indication of progress towards our Dreams and jewelry things require Sacrifices

You're not entitled to your dream you Have to look in the bloom for your dream The price you will pay for not making Your dream come true is far greater than The one that you will pay to make it Come true Am I satisfied not by a long shot and I Will not go quietly until the night I Will go kicking and scream every Opportunity is the last opportunity Every opportunity I have to reprove Myself again because the day you become Condensed is the day you die is the day The person who's trying to catch you Will get you where are the warriors Let's say I'm gonna make a decision and I'm keeping it and regardless of how you Feel about it it doesn't matter if the World is crumbling or down around you it Doesn't matter what's happening Just do the thing every single day Whether you feel like it or not oh I Don't feel so good today get your lazy Sick ass up out of bed your only Commitment is Not to the grand scheme not to the big Picture not to the implications of what It is that you're doing it's to do the Thing Habits Are the building blocks of Our Lives It's what you [ __ ] do every single Day that matters more than anything Devote yourself to something bigger be

Decisive about what you're gonna do say I'm gonna do it and that's it and then Be disciplined about getting it done Every single day whether you feel like It or not

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