I’M TIRED… BUT I WILL COME BACK STRONGER THAN EVER – Motivational Speech (featuring Tim Storey)

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"The Road Not Taken" is a source of inspiration for me, because it encourages me to seize opportunities and chart my own course in life.

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IF YOU’RE TIRED OF BEING TIRED…WATCH THIS! Tim Storey, acclaimed author, speaker, and life coach, delivers one of the most inspiring interviews you will ever hear.
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We recently had the opportunity to interview Tim Storey, World-Renowned Motivational & Inspirational Speaker, Author, & Life Coach of A list celebrities including Oprah Winfrey, Quincy Jones, and Robert Downey Jr. We sat down and asked Tim for his greatest life advice, how to turn a setback into a comeback, and what to do when you’re tired of being tired.

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Tim Storey

Tim Storey is an acclaimed author, speaker, and life coach, known for inspiring and motivating people of all walks of life, from entertainment executives, celebrities, and athletes to adults and children in the most deprived neighborhoods in the world.

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I’m the number one go-to guy in the World of celebrities How do you make that happen I decided to get very skilled at my work And anywhere from working from Little kids and orphanages to people in Prisons To robert downey jr so i don’t see Anybody as different I just see them as human beings that Need to turn a setback to a comeback What i teach is that we all have what i Call life interruptions you’ve had them I’ve had them it could be uh when Somebody’s young and they get ill or Their parents get divorced or in this Case my father passed So it’s a life interruption and then When most people have that life Interruption or setback they don’t know How to get out of it And so that’s one thing that i think Created a calling in me that i wanted to Help more people that had Life interruptions find a way Up and out whole idea of the book of the Miracle mentality Is don’t live in the mundane Don’t stay in the messy Don’t stay in the madness But make room for the miracles And i think that so many of us that we Get so caught up in the Mundane and then the mundane escalates

To the messi And then it escalates to the madness Which is the chaotic Demand where’s the magical you know There’s times in life where you just Want to shout Where life is at a high volume and Could be the first time somebody falls In love you just want to shout It could be you’re successful in your Job you just want to shout But there are times where you’re Disappointed And things don’t work and then you’re Disappointed again and disappointed Again and it feels like watch his plan Words Life has knocked the shout out of you And that shout goes down to a whisper And if you notice a lot of people that You grew up with they don’t have a shout Anymore their shout became a whisper It’s like hey how’s it going well step By step how’s your marriage going okay How’s your job okay and they find Themselves in the land of okay but i Believe you can get your shout back That idea of listening but also the fact That i learned Um through my research and study How to turn a setback Into a comeback like i’ll give you like Three points please so when somebody has A setback

What happens to them most times they go Very singular they go really inward so If they go through a divorce they go Very inward or they lost their job they Go inward anxiety Or depression pandemic they go very Inward But when you have a setback the first Thing you got to do is you got to become Awake You got to become conscious you got to Say oh my gosh we’re in the middle of a Pandemic And we may need to be locked down for a Month a month turned into another month And then over a year right So number one become awake secondly you Have to take inventory Take realistic inventory like in the Pandemic where am i financially where am I with my job where am i with my mental Health How is my family doing How’s my country doing how’s this world Doing so number one you become awake Secondly take inventory but here’s a Powerful thing you have to partner with The right people I feel that a lot of people when they Have a setback They don’t have the right people to Partner with so that’s what i always Wanted to become and that’s what i Became i want to be the person that

Somebody could link hands with and say Come on tim’s story You mean i know everything but you know How to get people from a setback to a Comeback i’m the Partner Power person I’m inspired by The little things in life I have this saying that miracles are Either coming or going at all times My last book is called the miracle Mentality and they have a miracle Mentality is to look for the Extraordinary look for the unusual look For the uncommon And The other day I was really busy on a lot of zoom calls And i went in my backyard and as i was Sitting there drinking hot tea i noticed That three butterflies Came by my right shoulder at the same Time true story they turned around And came back the same way that inspires Me So i’m i’m inspired by butterflies I’m inspired by you today in the Outreach you guys have in changing lives I’m inspired by this beautiful location In estonia I’m inspired by great conversations with Quincy jones I i’m high on life i really enjoy life

What a privilege to live First of all i’ve learned that not Everyone’s urgent is my urgent I got that from stephen covey Because in the early days of life Coaching I used to be on the phone like non-stop Like even late at night two three four In the morning i don’t do that anymore Because unless it’s a major major crisis Someone’s been hospitalized or somebody Had a relapse in the area of addiction I i make people make appointments in the Biggest stars in the world they gotta They gotta go through my assistance And i think it’s better that way because I have to i have to protect my own peace I have to protect my own state of mind Because i like to be in just a very Sound mind I like to be Steady in unsteady times So Even though they may have my number Doesn’t mean they’re urgent is my urgent I have a therapist so i think that like To live the life that i get to live Is So over my head Like how did this happen okay So Like sometimes i’m like driving down the Street and i won’t name drop on this one And like someone will call me this like

A huge gigantic movie star that we would Look up to forever And it just it blows me away still So i think that You know for for many many years I’m living this life That is Different better more magical And um I like going to a therapist and just Sitting there And making sure i stay on the yellow Brick road making sure that my motives Are right my mindset is is right because In my kind of job they they offer you a Lot of money to do different things like Um you know mostly coming from just a Lower income family to uh Starting to do real well even in my Early 20s I just i just wanted to be around Practical mindsets that would keep me on The yellow brick road and so far so good To get your shout back the first thing You got to do is get tired of being Tired If you’re bloated get tired of being Bloated if you’re poor get tired of Being poor If you’re lonely get tired of being Lonely And you really got to get tired of being Tired and that’s how i was Being in a lower income family i didn’t

Like that feeling of like i wanted a Certain tennis shoe but i got the almost Version I wanted a certain type of levi’s But i got plevis Right so everything was almost i was Tired of being tired tired of being Regular tired of being this and so i Made a choice Demand I’m gonna do three things here we go Number one We learn from education number two That’s why i’m glad that you’re doing This we learn from conversation Number three we learn from observation So i begin to educate myself I begin to have better conversations and I began to watch people around me That got the shout back And i emulated And started following what they did Tired of being tired tired of being Tired [Music] You

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