I’M GOING TO MAKE IT – Motivational Speech

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"The Road Not Taken" is a source of inspiration for me, because it encourages me to seize opportunities and chart my own course in life.

I’m going to make it.

Spoken by Les Brown, Ed Mylett, Eric Thomas.

Music: And The Sky Turned Red by Secession Studios.

I don't know what that dream is that you Have I don't care how far-fetched it might Appear to be I don't care how disappointing it might Have been As you've been working toward that dream But here's what I know That that dream that you're holding in Your mind That it's possible In the process of working on your dreams You are going to incur a lot of Disappointment a lot of failure A lot of pain a lot of setbacks a lot of Defeats but in the process of doing that You will discover some things about Yourself that you don't know right now Most people think they're disqualified For becoming Mega successful they think Their past disqualifies them their Mistakes they're seven you don't know Man I've had a divorce you don't know I Failed in this other business you don't Know in the last down real estate market I lost it all you don't know what I'm Addicted to you don't know my mistakes You don't know my weaknesses you don't Know what I'm not good at you don't know I've always been average and ordinary I've always been invisible and so that Disqualifies me from being successful So what you do regularly is you Disqualify yourself and what I'm saying

To you what if the truth was that your Greatest mistakes are the very things That do qualify you what if that's the Case what you will realize is that you Have greatness within you what you'll Realize is that you're more powerful Than you can ever begin to imagine what You will realize is that you're greater Than your circumstances that you don't Have to go through life being a victim If you can survive temporary pain on the Other side of temporary pain you will Meet another version of you And by the way all pain is temporary the Only thing permanent is our soul even Our bodies are temporary so all pain no Matter what it is it is temporary and if You can survive it on the other side of It you will meet personality traits Emotions thoughts people circumstances Versions of you that you didn't know Existed before if you want to make your Dream become reality the people that are Running at their dreams know that it's Possible that you can live your dream That's it's necessary that you're Relentless that you have a plan of Action that you are creative that know If it's going to happen it's up to them And they're resolving within themselves It's not over until I win the people That are running after that dream know They're going to have hard times they Keep on running because they're saying

Within themselves no matter how bad it Is or how bad it gets I'm going to make It I'm up here not because I'm super Impressive because I'm not every time I Wanted to quit this business I didn't Make a decision to not quit the rest of My life I made a decision not to quit For one more day one more day just so Quit one more day hang up what if the Truth is that changing your life is one Away one decision one meeting one Conversation one extra phone call one Extra rep in the gym you start stacking Up those one more that's the separator You are one decision away from changing Your life you're one new meeting one new Relationship one new contact one new Action one new decision away from Shifting your life from where it is Right now to a totally different place There's something you've been hesitating On there's a contact you need to make There's a job you need to quit I don't Know what it is but I know there's a Decision that you need to make to take You to the next level because decisions Shape our destiny when they're backed up By some massive ass action but you can't Take the action if you don't decide a Man up in my heart I will not go through And not get a reward for it I will not Quit I will not surrender I will Outlast Every trial and every tribulation that

Comes in my life you need a family that Is wealthy somewhere back in their Lineage generationally they weren't and Then something happens the one shows up And every family there's the one and That one changes that family forever in My family I'm the one we don't think Like we used to think I know why I'm the One who made the calls late at night I'm The one who drove hours and hours for People to say no I'm the one who dealt With the heat I'm the one who typed all The emails I don't want to return to all The messages I'm the one that dealt with All the stress and the strife and the Cancellations and the back talking and The people didn't keep their word to me And the difficult times I'm the one who Lost sleep at night I'm the one who got Up early I'm the one who carried the Emotional burden of winning just like You are you're the one it's you you've Got to take personal response ability You've got to make it your personal Business to make it happen and you've Got to resolve within yourself that I Can do this I'm the one I'm the one I'm The one to make this happen I'm the one To become successful in this business It's possible I can live my dream it's Necessary I work on myself it's me I've Got to make it happen in a matter of One Moment One Decision One Day One account One client one made eight your life can

Change in a moment and if you don't know That you will miss them when they show Up but what if you believe that and you Live in anticipation of finding them now You're ridiculous activating see these Things I wasn't seeing before here's Things I wasn't hearing before feels Things that didn't feel before and it Tries to prove you right if you put your Head down if you get focused if you stop Worrying about what everybody thinks and If you start pursuing that person you Are capable of if you start competing With the efforts you make every single Day your life changes

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