I WILL NOT QUIT – Motivational Speech

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"The Road Not Taken" is a source of inspiration for me, because it encourages me to seize opportunities and chart my own course in life.

No matter how hard it is or how bad it gets, declare to yourself; I’m going to make it.

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What do you do when your battle Chooses you Life is not always easy in fact some of You today are here and you’re going Through the toughest season of your life There will be Seasons where we will Suffer there will be seasons of real Pain and the question is how will you Respond in those moments What’s your why you need a why why do You need a y cause some days you’re Gonna say I don’t want to get up but That wise gonna say I pushed yourself Get up your mama needs you your Daddy Needs you your children need you get up Your wife’s gonna push you when you Can’t push yourself When you want to quit and give up your Wives gonna give you that edge you need That Advantage you need that lift that You need to get to the next level your Why you better go inside you still Looking outside for the stuff that’s Already inside you’re still looking for Someone to save you when you already Your superhero you looking for some Information from somebody when you Already got what you need in your head It’s just time for you to get up and be The best version of you as you’re going Through your go through you rate it Quick you ready to give in cause it Don’t look like you think it should look You’ve been doing it for five years and

It don’t look like you think you put all Your money in it you put all your time In it people looking like you crazy five Years you’ve invested oh you have Absolutely nothing to do with what Happened to you it’s not your fault you Got knocked on the ground you had Absolutely nothing to do with that and I’m not blaming you for that but if I Come back a week later you’re still on The ground that’s your fault if I come Back a year later you’re still on the Ground that’s your fault if you get Knocked down there’s nothing you can do About it but getting back up has every Single thing to do with you and you will Promise me that from this day forward You will not be defeated Pain ain’t permanent your pain ain’t Permanent you can get through this you Bigger than your pain you’re better than That come on you need to remember this Is not the first time you cry this is Not the first time you were hurt this is Not the first time you didn’t have Enough money this is not the first Diagnosis that came out from behind what If all of us took that attitude after we Face a rejection and a Noah we have a Meeting and no one shows up or somebody Say you can count on me and they don’t Come through nobody believes in you You’ve lost again and again and again The lights are cut off but you still

Looking at your dream reviewing it every Day and say to yourself it’s not over Until I win the heart of the battle the Sweeter the victory see what you become In the process is more important than The greed that’s far more important the Kind of person you become the character That you build the courage that you Develop the faith that you’re Manifesting oh it’s it’s something that You get up in the morning you look Yourself in the mirror you’re a Different kind of person you walk with a Different kind of spirit that people Know that you know what life is that you Have embraced life universe hard but you Did it hard I don’t care how good you I don’t care How talented you are I don’t care how Much you work on yourself there are some Times when things aren’t going to go Right There are times when anything that can Happen will happen Everybody has a turn back moment Everybody has a crossroad you can either Decide to continue Or to quit To go forward or to go back [Music] I need you to evaluate yourself and ask Yourself the question how are you hired When you have a trial or a tribulation How are you wired when you hear the word

No does it break you I’m wired Differently I get excited I’ll know my Love no I love it it turns me on no Eric I’ll be Back I’ll back I’ll be stronger when I Come back don’t Sean to know every no You take to know when you recycle it you Hold on to it you Embrace every note and You let each of know make you callous to Know you get so strong that when you Hear no it turns you on there’s gonna be Some scars the scars gonna come you Might as well get blessed by the Stars They gonna come there’s gonna be scars That’s going to be defects that’s going To be prop you running from the blessing They’re gonna be scars there’s gonna be Some hiccups we gonna take some L’s we Gonna get hurt we gonna cry we all go Through it you think you’re the only one Some of you know you let your pain pump You you let your pain make you quit if You get past it on the other side of it It’s going to be phenomenal I don’t want You go through this process but Nevertheless Take me through the fire I need you to look at that sickness That’s going on in your life right now Whatever it is I want you to say I can Be I will beat it I must I got a family Live for I ain’t through yet my life Ain’t over yet there’s some things in Life you don’t need no degree for you

Don’t need no money for it you don’t Need no support for it there’s something Like you’re just gonna get through when You tell yourself I’m gonna get through This now you can stop you the only thing That can stop you is Shoot no situation No reason to have mercy okay And I’m not retreated I’m not running I Don’t care what they say on paper I Don’t care if you say we outnumber we Live by this and we die by this we don’t Retreat we don’t run we don’t stand we Gonna live we gonna die by what we stand For and everybody gonna know what we Represent and what we’re a part of I got Staying power I got staying power be Encouraged today that no matter what you Walk through no matter how broken your Marriage is no matter how many times you Fail there is within you a spirit that Is greater than whatever is going on Found you If you would be willing to fight your Way through this battle fight your way Through cancer fight your way through That academic struggle fight your way Through divorce fight your way through It if you are willing to fight your way Through that singing career fight your Way through boxing fight your way Through football I’m telling you at the End of the fight it’s going to come Victory

[Music] When you feel like giving up Don’t When you thinking about giving up Don’t When it looked like you ain’t gonna make It Keep going When they tell you you can’t Come on man who are they When they tell you you’re not gonna make It don’t believe them man Don’t believe them you got to be Relentless Don’t give up Don’t give up Stay in it stay focused quitting Guarantees the failure once you quit it Rules out any chance of succeeding the Mere waking up every day putting the Next foot in front of the next foot At least keeps you in the game But you can choose in the midst of all Of this that’s going on to be happy and Spite Of life’s challenges see a lot of us Because of our limited vision of Ourselves a lot of us who begin to focus On problems and enable them to overwhelm Us we begin to think that we have no Options we begin to believe that there’s No way out well guess what there’s Always a way where there’s a will There’s a way we have two primary

Choices in life we can either accept Conditions as they exist or we can take The responsibility to change them see a Lot of people want to exempt themselves From taking responsibility all they want To do is talk about the problem Every time you see them they’ll tell you Their story over and over and over and Over again No no you want to take responsibility For your life I got me here I can get me out of this And I’m getting out I’m not going to be a volunteer victim I invested too much to quit I made too Many sacrifices to give up I’ve had it Too much listen to me I cannot stop what Happens to me but I can dictate how I Respond so when life happens I’ll just Sit there and cry I buff back I will Greet this day with love in my heart and I will overcome evil Life’s gonna whip your blood life is Gonna bully you stop whining stop crying Nobody cares be demanding let it hit you But don’t let it punk you This is not an opposition this is an Opportunity I don’t care if you’ve been Beaten to the floor if your legs are too Tired to lift that weight break through That barrier and create new ones for you And for others to show off get back up And live life I’m unstoppable this will Not get me down you’ve got to make those

Kind of declarations to yourself I have Never met anybody who became incredibly Successful in any area of their life Until they have suffered and sweated and Sacrificed and kept their focus and Fought through tears and trials and Tests and if you have a dream and you Commit to it it will come to pass you Must have patience and engage in Consistent action we live in the world Ladies and gentlemen where people want Instant gratification they want it right Now no it’s simple but it’s not easy It’s a system that if you work the System it works if you work it but make No mistake about it it’s hard you are The determining Factor the people that Make it in this world look around for The circumstances that they want and if They can’t find them they create them It’s you that you must take personal Responsibility to make it happen it’s Hard no easy it’s not an option however Ladies and gentlemen what she will Discover is that it’s worth it write Down five reasons of why it is worth it For you to become a diamond to Experience that level of achievement What is it that will give you the drive What is it that will ignite the courage In you to get up and come back again and Again and again how is it that you would Be able what reasons that can tap into That deep down feeling that goes to your

Gut that no matter how many times you Get knocked down that you’re coming back Life happens The unexpected The uncalled for the unintentional We’ve been damaged emotional Damaged spiritually It may be your business It may be your heart that is broken Today It may be the number in your bank Account that is screaming you are broke You can break physically you can break Mentally you can break your heart you Can break your spirit and all of those Are gonna leave a mark But the mark that they leave can be the Mark of victory Or it can be the mark of defeat It is staying with the breaking that Produces the blessing It is not what you go through that Determines where you end up It’s who you listen to Because I think right now You are walking through a valley Between two voices One is wisdom one is worry One is gratitude one is grumbling One is blame one is faith Because every time you break in in every Way that you break Wow it’s a chance for you to give up and For you to fall apart

But there’s also Opportunity To get stronger And get smarter and get faster and get Tougher and get more stable and get more Resilient and get better Whatever experience you’re having right Now it has not come to stay it has come To pass sometimes you have to just back Up and go within yourself and pray and Meditate go away clear your head and Then come back and look at it from a Different Vantage Point don’t operate While you’re under the spell or the Effect of what’s going on Don’t allow your emotions to control you We are emotional but you want to begin To discipline your emotion if you don’t Discipline and contain your emotions They will use you you don’t have to Force yourself or motivate yourself to Think negatively to be depressed to beat Yourself up over the head to feel loaded With guilt you don’t have to make any Effort to do that your mind is on Automatic it will do that by itself but If you want to begin to move into your Own personal greatness you’ve got to be Willing to go against the tide you’ve Got to be willing to harness your will And say in spite of this I’m in control Here I’m not going to let this get me Down I’m not going to let this destroy Me I’m coming back

The only person that’s going to make a Drastic change in your life whether That’s physically mentally emotionally Spiritually the only person that is Going to dig you out of your holes who You you have to do it for you you’ve got To become courageous to stand up within Yourself to face it and step forward we All get a taste of that victim mentality The why me you can become the victim of The situation or the victor of the Situation you need to be the master of Your emotions not let them affect you You’re the dictator you’re the captain Of your boat whether you let things Affect you in a negative way or a Positive way I don’t lose I only win or Learn in life there’s only winning or Learning all your problems become gifts Once you learn from them and some of you Have allowed it firstly to make you stop And I’m telling you right now don’t give Up I’m telling you right now don’t give In get through it execute execute Execute in the midst of adversity Execute we’re gonna work through this You’re gonna get up you gonna get Dressed you’re gonna get out and you’re Gonna do what you’ve been called to do You’re gonna be what you called me you Won’t prove that everybody that tried to Break you everybody tried to kill your Dreams you will prove all of them wrong And if you can work through your pain

I’m guaranteeing you on the other side Is a reward pain is not permanent pain Is temporary Life can throw you some curves And it’s not just the things that you See coming but sometimes it’s the things That you didn’t see coming that hit you Out of nowhere that set you back in such A way that it seems like you can’t get Over And you’ve reached your limit And your bandwidth is full and you Already said I can’t take another thing And then out of nowhere Here Comes Something you didn’t see coming and You’re in it and in your homes somewhere In your heart these words are echoing Am I going to make it When you get into a tight spot and Everything goes against you until it Seems that you cannot hold on for a Minute longer never give up then for That is just the place and time that the Tide will turn There are times when your energy feels So depleted that you’ll want to give up That it looks just totally impossible And I can tell you from my own personal Experience don’t give up then That’s when you’ve got to fall forward When life is kicking dirt in your face Don’t give up then that’s when most People turn back

As long as you’re alive there is hope You’re still alive You’re still here It’s never too late That is never too dark and we can always Turn things around There’s going to be bad days there’s Going to be dark days but you got to Embrace it because that pain is what Makes you stronger pain is the high cost Of growth if you want to grow up you Want to be mature there is no way to do It without pain you can’t grow up on Easy Street and the very thing that Discourages you is the very thing that Develops you what I need you to do is I Need you to find a reason to keep going And if you can find a reason to keep Going I know you’re strong enough to do It because you nailed it and every human Has what it takes to get past whatever They’re going through if they decide to Push through it tragedy and Trials come To everybody Only the Strong Survive you Have the opportunity to What you are really made of And there are those of you you were this Close but you compromised you let your Feelings get the best of you and you let A little pain stop you from your dream Girl it was there you was running your Business you were there I didn’t quit Because people didn’t understand I Worked harder but people didn’t support

Me you better grind because if you don’t You will be stuck at that adversity for The rest of your life whatever it is You’ll be stuck there why don’t I get Something for us you ain’t gotta have The best head in life you ain’t got to Start with the two parent background you Ain’t got to start with well you ain’t Got to start but your parents graduated It’s not the hand that you dealt this is How you play your head when people die Or people get sick or something happens In your life if all you’re doing it for Is a car and a house that can stop you But if you’re doing it for your mom for Your siblings for your family for your Community nothing can stop you you Cannot be broken when you haven’t Intrinsic goal when you’re doing it Because you value it when you’re doing It because you can when you’re doing it Because it represents who you are when It’s internal nothing can stop you no Mountain no trial no tribulation nothing Can stop you when it’s deeper than just Money and stuff I can I will I must It’s Gonna Rain sometimes I will You gonna feel discouraged sometimes I Will no matter what the obstacle I will I will I will How much what’s that thing that’s gonna Pump you up and get you over that Mountain what’s gonna pump you up and Get you past that disease what’s gonna

Plump you up and get you past bankruptcy What’s gonna pump you up and get you to The other dog outside despite the Circumstance you can win despite the Adversity you can win I’m trying to tell You you can win I’m trying to tell you I Don’t care how big the giant is you can Win I want you to go in confidence that You’ve never had before and every Giant In your life slam you Slail don’t kill him slam foreign [Music] At all [Music] There’s going to be challenges You’re gonna get beat down That’s the way life is You say to sort of put a mask on your Face and you go home and lay in your bed When no one’s looking at you and you Don’t have to impress anybody And you’re yourself And fear comes in Maybe you don’t know for sure what’s Going to be happening in the future and It scares you Just that fear paralyzes you and I just Want to ask you today Do you think you have hope At some point Everything’s going to go south on you Everything’s going to go south and You’re going to say this is it This is how I end

Now you can either accept that Or you can get to work [Music] That’s all it is You just begin You do the math you solve one problem And you solve the next one And it doesn’t matter How you get knocked down in life because That’s going to happen All that matters that you gotta get up You have to get up Life is hard sometimes Easy It’s not an option Foreign But it’s worth fighting Is worth believing is worth giving Yourself a chance is worth Mustering yourself up standing up inside Yourself it’s worth fighting Relentlessly never giving up is worth it You can do it You can do it there’s problems that we Go through that cause stress worry Anxiety and fear but you might be in the Battle of your life I want to encourage You It’s not about what’s happening around You it’s always about what’s happening Inside of you Just because you feel afraid Doesn’t mean you Have courage

Doesn’t mean you have to be discouraged Just because you have fear doesn’t mean Fear has to have you Okay how dark it look for you I don’t care what they just said to you I don’t care what the verdict is I don’t Care what the haters say It ain’t over no matter what happens to You it ain’t over ain’t no such a thing As over just sentence out of your mouth Is a story that you are putting out I’m Not gonna make it I Quit let’s get a Divorce business is never coming back We’ve lost too many people I’ve made too Many mistakes I’m a failure nobody can Help me I’ve done too many bad things I don’t know what’s coming out of your Mouth but it’s a death sentence we have To make sure that whenever I feel when I Think a death sentence I must speak a Life sentence Oh I’m feeling the sentence of death I’m Stealing the thoughts of anxiety I’m Feeling the thoughts that I’m done I Feel like I’ve been used and it hurts And it’s difficult but when that happens I start speaking out a life sentence no I’m just gonna keep showing up Noma get Back up the righteous man he falls seven Times but he gets back up Some of you have been knocked out by Life and you got up and saw the blood he Hit me sometimes in life you have to hit Back recycle your pain get something

From it you already in pain use it do Something with it allow it to take you To the next level allow your pain to Push you to Greatness do you ask it bro What do you want man I want to be Diamond tell me something I don’t know Everybody wants it but the real reality Of it is everybody don’t get it and the Crazy thing is if you want it you can Get it it’s not like somebody is Stopping you on the guns you hadn’t Telling you you can’t get it it’s a Matter of will it’s a matter of hard Work it’s a matter of sacrifice it’s a Matter of dedication it’s a matter of Commitment the difference is not the Genetic code the potential it’s a guy That’s willing to get knocked down Finally done so unfortunate stand back Up the perseverance to see it through They Never Say Die attitude We know the battle ahead we know the Journey your head’s gonna get tough we Know we gonna face obstacles we know It’s going to be some discomfort we know They’re gonna try to break us we know They’re coming for us we know that’s Gonna happen already so let’s make up in Our mind before the Bad we gonna be victorious don’t cry to Give up cry to keep going don’t cry to Quit you already in pain you already Hurt get a reward from it at the end of Paying a success

Sick I don’t care what you’re going Through if you’re not dead he threw with You yet as long as you’re waking up you Still move still in the game you still Can win now get your butt up

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