I WILL NEVER QUIT – Motivational Speech

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"The Road Not Taken" is a source of inspiration for me, because it encourages me to seize opportunities and chart my own course in life.

I will never quit.

Spoken by Ed Mylett, Tyrese Gibson, David Goggins, Chadd Wright.

Music: Mad World by 2WEI.

Can you survive the temporary On the other side of temporary pain You get introduced to your other self And that other self produces that other Life When challenges and issues come back to Back to back and it seems like something Is after me something is attacking my Journey you're thinking about quitting You're thinking about giving up You are caving in Don't give up Stay in it Stay focused Maybe you need to rename your storm yeah It sucks yeah it's hard but somehow Healing's coming out of this it's easy To have faith and feel good when you're Feeling good and you have no pain and Your bills are pain it's easy to be Motivated then but when that's not the Situation it's hard but it's worth Fighting it's worth mustering yourself Up standing up inside yourself it's Worth being Up Tempo it's worth fighting Relentlessly never giving up there's Going to be things that go on that are Out of your control The worst thing you can do is let Something that's out of your control Control you get control of yourself get Control of your emotions don't get angry Don't get frustrated instead stay calm And figure out how to move forward you

Know what I ask myself when going Through pain what if I can do it what if I can defy all the odds what if I can Prove everyone wrong what if I can pull Off a miracle what if I can Become someone that no one thinks I can Be and just the thought of that can give You the strength to pull yourself out of The gutter and back in the fight one More time you gotta go all the in When there's a will there's a way and There's always a way when you're Committed you don't care about the facts You don't care about the odds you don't Care about the opinions of others the Only thing you care about is making it Through to the other side no Matter what it takes you just gotta keep Searching keep fighting keep hammering Keep failing keep trying keep getting Back up again and stop at nothing to Reach it I will never quit because if You quit you're done I will never quit I Will persevere and I will thrive on Adversity my team expects me to be Physically Carter and mentally stronger Than our opponents I will be physically Harder and mentally stronger than Anything that comes against me my family My business my brothers my sisters my Team I will be the one that is Physically harder and mentally stronger And I will work to maintain that Position you won't be you have got to

Make a decision in your life you have Got to make a decision about your Fitness you have got to make decisions About your business you have got to make Decisions about your marriage you have Got to make decisions about your kids Because you know what your only other Option is to crouch in stagnant fear Like a coward and potentially die and Potentially put the lives of everyone Who depends on you in Jeopardy and the Reason that Chad Wright is sitting here Right now talking to you is because Chad Wright mustered whatever strength that He had left to claw his way back onto His freaking feet and pony up that no Matter how many times I was knocked down That I would muster enough strength to Get back on my feet and get in the fight [Music]

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