“I Got RICH When I Understood THIS” | Tom & Lisa Bilyeu

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"The Road Not Taken" is a source of inspiration for me, because it encourages me to seize opportunities and chart my own course in life.

Lisa and Tom Bilyeu, co-founders of billion-dollar brand Quest Nutrition and hosts of Impact Theory and Women of Impact, share their greatest advice on success.
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The tenacity it takes to face your Inadequacies and continue to try try That’s where we’ve succeeded Thing with excuses sometimes the very But it doesn’t serve you it doesn’t Serve your goal so are you going to let It sit with you or you’re going to find A way around it to me there’s only one Definition of success and it’s entirely Neurochemical based so the goal is Fulfillment that’s it period end of Story and the reason it’s powerful is You understand that the quality of your Life is determined by the quality of Your neurochemistry literally everything You do in life is about manipulating Your neurochemistry people are watching This show because they’re hoping that we Say something that manipulates their Neurochemistry you’re going to put music Under this it’s going to manipulate Their neurochemistry you’re going to cut It in a way that manipulates the Neurochemistry they’re going to do drugs Eat fall in love have sex all of it is About manipulating their neurochemistry I started to realize oh Legacy wasn’t Having kids like actually having kids Legacy to me was creating impact that When you’re gone you have touched their Lives you can become anything you want To become but you’re going to have to Pay a heavy price to get there so the Question is what is it that you want to

Do most of you aren’t going to know the Answer to that so you’re going to go Explore as Kevin he says don’t Prematurely optimize go experiment go Try things just like Lisa was saying go Play around go enjoy yourself figure out What it is you like nothing is ever Going to be self-evident you’re never Going to come across something like this Is what I meant to do with the rest of My life you are going to find something That gives you more energy than it takes When you find something that when you do It you’re like oh this is fun and you’re Actually energized by it then you’re Going to go down the path of actually Gaining skills in that the more you Engage with that if that continues to be More fun now it will become a Fascination once something becomes a Fascination now we’re going to really Figure out if we can serve other people With that set of skills if you can You’ve got a hope of turning that into a Passion there’s a saying called brain Plasticity your brain actually changes No matter how old you are your brain Changes and I was like okay well if That’s true then if I put time and Energy into something my brain will Change I’ll get better at it and that Will improve my skills and then another Obsession of mine is to get people to Understand

Skills have utility you don’t read a Book to get an A on the test you don’t Read a book to check something off a List you read a book to learn something That lets you do something in the real World that other people can’t do Elon Musk has a great quote you’re paid In direct proportion to the difficulty Of the problems you solve So you’re learning something so you can Solve problems hard problems that other People can’t solve and so once you Understand oh this is mechanical my Brain is designed a certain way there’s A certain path that I have to walk to Gain skills and then skills let me do Something other people can’t do and by Doing things other people can’t do I’m Able to serve myself and the group That’s fulfillment fulfillment’s the Point it it is so mechanistic it’s all Just deadly simple and when I’m giving Honest answers I’m always looping around This is how the human mind works and Every time every time I say something Controversial it’s always about biology I’m just like okay like if you want to Fight it fight it you’re gonna die tired And I will Propel myself forward because I’m not judging what is true I don’t Deal with the world the way that I wish It were I deal with the world the way That it is what I’m good at and what We’re good at together is not being

Right all the time it’s Basically learning from your mistakes so The physics of progress is you come up With a hypothesis that should be as Informed as possible you figure out a Way to turn that into something you can Actually do so you’re going to run a Test then you actually run that test and Then this is where most people fall down You have to lower your Psychological defenses to stare nakedly At the results and oftentimes that’s Going to be you didn’t do something well You didn’t think through this right you Made a mistake somewhere and then if You’re willing to do that and you learn From that then you can re-inform your Hypothesis make it a little bit better Run that whole system again and once you Get in that Loop then you can really Make progress the key to me being driven Is identifying what my passion is and my Mission is so if I don’t have a passion And Mission then I don’t have a drive When we started empathy it really was to Make change so Quest was the answer to Helping people in our Lives who were Struggling with weight and impact theory Was the answer to people in our Lives Who are struggling with a poor mindset And someone like my mum Quest was already a billion dollar Company and my mom was still morbidly Obese and I was drunk because I care

About her so much I just want her to Live for a long time I don’t care about You know what she looks like she’s like Mommy I want you to eat healthiest you Can be around for a long time and I try To you know give a free Quest Bars I Offered to pay for Trainers for her and Every time I would say you know Mom like What can I do how can I help she just Said I’m too old I can’t I can’t use the Weight I’m too old and over time we Realized the power of the Mind the quest Was amazing for people that were going Into the gym picking up a quest bar or Like thinking oh I want to eat something Healthy today but it wasn’t meant Nothing to the people that felt Depressed had anxiety or didn’t believe In themselves enough to even go after Picking up a healthy protein bar like my Mum so for me it really was the mindset Was the big key and then over time as we Started to work mindset and building a Studio because that was our background We really started to realize that to Create actual impact like actual impact You need to go after the younger kids Because the age of imprint is between 11 And 15. that’s the period where they’re Most susceptible to the messaging and so If we really want to do no BS what is Actually going to take to make Global Change on people’s mindset you’ve got to Get them young so we basically sat down

And said what does that look like what Type of Studio do we build and then for Me my personal thing has just been Leaning more and more into young girls Is I could wake up every single freaking Day and fight for that 14 year old girl That was me that didn’t believe in Herself that felt ugly that was teased That was made fun of for my love I will Fight for that 14 year old girl so that If I can touch her then and let her know And have her help help her to believe She could become anything she wants if She sets her mind to it and works hard Then I feel like my job is done but it Has to be to me on a global scale at That age Um that’s how you really make real Change so every day I wake up for that 14 year old Lisa passion is about Acquiring enough skills at something That other people care about and you you Have to care about it first and foremost But if you care about it and other People care about it now you get into That reciprocal relationship where and It could be playing the guitar it could Be playing video games right think about Somebody that’s just an absolute god Tier gamer and other people will show up At a stadium to watch them play they’ll Sit on Twitch for hours watching them Play so you’re doing something that Brings joy to other people but they had

To get freakishly good at that they had To spend a lot of time improving their Skill sets they worked hard to gain a Set of skills that allows them to serve Not only themselves but other people That is the name of the game the problem Is people are expecting something to be Self-evident they are told a lie that They’re born with a purpose you’re not Born with a purpose you’re going to Decide that this passion this thing You’ve worked your ass off to get good At that allows you to serve not only Yourself but other people that’s now Your purpose so when I was a quest my Purpose was making sure that people had Food that they could choose based on Taste and it happened to be good for Them at impact Theory the goal is to Give people a growth mindset at scale Through story so I’m just doing Entertaining things but it’s designed to Help them get that right mindset that is My purpose that wasn’t my purpose when I Was 12 or 20 or even 30 so you’re going To decide and then you’re going to do Things to reinforce that in your own Mind the most successful people in the World are the people that can Self-soothe so can you avoid being Triggered if you’re being triggered and You look outward and you’re angry at the Person that triggered you that’s Weakness you are manifesting weakness

And you have to go oh someone has Triggered me that means I have an Insecurity around this saying I need to Address my insecurity and then that’s Going to put you in a far more powerful Position to move forward so the people That are successful they can self-soothe They can stay emotionally calm in the Midst of a storm when everybody else is Panicking they’re only looking at Solutions and that’s the other thing About the no what would it take Game the whole point is to switch you Out of problem mode into solution mode Most people can only see these are the 152 ways that this could go wrong and we Started doing that to say no matter how Outrageous there is a way to pull this Off so what would need to be true for This to work stop telling me all the Things that aren’t going to work tell me The thing that is going to work and once You get to that okay well if we did x y Z it would work okay now are we willing To do that yes or no and if we’re not is There another thing that we are willing To do but at least now we’re operating From a position of that would work and Successful people are about that they Are good decision makers they are hyper Resilient they don’t stop at failure They don’t get in their own way from an Ego perspective they’re looking nakedly At their own inadequacies and they’ve

Got enough confidence to get people Going behind them it is this weird thing Of dude I fear that I’m too dumb to do The things that I want to do in my life I never know if I’m right and I go all Out every time and I’m just Trying to make it happen and so I have The courage of conviction to say I know About myself I will keep going until I Figure this out not that I already Understand everything that I have the Courage to figure this out and then I Will go through and I will weather that Storm people are Intoxicated by that Certainty where I’m like hey get behind Me I will get us through this I’m not Telling you I already understand Everything but I am telling you I will Not stop fighting until we get to the Other side dude the way that people will Pile in behind you when you do that I Have the chills now because I know how People respond to that So if you can manage your emotions if You’ve got the courage to fight through That storm if you’re not easy to knock Off your pedestal and you’re humble Enough to know that you’re almost Certainly making mistakes so that you Know when to correct course That’s the recipe Legacy to me was creating impact that When you’re gone someone will you have Touched their lives and

To be able to meet a woman that maybe Has read my book radical confidence Or has said that they’ve seen a piece of My content and I’ve taken them from Believing that they were maybe worthless Or had no value or they didn’t believe In themselves and something they heard Me say shifted their mindset enough that They believed in themselves after that And they still have to do the work and Things like that but being able to make That shift Um is such an incredible gift I think Like gift for me that I’m able to see Other people shift their lives it’s Amazing and so again I can wake up every Day thinking of that 14 year old girl That maybe is teased or bullied and Thinks that she’s no good and yet Something that I do makes her believe in Herself That just makes my heart sing and then Eventually I think Um ideally it’s for someone to say they Have radical confidence but they don’t Realize it even came from me that I’ve Impacted culture and the way we think About ourselves and the way we think About confidence so much that radical Confidence has now become a blueprint For all I want to say women but of Course for everybody to the point where They don’t even realize it stemmed from Me because it’s such ingrained in how

They think When you know who you’re fighting for Like you can picture them they’re real People to you and you know that the the Gap between them continuing to suffer And having a tremendous life is a set of Ideas and you just have to get clever Enough into how you get those ideas Across It’s very very easy to get obsessed this Is I am obsessed I’m not it’s literally I’m not even thinking clearly I I have One Vice and that Vice is stress And I Endure stress in the name of Getting those ideas across I’m already Rich so what would be the point of doing All this it obviously isn’t for money Um and the part of the business that has Made us quote unquote micro famous it’s Like we could scale back to just that But we don’t so because I think that the Stuff that’s made us micro famous Affects the two percent So everybody listen to this you’re in The two percent the 98 are never coming To this channel so those people like Today I said to Lisa the last few days My blood pressure has been so high keep Getting headaches and I’m like you Better have when that happens and you go Why am I doing this you better be Compelled to your core by the reason [Music] [Music]


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