I DARE YOU TO DISAPPEAR FOR A YEAR – Powerful Motivational Video for Success

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"The Road Not Taken" is a source of inspiration for me, because it encourages me to seize opportunities and chart my own course in life.

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I Dare You To Disappear and Work on Yourself For A Year. Shut yourself off from the outer judgment and the negative news, and focus on yourself. Your future self will thank you.

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You have settled in a place called Convenience Talking to that athlete I'm talking to That student talking to the person who Failed the exam over and over and over Again I'm talking to that individual who Feels as though all hope is lost it Feels as though they gave it their all If you are still alive You've got something left When you need to let go of so you can Become one percent try a thousand times And then come talk to me and tell me You're not enough tell me you don't have What it takes tell me you're stupid tell Me you're dumb tell me you're slow Tell me you don't have enough Whatever pushed you to the ground Whatever knocked you to the floor Tell that place You can't keep me here everybody wants Destiny everybody wants manifestation Everybody wants fulfillment everybody Wants the next level and the Relationship and a higher quality of Living but nobody wants to eliminate Distractions nobody wants to disappear For three months four months six months And and eliminate all distractions and Get into a place where you can focus on Just you come on talk back to me you are Not a boss because you got all day to do Whatever you want to do and the most you Can do is go to work for somebody that

You don't like and you don't care for People tell me I'm a boss you're not a Boss you can't even make yourself get up Bosses are up watching the three o'clock News some of you didn't know the news Came on at three o'clock Because you watched the six o'clock news You thought it was that's what the first One the first news is at 3 A.M that's The one Warren Buffett on So real quick what you know what you got To let go of write it down right now Let's not play there's an anointing in This place What do you need to let go of so you can Become one percent Wealth is a mindset is not a dollar a Month Don't catch that wealth is a mindset It's not a dollar amount The wealthy do what the poor won't do [Music] Listen and focus on you A man is rewarded in public for what he Does in private the reason why you don't See it the reason why it has not Manifested the reason why you are so Frustrated is because you have not been Willing to forsake all that you've been Called to forsake and to follow through Behind closed doors Sure you can talk about it sure you can Plan it sure you can write it down sure You can go to the conference and hear

About it you can read about it but at Some juncture you have to disappear and Put the work in and come back in shock Everybody that doubted you And most of you in this room your Problem is you're one-dimensional and You're trying to hang your hat on that So what I'm the number one motivational Speaker in the world am I the number one Father in the world my kids don't care Nothing about YouTube My wife don't care nothing about YouTube So what you're the number one Motivational speaker are you the number One husband when you come home cut all That foolishness off and give me me and Your conference says do me a favor you Want to see Jay talk and when you get in The garage you close the garage and when You come in the house you take E.T the Hip-hop preacher off I want Eric I married Eric I didn't marry E.T the Hip-hop preacher But the problem with many of you Is that you got full you got complacent You got lazy somewhere along the line You lost your enthusiasm your optimism He lost Your hunger Some of you don't even realize you have Unfinished business you need to go back Where you left off with A New Perspective go back to the gym go back To the drawing board go back to the

Business go back to the relationship go Back to the burning building you have Unfinished business all you got to do And show up with new game plan and A New Perspective you gotta finish business Here's what's crazy I'm a boss you're not a boss you can't Even make yourself get up You got a t-shirt I'm a boss but you get Up at 8 30 9 o'clock Because the only reason why you are here The only reason why you're alive is Because you have work to do Come on talk back to me you are not a Boss because you got all day to do Whatever you want to do and the most you Can do is go to work for somebody that You don't like and you don't care for And don't demand and complain about them When they giving you a check they Guaranteeing you a check they making Sure you got health care and you dogging Them out if you don't like what they Doing why are you still there go get Your own job They're not the only ones You can do it too but your problem is You're not a one percenter because you Don't live like a one percenter They weren't the only ones that was Blessed And that was fruitful and that could Multiply [Music]

And that can subdue the Earth and have Dominion [Music] If you want generation those Cycles Broken in your family if you want to be The first to achieve the first to get it Done the first to see it the first to do It you must stay hungry [Music] If you want your future Then you are going to have to get Acquainted with pain With discomfort With inconvenience because hunger is the Only thing that's going to give you the Power to persevere through that pain Stop praying that the storm will pass Over you and pray to grow through the Storm stop going around it go through it What you go through you will grow Through some fights are not one in the First round flat out and the moment that You get that and you get crystal clear And you accept the fact that there are Some Giants that you will not defeat in The first round you need endurance you Need stamina to reach some goals you're Not going to hit the million with the First investment you're not going to hit The Home Run always at first swing Here's what's crazy One-dimensional players aren't in the League one dimensional players ain't in The league

What made Michael Jordan Michael Jordan Is he could put up 30 and he can shut Your butt down he can play offense he Can play defense he can play 40 minutes 48 minutes resilience he says I belong Here and I deserve another shot I want My opportunity give me my opportunity [Music] The race is not given to the strong know The Swift But it is given to he that endureth Until the end [Music]

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