How Jealousy Can Fuel Your Desires: A Motivational Speech

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Are you struggling to achieve your goals? Do you find yourself lacking motivation and drive? Perhaps a bit of jealousy could be just what you need to kickstart your journey to success. In this motivational speech, we’ll explore the power of envy and how it can fuel your desires. So, sit back, relax and allow yourself to be inspired by the upsides of jealousy.

How Jealousy Can Fuel Your Desires: A Motivational Speech


Jealousy is a raw human emotion that we’ve all experienced. It’s that little voice inside our heads that says, “Why do they have that and not me?” or “Why am I not as successful as they are?” But what if instead of letting jealousy consume us, we used it as a fuel for our desires? In this motivational speech, we’ll explore how jealousy can be harnessed as motivation and inspiration.

Jealousy is a Desire, not Hatred

Mel Robbins, a renowned motivational speaker, once said that jealousy is in fact a desire, not hatred. This statement might come as a surprise to many, but it’s true. Jealousy often arises when we see something we desire in someone else, whether it’s success, wealth, or a happy relationship. It’s a signal that we want something similar for ourselves, but we might not know how to get there.

Jealousy is a Directional Signal, a Clue, and a DOT on the Map of Your Life

Jealousy is a directional signal that can guide us toward our goals. It’s a clue that tells us what we really want in life. Jealousy can be viewed as a DOT on the map of your life that leads you towards your destination. It’s a sign that you’re not content with your current circumstances, and you want something more.

The Desire is Often Blocked by Fear, Comparison, Insecurity, Stress, or Other Factors

The desire that fuels jealousy is often blocked by fear, comparison, insecurity, stress, or other factors. We may feel like we’re not good enough or that we’ll never achieve what we want. But the truth is, those feelings are just a way of protecting ourselves from disappointment and failure. They hold us back from taking the necessary steps towards our goals.

Aim Jealousy into Inspiration and Motivation

Instead of letting jealousy dim your flame, use it as a source of inspiration and motivation. Look at those who have what you want and use that as a model for your own success. Don’t be afraid to push yourself and strive towards excellence. Use your jealousy as a catalyst and strive to achieve what you truly desire.

Give Yourself Permission to Have That Thing, Then Take Action to Make It Happen

The first step towards achieving your desires is to give yourself permission to have that thing. Many of us hold ourselves back because we don’t feel like we deserve it or that we’re not capable of achieving it. But the truth is, you’re worthy of anything you desire. Once you give yourself permission, take action to make it happen. Break down your big goals into smaller, achievable steps and work towards them every day.

Stop Aiming Jealousy at the World or at Yourself, Use It as a Guide Towards Your Goals

Finally, it’s important to stop aiming jealousy at the world or at yourself. Instead, use it as a guide towards your goals. When you see someone succeeding, don’t envy them, but rather use them as a guide towards what is possible. Use your jealousy to fuel your growth and development towards your own success.


In conclusion, jealousy can be a powerful tool when used correctly. Don’t let it consume you, but instead, use it as a fuel to achieve your desires. Recognize that jealousy is just a sign that you want something different and use it as a directional signal towards your goals. Give yourself permission to have what you want, then take action to make it happen. Don’t aim jealousy at the world or at yourself, but instead, use it as a guide towards your success.


  1. Is it unhealthy to feel jealous?
    Answer: Jealousy is a natural human emotion, but if it starts to consume you, it can be unhealthy.

  2. How do I stop feeling jealous of others?
    Answer: Focus on your own goals and dreams, and don’t compare your journey to others’.

  3. Can envy be used as a motivator?
    Answer: Yes, envy can be used as a motivator when you identify what you truly desire and use it as inspiration for your own success.

  4. How can I turn my jealousy into action?
    Answer: Break down your goals into smaller, achievable steps and work towards them consistently.

  5. What if I don’t know what I want?
    Answer: Use your jealousy as a directional signal towards what you really desire and start exploring different options to find your passion and purpose in life.

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