Guante Responds with Ten Powerful Messages to Criticism of ‘Man Up’ – Watch Now (#shorts)

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As the world continues to grapple with toxic masculinity, Guante, a spoken word artist and activist, has responded to criticism of his viral poem ‘Man Up’ with ten powerful messages. In this exclusive video clip (#shorts), Guante delivers his thought-provoking messages that challenge traditional notions of masculinity. As an expert in using words to discuss social and political issues, Guante’s responses offer a refreshing perspective that is sure to make viewers reflect on their own understanding of what it means to “man up.” So, get ready to be inspired and enlightened by the captivating thoughts of Guante in this must-watch video.


In today’s world, where identity politics, gender issues, and social inequities are significant concerns, poetry can serve as a powerful medium for self-expression and social commentary. One platform that has made a significant contribution to the world of poetry is Button Poetry. They have been showcasing diverse poetry performances, helping spread the word about poets, and encouraging individuals to express themselves through impactful words. Recently, Guante’s ‘Man Up’ went viral, and it has received criticism from some quarters. In response, Guante has delivered ten powerful messages that resonate with audiences around the world. In this article, we will explore Guante’s messages and the importance of poetry in contemporary society.

Guante Responds with Ten Powerful Messages to Criticism of ‘Man Up’

  1. Guante Responds with Passion and Humility

In his response to criticism, Guante demonstrates both passion and humility. He shares his perspective while acknowledging the views of others. By doing so, he invites a dialogue that is respectful and constructive.

  1. Poetry and Personal Expression Come at a Cost

Guante’s response highlights that sharing one’s perspective, especially on sensitive topics, can come at a cost. He shares that he has received death threats and other forms of harassment for his poetry. In doing so, Guante reminds us of the value of personal expression and the risks some must take to share their truth.

  1. ‘Man Up’ is about Rejecting Toxic Masculinity

Guante’s poem ‘Man Up’ is an ode to self-expression and rejecting toxic masculinity. He shares that boys are taught to ‘wear the skin of a man’ and defend it at all costs. The negative effects of such societal pressure can be tragic, particularly for marginalized communities. Through his poem, Guante highlights the problem of violence and discrimination that needs acknowledgement.

  1. Challenging Gendered Colors Assigned to Babies

Guante challenges the gendered colors assigned to babies while calling for a re-evaluation of gendered stereotypes that are widespread in our society. In doing so, he encourages individuals to embrace their true identity without being confined to societal expectations.

  1. Angry Men are not Victims

One of the most potent messages in his response, Guante points out that angry men are not victims. He calls for individuals to acknowledge that societal privileges exist and are often hidden, causing some to become angry when confronted.

  1. Progress is not a Straight Line

Guante’s response acknowledges that progress is not a straight line. He shares that being open to criticism and feedback is crucial for growth and self-reflection. In doing so, he illustrates how poetry can serve as a platform for self-improvement.

  1. ‘Man Up’ is not About Blaming Men

Guante’s poem aims to inspire people to reject toxic masculinity. It is not about blaming anyone but seeks to promote self-reflection and empowerment.

  1. Poetry can be a Powerful Tool for Change

Guante’s message highlights the transformative power of poetry when used to promote social change. Poetry can challenge the status quo and inspire people to question their assumptions.

  1. Button Poetry is a Platform for Diversity

Button Poetry provides a platform for diverse voices, particularly for underrepresented communities. By showcasing diverse poetry performances, Button Poetry is opening up the world of poetry to a more diverse audience.

  1. Button Poetry Hopes to Expand the Audience for Poetry

Button Poetry aims to expand the audience for poetry and bring it to a wider audience. By doing so, it can help more people become aware of the transformative power of poetry in promoting self-expression, social commentary, and self-improvement.


In conclusion, Guante’s response to criticism is a powerful and inspiring message. It highlights the value of personal expression, challenges societal expectations, and promotes self-reflection and growth. Guante reminds us of the importance of acknowledging societal inequities and the need for positive social change. By sharing his message, he demonstrates how poetry can serve as a tool for achieving these goals. Finally, as Button Poetry continues to expand the audience for poetry, it provides a platform for socially relevant poetry that reflects diverse perspectives and encourages self-expression.

FAQs After The Conclusion

  1. What is Button Poetry?
    Ans: Button Poetry is a platform that showcases poetry performances, encourages poets, and expands the audience for poetry.

  2. Why is Guante’s response to criticism significant?
    Ans: Guante’s response is significant because it promotes self-expression, challenges societal expectations, and encourages critical self-reflection.

  3. What is the transformative power of poetry?
    Ans: Poetry can serve as a tool for social commentary, self-expression, and self-improvement, promoting positive social change as a result.

  4. What does Guante’s ‘Man Up’ poem promote?
    Ans: Guante’s ‘Man Up’ poem promotes rejecting toxic masculinity, encouraging self-reflection and self-improvement.

  5. Why is it important to have a platform for diverse poetry voices?
    Ans: A platform for diverse poetry voices provides an opportunity for underrepresented communities to be heard, expands the audience for poetry, and promotes social change.

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