GOING THROUGH HARD TIMES – Motivational Speech

Curated By Ralph

"The Road Not Taken" is a source of inspiration for me, because it encourages me to seize opportunities and chart my own course in life.

Spoken by Dewayne from Dry Creek Wrangler School

You've just gone through a breakup and It's the worst thing you've ever been Through some of you you lost your job And you thought that job was it and so All of a sudden you're sitting there and You're thinking man I thought my life Was together and Alton shambles at my Feet no it's not it's all right a blade Does not become strong until it's been Through the fire several times and this Is just your first or second time to the Fire and there's a lot of hammer work That has to take place and then you're Going to have to go back in the Forge Again and it's hot and it melts you down And you're uncomfortable and then life Is going to pull you out and it's going To put you on the Anvil and it's going To hammer on you some more and you're Going to say well am I done yet no You've got a lot more forged time left You've got a lot more Hammer blows left And it takes time embrace the process You say Dwayne want process life embrace The journey and the process of life

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